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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What is More Important...

Hi Friends,

It's been real nice weather over here lately, in the mid 70's and great walking weather. Yesterday I was feeling still kind of bad so I went to the movies by myself and saw The Life of PI. All I can say is, That guy will definitely get an academy award at the end of the year. He was Fabulous!!

Lunch yesterday was some turkey pepperoni and 1 cheese I took in a baggie in my purse and I ate some popcorn in the movie.

No walk yesterday cause it was too dark when I got home.

Dinner last night was a spinach salad with some chicken breast cut up inside.

I forgot to tell you yesterday that Sunday evening we went to sleep. Then about 4am Monday morning Hubby jumps out of bed and turns on the lights and goes out in the kitchen. When he came back I said what is wrong with you? He said he heard an alarm on one of our cars in the garage go off. I didn't hear anything - but he said when he got to the door it stopped and he opened it and there was no one there of course. A few hours later when we got up officially we said it was probably the ghosts again. lol

Breakfast this morning was some protein pancakes I made with;
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 2 eggs, 2 oz of cream cheese, and a couple of teaspoons of coconut flour.
 My lunch was a zucchini crust pizza. and 1 chocolate treat after.
Around 3pm me and the 3 furry girls went for a over 2 mile walk. Perfect 73 degree weather. I've been working on the blanket for my cousin. I'd say its about 80% done already.

I was talking to Hubby on the phone today - he's doing a driving job again - lucky! And he hung up on me. Look at who he got to meet?

I feel like my weight is a little better today. I understand that feeling that some of you get when your weight goes up a tiny bit and you just want to throw in the towel and say Screw it! This past week of feeling so sad and depressed over my son - it was kind of like a bell went off in my head, and all of a sudden I Understood!! I get how easy that would be - but we have to decide what is more important. 

It would be so freeing to just eat anything you want - right?? WRONG!!! For us - this is the only option now. We can never go back to the way we ate before or we will look the way we did before.

I know its harder at times, especially during special events or holidays - but we CAN DO IT!!

So Keep eating healthy - Don't let the FOOD BULLIES get to you!!
Decide - who will win your battle.
Don't let it be the Red Guy - We can beat him...

We all do so much better with support - so reach out.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I'm terrible with famous people, who is that with your hubby? It is crazy how easy it is to feel like giving up, when you have a let down or life feels in the dumps. I guess one way to look at it, is that sometimes you are going to feel like life is crappy and eat a little too much or something you know you shouldn't which is why you have to eat really well the rest of the time. I've heard people say eat good 80-90% of the time which is not as good as 100% but for some reason if I know there is a tad of wiggle room then I feel more relaxed about my choices.

    1. Thanks, did you have that caption there before? Somehow I missed it. That's pretty amazing that your hubby met him.

  2. I agree...i can't go back. But i still have about 40 pounds or so lose. I've discovered that I'm having issues with cooking, recipes, food ideas...argh!!!

  3. I haven't fallen off the BFC and have actually lost more weight. I don't weigh myself, but people who haven't seen me in a year (and even 6 months) have asked me if I've lost weight. I know I have because I'm finally down to a size 4 petite at Ann Taylor Loft. I use that store as my guide because that's where I usually shop and know how their stuff fits. I too can't go back because I've seen that this lifestyle works......AND I'm not starving like I was on Weight Watchers :)


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