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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You are Responsible...

Hi All,

I hope you are all having a nice day. The weather is nice today, sunny and about 70-75. I plan on doing some cleaning and maybe the back yard today.I moved the furniture around in the TINY living room we have here and the flow is better. Hubby said why didn't I do it this way to begin with. All I can say is - I HAVE NO IDEA!! The longer I sat here being miserable in this tiny place - it just came to me to  move it differently.
Yesterday I went to run a few errands, cleaners to drop off Hubbys suits, Sams Club, Staples next door, Sprouts then Target.

I decided to get egg whites while I was at Sams Club. They are made with real egg whites - just for a change.
My breakfast this morning made with sauted onion, green pepper, mushrooms and egg whites and goat cheese, with some berries and that coconut flout paleo bread with natures hollow on top.
While I was at Sprouts I got this new decaf tea.
A while back I got some Hazelnuts in bulk at Sprouts to make my home made Hazelnut Butters. If you have ever bought them before you know it is expensive, $7.99 a lb. Last week when I took them out of the cupboard to make some healthy kind of Nutella, the bag looked funny. Had a few holes in it - sure enough - there were tiny bugs in there so I had to throw them all away. YUCK! So when I went in yesterday I told them what happened (quietly) and they gave me some for free. Nice huh? This time I will store them in JARS.

Today I plan on making some hazelnut butter and a sweet treat. I am out. Maybe cookies or sinful cinnamon cakes - I don't know yet.

Ever since the Wheat Belly guy came out with his book, I hate that everyone all of a sudden thinks that wheat makes them crave more food and eat more. All though I love eating healthy, and I love eating all the stuff I make without wheat - like my treats made with almond, coconut and flaxseed flours - I don't think you can blame all your bad eating habbits on eating 1 piece of bread though.

We are ultimately responsible for everything we put in our mouths. We know when we are eating it, if its bad or good for us, yet we still eat it anyways. I don't think wheat is so Evil like he says if we eat the healthy grain products and eat it in moderation. Moderation for everything is the key.

When I started eating Real-healthy Foods and started the BFC almost 3 years ago I ate wheat at least once or twice a day. By doing that I still managed to lose over 90lbs. Those cravings for food I had went away slowly over a 2 month period. I felt so HUNGRY until I forced my body to get used to eating this way.

It was not easy. I felt like I was punishing myself for being so heavy in the first place. It will not be easy for you either. Anything worth doing never is.

Everyone is always looking for that Miracle Quick Fix!! Every time someone comes out with a new weight loss thingy, they all think that is their savior. For me eating all wheat free stuff does nothing for my weight loss. The almond flour tastes so good but is fattening - FOR ME!! I can't eat that stuff all the time.

As you noticed this past week or more I have eaten almost wheat free all week and have gained 2 lbs. Now I am at 150 again and need to get back down to 145. As long as I stay within the 145-150 range I am not mad at myself. Us women need a comfortable range to fall into. I am gonna be 54 in a couple months and am 5'7" tall so for me as long as I never get over 150 I am happy with that. It is very realistic for me.

For those of you going wheat free, I mean for a long period of time - not just in the beginning - are you actually losing any more weight than when you ate wheat??

Thanks for listening and have a great day?

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I've discovered, over the last year, that when I eat wheat, like hot dog buns because we're out camping, my hands start to swell and my arthritis flares. So after some consideration, I need to eat wheat free. I will experiment with the other flours to see if it's only wheat. Trial and error that's all we can do.
    Thanks for your blogs, I truely enjoy them

  2. So true. Being wheat free.isnt something my body likes. Honestly eating more fats and no wheat made me heavier also cooking and bakong with coconut and almond meal.. At the beg I lost 10pounds eating wheat... So it works..wheay doesnt make you fat. Its just.how much and what type. I am not very fond of diets even jorges.. I am more about moderation now :)

  3. i agree with all u ladies..i was getting ready to cut out all wheat but i only have like one or two pieces of the flax bread a day..i even bought some brown rice cakes that were gmo and vegan .. i cant hack celery and peanut butter so i use that. the only other carbs i eat are small amt of tatos or beans or other so for me to go nuts and find a wheat free bread..maybe look for bread thats gmo i find that becoming more popular...and for those of you with allergies to wheat i can understand the change.. from carole

  4. Thanks for saying what needed to be said Rosy! I too had a bad experience avoiding wheat. In fact, I GAINED weight on a wheat free, low carb diet by eating waaayyyy too much fat. It didn't help that I made goofy things like "spaghetti with shredded veggie pasta" And cheese. And oil. Lots of cheese. thinking of it still makes me sick.

    I believe that thinking one food group is the absolute culprit and if we remove it we are suddenly magically absolved of issues is wrong. I always did best if I watched my calories, which I figured out also came with a reduction in carbs/sugar. I think there is something to that.

    A year of goofy diets left me heavier than I've been in a LOONNNGGG time. Not to mention that I hated making goofy things like flax bread just so I could have bread with breakfast. don't miss that at all.

    I do find though, that I do much better without sugar in my life. Couple that with keeping tabs on my carbs and I do pretty well with the cravings. It's still an experiment but I'm off the crazy diet roller coaster and trying to use more common sense without looking for a magic bullet.

  5. Think of all of the things that have been blamed over the years for obesity, it's always something...and then something else...and then....I think it comes down to eating the right amounts and types of food for our bodies. If you believe in it, it makes it easier to stick to. The people that think that wheat is the culprit are like those of us that think sugar is the culprit. Whatever works!
    You have done a great job of finding balance and that is a great thing:)

  6. This post saddens me a little. I do not understand why you are so against people choosing a wheat free lifestyle. If it’s not for you … great but insinuating that those of us that are are merely looking for a “quick fix” is hurtful (and insulting).

    The health benefits I've reaped since giving up wheat go beyond weight loss. Conditions (like chronic post nasal drip) doctors told me were unfixable have diminished to the point that life is bearable again. Also gone is my acid reflux. I used to wake up with swollen fingers and feet – no longer. And since giving up wheat, I DO have more will power than I ever did before. Notice in all these months I have not stuffed one wheaty thing in my mouth. Others seem to struggle and have trouble not indulging in those things.

    You’ve never even read the book so to have such a strong opinion that Dr. Davis is a liar (or at least an idiot) is puzzling. He’s a cardiologist who has spent 10 years studying this subject and treating patients with this way of eating. I think he KNOWS what effect it has on their overall health.

    I’m not a fool and I’m not looking for a “quick fix” as you call it. I am dedicated to improving my health (beyond just my weight loss).

    If that blood demonstration on Dr. Oz didn’t illustrate for you one of the main reasons wheat is bad (SKY HIGH blood sugar) than I don’t know. If you read and understand BFC, then you understand insulin and fat storage so that demonstration should have made you say, “whoa”.

    1. Trina my blog is about my weight loss journey and I continue to blog just to encourage others. These are only my opinions. I am not a doctor, just someone who lost a lot of weight by eating healthy.
      If by going wheat free has helped you with your health, then that is awesome. But some think that is all it will take to lose weight. It will take them much more than just eliminating wheat.
      I personally don't see anything wrong with eating wheat once in a while.
      Remember I am only sharing how I feel - that's all.

    2. As long as there is nothing wrong with eating a Snickers too once it awhile - it's the same thing (if not worse) :)

    3. Hi Melody, I do but I've been VERY bad at posting lately. Not nearly as dedicated as Rosalie :) http://www.empoweredeating.blogspot.ca/

  7. Thanks...you are right. We are each responsible for our own bodies and our own lives! ;^) I think people need to be informed, but only if they read instead of jumping the latest trend without facts. I hear ya Rosalie. And I also understand Trina. I now get what you meant a while back about the almond flour. It apparently doesn't work on your body favorably. I have gone back to eating eggs in the morning. Have I already told ya I hate eggs? ha. Love you SistahFriend!!!

  8. I agree that you can't automatically lose weight just by going wheat free - I am proof of that - but what Trina says is absolutely true. I have gained many more benefits from removing wheat from my diet, and it's worth it to remain wheat free, even if I don't lose any more weight. I feel much more healthy now.

    I DO feel the same as Trina in that wheat is absolutely addicting, and I am much more in control of my food than I ever was eating wheat products.

    Anyhow, that's my two cents, and I hope that we can ALL figure out the best way for all of us to eat to be the healthiest that we all can be. ;)

    1. I eat both wheat and artificial sweeteners. Love my Americanos with sugar free hazelnut. I've been able to lose weight (a lot of it) drinking diet mountain dew and eating wheat toast. I believe the science behind both of them and recognize that they are unhealthy, but I eat them anyway. I agree with the wheat belly science and I agree with Jorge's ban on art sweeteners but I choose not to do what's best. Kudos to those who do: U and Trina being wheat free and Rosalie with her stevia..

  9. Rosalie - Let us know how the Peppermint Mocha tea tasted.

  10. Agreed! That peppermint tea looks mighty tasty.

    I see that as a HUGE advantage to eating BFC. It leaves room to look for other cool things (like peppermint tea) when you're not always looking for sweets.

  11. Personally, I agree 500% with Rosalie. I don't think wheat is bad unless you have Celiacs disease or a sensitivity to it that makes you sick upon eating it. I do think that each one of us has to find what works for us and follow it.
    Trina, if eating wheat free helps you on several levels other than weight loss, then great. You have found what works for YOU. I have googled Dr. Davis's book and talked with people who follow it. I still don't agree with everything that he says. It's easy to see why people would lose weight following his plan. You get rid of sugar and all wheat products ... hence lots less calories. No matter what we want to think, in the end all diets work because we are consuming less calories than our bodies are spending.
    OK ... off my soapbox. Everyone needs to do what works for them. End of story. I know Rosalie's intentions weren't to step on anyone's toes. She found what works for her and is kind enough to share it with all of us in HER blog.
    Have a great rest of your week everyone ... wheat free OR not! :D

  12. oops ... That loooooong spiel was mine. I forgot to say who I am.

    Linda in Western NC :D

  13. I must've missed this blog post, yesterday. Sorry, been busy working and taking care (ie driving kids around).


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