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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Fun Birthday...

Good Morning Friends,

I want to just say thank you to all the people who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday. It was so awesome that so many thought of me. For once in a long while I really did have a great day!
Of course I started off with breakfast;
Around 10am Hubby got a call from work and 3 people called in sick - what? We were supposed to go pick up Maria and go to that deli I talked about. So I dropped him off at work at 11am then went and picked up Maria and the 2 of us went alone.
I tried to take a picture of myself in the mirror while she was getting ready. My new outfit I got the sweater and pants at White/Black store and the boots at Kohls.

It was another beautiful day and the drive to the Deli in L.A. was great with great company - Maria my Step-mom.
This is the Matzo Ball soup - but I cut it up. It comes in one big ball, pickles of course and I only ate 2 tiny bagel chips.
with 1/2 sandwich with chopped liver and corned beef.

The matzo ball and rye bread is not bad for you per-say, just the Good carbs. No fiber or nutritional stuff. But they sure taste good.

After the waitress (who was super nice) had the whole restaurant sing me happy birthday with a small cupcake which Maria and I split. We left with some happy tummies for sure.

We got back to Pasadena area around 2:30 ish I think. And we stopped at a PetSmart to get some dog food for the furry girls and then we stopped at Kohls to return something then back to her house where my sister Lisa was sleeping from working the night shift - she is a nurse. We woke her up, she got ready then We picked up  Hubby from work at 6pm and we all went to PF Changs.

The 4 of us had such a good time.

Maria was pretending that she was drinking wine-lol
 We had chicken lettuce wraps and fried green beans for appetizers. I know the green beans are breaded and fried in oil, but they are so good and worth it to eat a few on my B-day!
I had salmon and asparagus which I shared and I ate a few of hubbys shrimps and broccoli and some brown rice. I did taste Lisa's noodles, a small bite.
Boy I felt like I ate a lot yesterday! Then we had more birthday desert. They have these little individual ones and gave me a free one and they got one too. We all had different ones and had a few bites.

I have been feeling so incredibly bad lately and this was such a fun great day to me. I was with my family had a smile all day. My furry girls sure did miss me when I got home after being gone all day. They both jumped straight on the bed and stared at me while I was getting ready for bed. LOL

Right now its almost 10 am and another beautiful day coming. Around 70 and sunny today. I'm gonna go take the girls on a walk right now and another one later too to make up for not having one yesterday.

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I am sorry this is belated, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I see that you are now doing video chats with newbies like me. Could we possibly set one up? I am on the east coast so I know it will take some juggling, but would like to speak with you directly. Let me know.

    1. sure hit me up on FaceBook today with a time you can do it later. :-)

  2. I am glad you had a nice birthday. Hope it carries over into today!

  3. you sure had a delicious bday! carole

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Rosalie! I'm so glad you had a good day!!! I hope this is the beginning of a really good year for you ~ you deserve it!!!! Ru

  5. What fun!! Loved all your pictures - what a good looking bunch! PF Changs, yum! I'm glad you guys had such a good time.

  6. You deserved a happy day and I'm glad you got one. Any wine on your birthday? That was my gift to you from me!! LOL!! Love the avocado story you posted on facebook too. Warms my heart to see such nice people. Glad you enjoyed the day! XO

  7. You look GREAT!!! The pictures are really good! I wish we had your weather! If it stays below freezing through the weekend it will be the longest spell of below freezing temps since 2005:( YUCK!!!

  8. You Look awesome...love the new clothes..so cute! I am glad you had fun. Wishing lots more of that through out the year! Hugs

  9. You look amazing in those clothes girl!! Wow! I love love love me some lettuce wraps. When we go to the "real" Chinese restaurant and get Peeking Duck that's how they serve the meat - stir fried and then you eat it in lettuce wraps - love them. I'm heading out tobogganing and you are going for a lovely walk ... hmmm ;)

  10. Hi Rosalie and Happy Birthday!! I havent been on the blogs ina really long time so sorry this is belated. Sounds like you had a great day! Wishing you a great 2013!!!!

  11. Hi Rosalie... I just found your blog, thanks for sharing all of the great tips and info on bfc diet. I just picked up the book yesterday and hope to start it on MondaY...HA HA ALWAYS on Monday, right?! Anyway, what is funny is that my name is also Rosalie and I am the same age as you ! Are you also from portuguese descent? I am. Hope you are doing well and happy belated birthday!


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