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Monday, April 29, 2013

To My Surprise...

Hello Everybody,

Yesterday I noticed that on Jorge's Facebook page there was a ton of nice and NASTY comments regarding his new 100. I think people just don't understand where he is coming from any more. He keeps changing what he says in his new book from what he said in his older books. I don't know - maybe he is learning different or better things. I just don't know.

So yesterday I posted this comment on MY Facebook wall which many of you might have already saw;

"This new 100 thing of Jorge's is getting out of control. I don't even know what to say. I learned from his Original BFC book how to eat healthy and better without cutting out everything. And lost over 90 lbs doing it and kept it off..
Yes I do eat carbs and grains and wheat too. I learned to eat at home and control what I put in my mouth. No processed junk anymore. 
Just learn to eat HEALTHY - is all I have to say.....There - BLAH - got that out..."

I got tons of responses, even on twitter too. I guess I didn't realize that Jorge might see this post, but I don't think I said anything wrong...

So this morning I fixed my breakfast
Alpine Valley (my favorite bread now) 12 grain bread - toast with my homemade coconut butter with cinnamon and stevia in it (which I am in love with), eggs, avocado and berries.

I turned on my computer and what do I see?? But an email from Jorge himself. Yeah I know - I thought it was because he saw my post, he does follow me on twitter.

Well anyway he says " how am I - sorry for not keeping in touch and he wants me to try a copy of his new book early and tell him what I think".

So before we continue to crucify him - lets be nice and give him a chance. He says you can lose 18 lbs in 2 weeks which I DO NOT want to do - cause I will start to wither. LOL But I will try it for a week if I can and let you all know what I think. I don't think we can eat 25g of carbs a day for very long. We shall see.

Remember I told you my weight was up last week from stress, lack of sleep, or hormones - or all of it. So it was actually at 154.5 for 2 days in a row. So you can see why I kind of freaked out. So since that day I have been trying to be conscious of what I am eating and this morning I am back to 150.5 in less than a week.

And I am eating my healthy toast many mornings. I try to eat my carbs in the morning and TRY to have none or little with lunch - but you know how much of a sweet-freak I am, so it does get hard for me.

My lunch today;
 I made some more of the cauliflower-tortillas from my last post with some tuna mixed with, mayo, tomato, bacon bit, feta cheese, jalapenos.
My snack today was a handful of almonds and hazelnuts. Yesterday my snack was some kale chips I made. I split it and ate half and saved half for hubby.

Don't know what I'm gonna have for dinner, hubby's home tonight. But last night this is what we both had; Yeah I know he had it too. Shocker!
brussel sprouts, broccoli, 3 slices of turkey bacon cooked well and crumbled up and a couple spoons of alfredo sauce. I know it doesn't look like much - but you know me - I had some rediwhip and 2 cookies I had made before for desert.

Well thanks for listening and have a great day...

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Well, it was very nice of him to reach out to you personally. With that being said, 25g of carbs a day...really? Of course people will lose 18 lbs in two weeks cause they can't eat anything! I don't know, I'm just not sold. I'll look forward to hearing your review. :)

  2. Rosalie - I read the FAQs on his page and for women in certain age groups there is some higher carb days and lower carb days (if I interpreted it correctly).

    And I thought I posted this the other day but I don't think I was logged in....I love how creative you are with food. Who would have thought you could make a tortilla from cauliflower!

  3. You Didn't Say Anything Wrong. I'd Love To See The Book, And Your Review. So 20Years Ago I Did My Own Diet. My Daily Intake Was ToppeD At 1200Calories, 30 G Of Carbs A Day. I Used The Carb Counter Guide From Dr.s Rachael & Richard Heller. I Gave Up Specific Sugar Free Gums...And U Dud Aerobics Three Nights A Week. It TOok Me Four Months To Lose 30Pounds. I Kept It Off For Three Years On That Formula.

    With THat Said...And Twenty Years Later Fighting Hormones...I Now Know Sugar Is My Enemy. Sigh. And Hubby Too, Our Weight...PIles On In The Belly.

  4. That was nice that he went you an email. I look forward to seeing your review. Have a great day, and great job getting that stress weight off!

  5. Hey Rosalie, just wondering where your buying your bread and other groceries. Do you shop at sprouts in Chino Hills?

    1. Hi Clarence, Well looks like we have 2 guys that read here.
      I live in Rancho now but miss that store. I buy my bread and many healthy things at srpouts, then I get the big stuff at sams and wind up at a regular store for the other stuff. Sadly sometimes it takes me 2 hours to shop. LOL

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Rosalie, so funny that you should write about Jorge. Today I looked at the FAQ section of his website, and I read the answers very carefully. He said if the BFC works for you keep at it. I think his new plan is more for people like me. You naturally have figured out how to keep your carbs fairly low and in doing that I bet if you tracked your calories, you would be in a reasonable range. I think some people like me just can't naturally figure out how to say no to those extra nuts, pieces of cheese or even the healthy treats. I can keep my sugars and carbs in that 15/6 range and still not lose weight. I know that's because I'm not being careful even with the good stuff. I agree we should give him a chance and maybe this tweaking of the BFC plan will work for some. I may dabble in it for a week and see what I think. I'm really in a rut right now. I am getting depressed that I can't walk my doggies everyday and have to take it easy with my leg. I'm slipping back into some bad habits...I had birthday cake for my niece this week....a whole piece and I NEVER do that. Pasta too. UGGGHHHH!!! I need an intervention! So you are right we should give him a chance. Maybe he is coming from a place of helpfullness. You know what they say, when you know better, you do better and maybe he just thinks this way will help those who didn't have success on the BFC. Can't wait to hear what you think of the new book. Let us know!!! XO!!

  8. I'll be interested to hear how things go for you with his new plan. I haven't actually even looked at it, though, ha ha.

  9. Looking forward to hearing your review of Jorge's new book. Great job on getting the weight back down. Sometimes it's a mystery to me how too but I do know that lack of sleep and stress are definently big contributors. I'm going to have to try those cauliflower tortillas. Thanks for sharing.


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