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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Long Day yesterday...

Good Morning Friends,

Well yesterday was interesting I must say. I started off with breakfast of course.
Some Chorizzo and eggs with a bit of cheese and 2 small homemade corn tortillas with chia seeds inside.

Hubby came home at 7am from working the night shift and took a nap. I left him a plate on the counter for him to eat the same when he got up. Around 12ish he was up and eating and we were talking and I get a text from my sister Lisa saying that Maria (step-mom) hurt herself real bad and they were at the hospital.

SO off I went at 12:30, stopped at Five Guys Burgers and ordered 2- double burgers wrapped in lettuce for me and Lisa to eat at the hospital, I hadn't had lunch yet. Got gas - cause I was on empty. Boy the lines are crazy over here when the price drops even just a little. Got on the Freeway by 1:15 and didn't arrive at the hospital in Pasadena until 2:15. Crazy Friday traffic so early. I did eat a couple of nuts that were in my purse in a baggie on the way.

They were still in the Emergency room waiting when I got there. Maria had fallen outside FLAT on her face!! Broke her glasses and we thought at least broke her nose and did not know what else. The took her in for an MRI or some kind of scan and Lisa and I tried to gobble down the burgers real quick but only got half way thru and they came back out.

She was in tons of pain and by now was yelling she just wanted to go home. Seriously?? 4 hours of waiting in the ER?? So they finally brought us into a ER room and still nothing so Lisa being a nurse started opening up packages and hooking her up to monitors. LOL. Her blood pressure was like 176/66 - high!!

So the doctor comes in and doesn't even say... who the hell are you and why are you touching our equipment?? nothing..to Lisa...Really?? they don't even care at all. So more hours go by and Lisa and I are hungry again, so while a couple of people came from Maria's church to visit we went to find the cafeteria. I had a salad and asked them to put a scoop of tuna on top. $5 -really?? Anyway by 6:30 they said she had nothing broken and could go home. After a long day and more traffic I got home after 8pm.

Well at least she is OK. The whole time I was at the hospital I seriously thought I was getting Cooties BIG-Time!! You don't know me personally but I am a little like Mr. Monk from that TV show. I used to love that show and after watching it I realized -HEY! I am kind of like him!! Well anyways I am a tiny bit of a GERM-A-Phobe.. Now I feel like I got a sore throat. It's all in my head - right?
My breakfast his morning was pancakes made with 1/4c rolled oats, 1 tb chia seeds let that soak in some U.S. almond milk for a few minutes to soften up while I made coffee and stuff, then added 1 scoop of vanilla MRM protein powder and 2 eggs and a few blueberries and fried in coconut oil spray. I had every intention of eating both pancakes but - nicey-nice me split it with hubby. we each had 1 with some natures hollow on top and turkey bacon.

He is now taking a nap from working nights and wants to go to go to the movies before he goes to work the night shift tonight. Yesterday He heard from the agent about the Short-sale and looks like everything is going along and they might want to close very soon. We will see...
Hubby went to visit Nicole on his was to work yesterday. I miss my RAT!! She got another one on the left to keep Olive company - that is Suess.

Have a great weekend everyone. This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Glad to hear your step-mom was not seriously injured ~ What a scare! I know what you mean about hospitals. My nose always itches when I'm in them but I'm afraid I've just touched a germ (or 5,000)so I hate to scratch it - LOL. Oddly enough, I would love to go back and get my 2nd Bacelor's and be a nurse someday. a few years ago, one of our sons was in the hospital for 4 nights with Kawasaki Disease and my daughter took my father-in-law all around the hospital. They literally went on every floor, in the stairwells, on the roof, etc... and a few days later she was really sick and he had pnuemonia. That'll teach them! HA! It may not have even have been related to walking around the hospital but it was July and no one else I knew was sick so who knows - it was kind of funny though looking back. Hope the short sale goes your way and you'll be in a new home soon!! Have a great day Rosalie :)

  2. Glad To Hear MariA Is Ok. HoPefully She Can Move In With Ya Soon. My Mom Was Always Falling...That's A Lot Of Stress. Take Care.

  3. What a nightmare, glad that there are no serious injuries. Your pancakes look yummy! Crossing my fingers for your house!


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