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Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Passover and Easter to you...

Hello Friends,

Happy Friday and Passover and Easter to you all. Hubby and I have been sort of stressed out over all this house CRAP. I don't think I have actually slept in a week. Everything is all up in the air and on a timeline so We don't know if or what will happen - but whatever does is Meant to be I guess. Its hard to just relax but we are trying.

My lunch from Wednesday was some turkey meatballs, a little sugar free pasta sauce, cheese and 1 and 1/2 slices of Alpine Valley bread that was left.
 Dinner was a spinach salad and
 a piece of chicken
 Breakfast Thursday was some berries and 2 of those Browkies I made.
 Lunch was tuna, avocado instead of mayo, a little onion and 1 celery and 1 hard boiled egg cut up and a few jalapenos and some onion crunch.
 For dinner last night I made a few tequilla lime wings and
 some awesome veggies. zucchini and mushroom and garlic sauted in EVOO and threw in some kale and sea salt. so good.
 In Honor of Passover I bought some Matzos I saw at Sprouts of all places. Matzo is a Jewish-Kosher bread-cracker that represents when the Jews left Egypt and did not have time to let the bread rise - therefore we now Have Matzos. They are only made with wheat flour and water - that's IT.. breakfast this morning I made Matzo and eggs - well with a Mexican twist.
I cooked in a pan some chorizo, then added in some mushrooms and a tb of butter and a matzo all crumbled up and let fry for a little while, then I added in the eggs and topped on my plate with some cheese. SO GOOD!!

Tomorrow, (Saturday) Hubby has to work days right now, but there is a funeral I am going to attend in his place for a very good friend of his Mom's that passed. Sunday (Easter) His Mom is having a dinner at her house and again Hubby is working days and will get off at 6pm and join us after. I am gonna pick up  Maria and we will both go over. She said she is having a cake cause its Hubby's Birthday on Wednesday coming up.

Remember where ever you are this weekend to keep eating healthy. Use my 3 bite rule, pick 1 food that you really love and just have 1-3 bites then stop. No fruity drinks, just have 1 glass of red wine or nothing!!

Have a great weekend.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I cannot do red wine give me a headache... am I safe to assume that white wine is okay?

    1. Melody I don't usually drink white anymore cause it all tastes sweet to me, but if you drink the dry ones - I guess 1 won't kill you :-)

  2. Happy Passover Easter to you too!
    I wish for you some good, solid, sound sleep so everything looks better!
    So the house isn't gone yet?

    1. We are working on it Kay. I don't want to say details though.

  3. Rosalie - Hope everything works out on the house so you can relax!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions, I am not feeling tempted to eat any easter candy but it's good to have a plans if I get side-swiped.

  5. Happy Passover and Easter Rosalie! I have my fingers crossed for you that the house deal will all work out! Hope you have a nice dinner at your mother-in-laws!


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