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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can I be Honest?

Hi All,

I hope you are all having a nice day. Or at least an acceptable day. So I was watching Dr. Oz Monday - well trying to. I missed a bunch of it but they were talking about the Paleo diet and had Dr oz's daughter on there. I did manage to catch something she said that really struck a cord in me.

She said something like; The fact that she had lost 30 lbs by being healthy now and kept it off for 7 years. She said that food used to rule her. Food ran her life before but Food does not have power over her any more.

I thought - That's me now. I am in control of my food. My food does not control me. It sounds so simple right? If you are new at this, yes it will be difficult in the beginning, (It was for me) but once you get a grip on it - it comes to be just like second nature to you.

Just keep eating healthy and Never give up...and you WILL reach your goal. Once you get there, just keep eating the same way that got you there, easy as that.

So that's what I started writing last night but - Can I be honest?  So to be honest this morning I am feeling like absolute SHIT! I posted on Facebook yesterday how I have been wearing my Bitch hat the past week and just don't feel like taking it off yet...

Well, Yup, I can't tell what is taking me over more lately - my hormones, lack of sleep, I'm lonely, the STRESS over that stupid house!! So this morning my weight is WAY up because I am letting it all get to me. I'm not even gonna tell you how much. I am just stupid for letting this happen the past week. I'm sorry and I know I am usually the positive one - I am supposed to say what you want to hear, but not today.

I am not really eating anything bad and have not changed much in my diet. Well I did get some new Probiotics at Sprouts. The bottle said the serving size is 3 but I have been taking 2 every morning. They are expensive so I am trying to let them stretch.
My breakfast yesterday;
 2 eggs, toast with homemade butter and chocolate hazelnut butter, 2 strawberries cut up and turkey bacon.

For lunch I made some more Zucchini fritters
 I ate 2 for lunch with some sour cream on top.
 I made another batch of Chocolate-chip-cheesecake-cookies the other day and ate 2 after lunch.
Later on I wanted a snack and made some Kale chips.
Went for a walk with the furry girls like usual. The weather has been great and very warm.

Well that's it for now. I have to get a grip and get my crap together.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Sorry to hear you are down Rosalie. I have been too lately, but it's my own fault not getting this weight thing under control. I do well for a few days and then something in my schedule and routine changes ( we went to the shore for the weekend) and then I eat things I shouldn't or overeat the healthy things. Both are bad for me. I wish I could get to that place that you and Daphne Oz are at where food doesn't control me. I made those zucchini fritters and ate the whole bunch in a day. So even the healthy stuff gets to me sometimes. Plus this knee thing and sitting on my butt so much is not helping. Anyway, whine whine whine....that's us right?? You of all people, who are always up and positive, deserve a day to feel bitchy. Just don't let it get you too down where it hurts all the hard work that you did in losing the weight. Sending love and hugs!! XO!

  2. I saw this hilarious quote once :" Before you diagnose yourself as depressed, make sure that you are not surrounded by A - holes". I think for you, before you call yourself a B-word, make sure that you are not surrounded by several challenging situations (loss of son, agonizing house hunt, hubby thats working too much, etc.). I have found with grief, that I'd rather feel anything at all aside from grief, including being really hard on myself or self-diagnosing. I also like that quote about, if you find yourself in the middle of the muck, keep on going. Even though you may be faltering this week, you have been a beacon for many, many, many people and I know you'll get back on the horse. In other words give yourself permission to be the biggest B-word ever cause you are right in the center of a huge muckfest. I always look forward to reading your posts no matter what your condition!

  3. You have every right to feel the way you do. I think the lack of sleep affects you in so many negative ways, you don't know which end is up. I agree with what Kerry wrote! I haven't heard that phrase before and I found it very funny!!!
    Be a B word and let her rip!
    I know you will get your weight down again soon. It seems like a tough time for a lot of us, but we aren't giving up and we are all still here!
    I am sending you tons of good thoughts!!!

  4. You can absolutely be honest... it's your blog and we would only expect you to be yourself here! Of course we come here for encouragement and inspiration but we also need to see that you are real....human....honest....youself!!

    We all go through these fazes (sometimes they last longer then we'd like) and you definently have a lot going on right now so hang in there and now that things will smooth out soon.

    I totally get it now also - about the food no longer conrolling you. I do eat splurges now and then but I am in control of when I do it - not the food (even last Monday I was in control of that binge day).

    Maybe when I come home in July we can get together - that would be fun!! :) Love ya!


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