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Thursday, April 4, 2013

we are NOT alone...

Hello Friends,

I hope all is well with you all. I know everyone has been saying how the blogging is getting slow and how hard of a time everyone is having with their weight right now. All I can say is:

DON"T GIVE UP!!!! Yeah I'm yellin  at YOU>>>>>>>>

Every time I think that I am gonna slow down on posting or even stop (did I just say that), then several of you say something about how you read every day and how inspirational - blah-blah, yada-yada.

So my point?? Well?
This keeps us on track.
This keeps us in touch with others doing the same thing, with the same goals.
This helps us to know that we are NOT alone.

So I will keep blogging and YOU keep reading and commenting.  Most of all - Don't QUIT!! You WILL reach your goal with everyone's help and support.

I got to tell you that there were many days that I did not lose and even gained weight. I just never stopped and that is the only trick to this.

Today I felt like I was gonna DIE!! I felt terrible, sad, depressed, lonely, stressed. I cried to hubby when he called me. I told him that last night just when I was falling asleep - someone tapped me on the shoulder and woke me up. I am tired. But afterwords while I am sitting here alone (heard a voice whisper in my ear) - yup-again.... and realized that much of this must be from the almost Menopause creepin up on me. So I feel a bit better but my tummy sure does hurt. I wish my body would make up its mind - monthly or no monthly. Yuckablechy...

Breakfast yesterday was the other 3 pancakes I made the day before.
 Lunch was some broccoli and I tried to make a papusa (2 corn tortillas with cheese and spinach inside) like a hot pocket.
dinner was brussel sprouts and salmon and desert was a cheesecake muffin.
Breakfast this morning was eggs with spinach and cheese and toast with butter and almond joy on top.
 Lunch was a zucchini crust pizza with pesto sauce and chicken on top. I got busy doing something for hubby and wound up eating real late around 2:30.
No dinner for me tonight except a cheesecake muffin and a browkie with Natures Hollow on top.

Well thanks for listening to me today. Have a good one.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hi Rosalie!

    I just had to share that we were traveling with my husband for 3 weeks while he was working. We stayed in a VERY nice hotel (paid for by his company) and every night, I was awakened by "something" or someone playing with the sensor lights in our room. Now, I do not think the whispers that you are hearing or the taps on the shoulder are your menopause...we have both lost someone recently and I just KNOW they are trying to get our attention. I just wish, like you, that they would let us sleep at night. LOL

    Thank you for continuing to inspire and for being so relate able and down to earth. You rock!

    Hugs xoxox


  2. I Agree...We Are Not GOing Anywhere!!! Keep Us On Track...plz

  3. You're right or course about blogging. It keeps your mind in the game so to speak. Even though I'm stalled right now I haven't given up and just keep searching for what will work for me. I can't imagine ever going back to sugar! I'm so glad that you continue to blog even though you've reached your goal! Also,I think you should be glad you reached your goal BEFORE menopause because I really think it makes it harder after! At least it is for me! A lot of women go through emotional phases during the change. It's frustrating but so normal! Hang in there!

  4. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. You are pretty too! I really mean that. I admire you for your strength, and how you keep going and never give up. Don't think that goes unnoticed by us your followers. Every time I see a post from you I stop and read it. I might not comment every time if I'm using my phone, but I love hearing about what you made for your meals and how things are going. SO DON"T EVER STOP!!! This is like our own weight watcher meeting. We all keep each other going forward, even those of us who still don't have it down right yet! Hang in there and here is some big ole love and hugs coming to you from me!! XO

  5. Thank you:) We can't ever give up or we will "end up" back the way we were!
    I hope things are sunny for you today, we are back in the dreary weather:(

  6. Thank you Rosalie for this post....I have been "off track" to put it mildly, for quite awhile now, so this couldn't have come at a better time. Keep it up :)

  7. Thanks for posting and providing support! Even though I'm not a BFCer I get lots of ideas from you and the other bloggers. Have a good weekend. I need to look up that pancake recipe.

  8. Again I say thank you Rosalie for continuing to keep us all encouraged! I do read almost every post you make. I continue to struggle through with this lifestyle, through all my health issues and how ssllloooowwww I lose weight! I feel like I will never get where I want to be, BUT I will prevail! Thanks for pouring out your heart day after day! It really does help. Sometimes I want to post but feel like I'd be writing a book each time I shared!


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