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Monday, February 11, 2013

Ta-Dah and Don't say EWWE...

Good Morning,

How is everybody doing today on this Monday Morning?? Yesterday was very long and boring for me. I was a little out of it being alone all day and with no sleep, Just made me feel lazy and tired. I did go for a walk later on even though I did not feel like it though.

I started watching that show Dowton Abbey online and I finally found out the channels on this stupid Charter Cable we have. I have been searching for like a month but did not realize the show is not called Downton Abbey but Masterpiece Theater on the list on the box. Also its not on the PBS channel but KOCE - whatever!!! So I watched all of Season 1 so far and YUP I am hooked. Love it!!

*OK- so just a little FYI for ya...
For those of us that have blogs, I am real tired of having people spam old posts with a comment including their stupid websites. Make sure to check the comment page and not just the current posts and DELETE these unwanted invaders...

*Also for those of you that have friend-ed me on Facebook, I am not ignoring you on purpose. Please send me a private message for me to respond to you. I love helping people lose weight and get healthy, I just get so many requests from strangers. Thanks...

*So do you ever notice that some people just never use the coasters even though they put the cup on the table right next to it??? Maria did that in the bedroom where she was sleeping and left a water mark, so I remember seeing something on TV how easy it was to get rid of a water stain. I looked it up online - thank goodness for the internet. I have no idea what we old timers ever did without it.

This is not the end table in her room but this is my OLD dining table I posted the picture of with the chairs that I recovered all with a different fabric - remember?? This water mark has been there since the kids were little. I used a paper towel and a little Mayo - Yeah!! Really!!

TA-DAH!!  I know RIGHT!! Get the F** out of Here!!!

My lunch yesterday: 
Now before you say EWWE, think about this first.
a spinach salad and a grilled cheese on my low carb bread with some cheddar and my homemade Chocolate-Hazelnut-butter inside. Good Combo if I do say so myself... :-)

 Dinner was the rest of the Chorizo-Kale soup and for desert I had a few protein bites and rediwhip and some Creamy turmeric tea later before bed.
Hubby went straight to work this morning after driving for the Grammy's yesterday. He did tell me he saw Katie Perry, but that's all for now. Here is a picture of him and his friend Phil. Both of them drove.
Phil on the left and my midget on the right - LOL This Thursday-Valentine's Day will be our 19 year anniversary. Yish!! I been with this handsome dude for a long time.

Thanks for listening and make it a great one!!

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Rosalie, I have wondered about those spam comments. I get them emailed to me, but I don't always see under the comment sections of the blogs. How do you stop them? So annoying. Your blog has lots of helpful info today. Love the mayonnaise one, and I think cheese and chocolate sound delicious. I have a question for you. I wanted to go back today and read your blog from the beginning, just to give me some more motivation. I see that you don't a blog post archive listed. Is there an easy way to get back to the beginning posts? Sending love and hugs!! XO

    1. Pattie - Last month I went back and read Rosalie's posts from day 1. It took me awhile to figure it out! This is what I did... the blog archive is on the right side of the page, right below the picture of Rosalie and Jorge. Just scroll down to March 2010.

      Rosalie - interesting about the mayo and scary at the same time!

  2. Hi Rosalie,
    I've been reading your blog for a few months now. I'm at my last 10 lbs and it seems to be slowing down, do you have any helpful tips to get through the last 10?
    Thanks and I look forward to your regular posts each day so I feel like I'm not alone in this endeavor.

    1. Michelle, those last 10 will come off super slow. All I can say is to keep doing what you are doing and switch up your foods if it is not working. The blogs are a great place to get ideas. :-)

  3. Thanks girls. So obvious, don't know how I missed it. For some reason when I hit reply under your comments it wouldn't open, so I'm commenting in the regular place. Thanks again!

  4. Thank goodness I don't get those spam posts? Weird...see above?
    That's pretty cool about the mayo! I think the cheese and chocolate sound ewwww!!!! But then right now, everything sounds that way:(
    I am happy to see that you seem "brighter":) I still haven't started watching Downtown Abby but I better before my Kindle prime runs out. I have all of this season DVR'd. Have I mentioned I have attention span problems;)

  5. Happy Anniversary! My husband proposed to me on Valentines Day while we were wine tasting in Cambria 20 yrs ago. We will leave tomorrow morning to go wine tasting in the Sacramento area for Valentines Week :) Great tip on the mayo...I will have to try it, although my coffee table just needs replacing once we do the remodel! Enjoy your week!

  6. Hi Rosalie! I actually love the idea of the cheese and chocolate sandwhich.... when I was little Hickory Farms sold a chocolate cheese (I think they still do) and my friend and I couldn't wait to get it every Christmas at the Del Amo Mall. YUM!

    I get those spam posts a few times a month. Ignored them but didn't think to delete them. I'll have to go do that today. Funny thing is that they ALL have been on 1 post only and they are always sent by (you guessed it)... Anonymous!

    I haven't started watching Downtown Abbey yet. May do it when summer comes and the days are longer. Right now, running around to too many winter sports in the evenings (indoor soccer, karate, and basketball). Pretty sure I'll get hooked as well. :)

    I am so happy you posted about the mayonnaise trick for water stains. I hadn't seen that yet and with 5 kids, that little bit of info will come in real handy!!! Happy Anniversary this Thursday - have a great time celebrating! Love ya, Kim

  7. Happy Anniversary, Rosalie! Please keep posting. I live for your daily posts for not only the recipes (except this one, LOL), but also for the inspiration. Thanks again!


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