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Friday, December 7, 2012

At a Loss...

Hi Everyone,

I am a little surprised about the response and comments on here the past couple days. Really?? Can't we all just love each other no matter what our opinions are? Anyone and everyone is welcome here and can comment about anything they want as long as it's nice and civil comments.

I will never block anyone just because we disagree. If we all thought the same way, wouldn't that be just boring??

Trina knows I have nothing but love for her and I never want her to go away and she has the right to HER opinion as do we all. We don't seem to agree about the Wheat thing and that's OK. We are all trying to be healthy and lose weight and I have learned over the past 3 years of doing this that we all might not be able to do the same thing to get there.

We can all still support and love each other while we are on our journey.

Maybe since Aaron left us so suddenly. I feel like he died hating me. No time to tell him one more time I love him. I can't ever see him again. EVER! And that just kills me. EVERY second of every day.
I have been feeling so incredibly BAD lately. Mentally and physically. I feel so-SO alone and depressed at times and can't sleep a WINK! EVER - I just lay there.
I won't take any drugs of any kind. That is me! I have to find a natural way to help me. There has been too many of my loved ones that have had problems with that.

Then I come on here and see what I see and I feel so shocked. I am really no one for you to act that way.

Sometimes I say too much on here and I guess that's my stupid F-N problem. I post what I eat because many of you have said that you like to see the pictures and to know that a regular person like me can live and eat like this forever and keep the weight off.

As I am typing this my dogs keep coming up to me wondering why I am crying. That is so pathetic - my only friends. A mothers loss is greater than anything you can imagine.

I have no more to say right now...I hope you all think about the things I said and spend time with a loved one - Have a nice weekend.


  1. Well of course now I feel really bad I started this whole mess. I know you would never block anyone which is just another thing that makes you so great - you are open to everyone's thoughts (even when they are knee jerk reactions).

    Clearly, what you think really matters to me or I wouldn't care - does that make sense? I'm not sure if this quote fits but it does for me, "The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference." I personally feel, when you talk about WB you get angry and it's puzzling to me but (like I said on yesterday's comments) that's MY problem not yours.

    I said it yesterday but I'll repeat, "Rosalie knows I value her blog and appreciate all she does for everyone (each one - on their own unique journey). Onwards and upwards!"

    I apologize to all who were offended or upset by my comments - it was never my intention to start all this upset. I'm really a very nice person :) I also promise to grow a thicker skin so this won't happen again.

    I hope you find a way to have a better day today. I really wish you could find a way to sleep … sleep deprivation is terrible. Have you thought about seeing someone so you can talk through your emotions about your son? It’s amazing how much our thoughts can drag us down.

  2. Honestly I did read yesterdays blog and was also pretty upset about that..
    Rosalie, you post whatever you want and care for no one's opinions that bash yours.
    This blog is for those who follow the BFC. and let me state that clearly WHO FOLLOW the bfc or atleast who want to get some motivation. i hate when people attack each other like that. It's YOUR BLOG. People need to hold on to their opinions when it has nothing to do about the bfc.. THIS IS A SUPPORT GROUP FOR THE BFC, IF NOT INTERESTED DON'T FOLLOW IT OR DONT COMMENT!
    Even though I am no longer following the bfc, I still dont ever bash anyone who follows it and the wheat thing...WTV. if you believe it or dont wtv. PEOPLE GOTTA DO WHATS BEST FOR THEM..anyhow, I hope your day gets better :)

  3. really sorry u going thru such a bad time rosie..i agree a mothers loss is the worse..i hope in time things will become more bearable but i know it will be awhile. i love reading rosies blogs and also what anyone else has to say ..altho i dont agree with bashing each other i do agree with posting the differences of opinions so we all know whats going on out there and maybe learn from it..and also different fads or diets...i do think we should be civil with each other even though we disagree... carole

  4. Ok...i get it now. Hubby says sometimes I am six months behind. Sigh. So...have you considered trying acupuncture for insomnia? I tell ya...the times on my dudes table have been great sleep for me! Ha! When i went to my dude, he didgive me some immediate relief till we discovered the mercury overload. Then with acupuncture and the cilantro or was it parsley therapy...until the mercury left Mt system I'd goo to him twice a weekto get some good sleep! I've told my dude that when i win the lotto...he will be added to my weekly budget. He it's much better than a massage!

    And...i appreciate your blog!! Your help means a lot to me!!

  5. Hmmm, not sure what is going on with the comments and responses you mentioned. Think I missed a couple of posts and will have to go back and check out what is going on.
    Rosalie, I've just lost my mother so I know a little of the grief you're going through in losing someone, but I imagine it must be a million times harder to lose a child. It is the worst thing imaginable really. I just KNOW that Aaron knew you loved him and that he loved you so much too. Maybe you didn't get to say it to him right before he died but I'm sure in his lifetime you told him you loved him many, many, many times. That stays with a person, even when those same people are mad. The holidays will be tough. We are all here for you!

  6. I can't imagine losing a child. Take care my friend.


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