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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bad ET's yesterday...

HI Everyone,

Well let's see - The weather is good over here. I hope its not too cold where you are. My stomach has been hurting me for 4 days now. I feel like I do when I am gonna start my monthly - but its not coming this time. Well Geeze I am only 54 so maybe its gonna skip this time. Never does, my body is like clockwork but we shall see.  My weight is up a couple lbs like I am on it but not. Blah...

Yesterday my breakfast was another homemade corn tortilla folded with cheese inside, 2 eggs, turkey bacon and berries oh yeah - and a little salsa.
All morning I was making some forms on the computer for us in our Real Estate needs. If you ever do that sort of thing you know sometimes it is frustrating and takes a while.

Lunch was shirataki noodles, a little pasta sauce (on fav products tab), turkey meatballs, a little kale and mushrooms. You know how I love eating my food in a bowl. It makes it easier cause of my ET's.
Speaking of ET's....in the afternoon I was gonna take the furry girls for a walk but first I went out back to pick up the doggie poop and decided to cut the grass too. The back yard is very small and has a lot of weeds mixed in the grass. I really don't care since we are renting and won't be here long. But I just took out the weed eater and used that - easier than going up to the garage and lugging the mower around.

I realize that the longer I live with these ET's I can't do that sort of thing anymore. When we get our new house some day in the near future, I MUST hire a gardener now. When I use my muscles like that I wind up shaking SO BAD for many hours its ridiculous.

After I tried to take the dogs for a walk and could barely lift my arms and shaking so bad so I only went for a 1.2 mile walk. I came back and felt terrible.

I made myself a spinach salad and ate 1 pc of coconut bread that was left for dinner. I could barely get the spinach in my mouth. I felt so embarrassed for myself even though I was alone, that I was so glad no one had to see me like that. I guess I might have to take meds sometime soon for this but really don't want to. I HATE drugs of any kind. I told Hubby that I am afraid that people will stare at me when we eat out. He said no they won't or I will just feed you...

There I go throwing up on you again like I always do. SOWY
My point is - no matter what life throws at us, that is NO excuse to over eat or eat bad foods. Keep eating healthy no matter what. Do it for yourself and not Others...

Thanks for listening and have a good day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Awe...he's a keeper. Let him feed ya, ha. Chocolate covered strawberries ;^) Soooo...why are you opposed to drugs? I mean if they help your quality of life...why not?

  2. I' sorry you have to deal with those tremors. I feel bad for you, but I admire thatyou never make excuses and always stay the course. I had a bowl lunch today too. Now I know why you love them so much. So good. Mine was "cauliflower rice", some chicken, some spinach, and artichokes warmed up in a bowl. Topped with some blue cheese and hot sauce. It was delish!!! XO

  3. I'm still getting over the fact that you had to mow the grass in February!! Wow! we are supposed to get snow here tomorrow night (just a bit). Sorry to hear your tremors are so bad today, plus you just don't feel well either. Hope it's not that stomach flu that's going around. Feel better soon!

    1. Beth - I had the same thoughts (I live in the Midwest) about mowing the grass!

      Rosalie - I hate making eggs but like to eat them. Your eggs always look good to me! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I'm sorry your tremors are so bad:( I hope you do get a gardener!!! Like the one on Desperate Housewives;)
    I agree with Melody, he's a keeper!
    You already know what I think about drugs, so I will just say that not ALL drugs are bad for you, they really do keep peoples quality of life better.


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