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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hi Everybody,

Today is a gorgeous day over here in Southern California as usual. I am trying to be quiet and just watch TV while Hubby is sleeping. He got home first thing this morning is working nights for a few days. I find lately that I seem to feel sad a lot, kind of empty. I think I have too much time alone. I am watching something on TV and it makes me cry. I am crying a lot. I can't tell if it from my son's death or just my hormones or maybe both.

I am tending to stay at home a lot because I don't want to spend any money. This place we are renting is just a temporary pit-stop for us. Ever since we moved in  there has not only been My Invisibles but it seems to be infested with crickets. YEAH! They come out of the walls in the kitchen and the masterbath. I have had my bug guy that I have use for over 10 years come by twice in the 2 & 1/2 months we have lived here and they just laugh at him. I feel like I am going to Hell because I am killing like 10 crickets at least a day. I thought they were supposed to be lucky??

Even though we have signed a year lease, we are not gonna be here long and we are still out constantly looking for a house to buy. Hubby hates it here, way too small and he's making me miserable by him being miserable. I am trying to accept my situation and be happy - but with all the circumstances that have passed lately, it's not easy at times.

OK - BLACH! I just threw up on all of you - sorry.
 Breakfast Saturday was 2 eggs, berries, 2 Oasis toast and I mixed some of the coconut-pumpkin butter with some butter and nuked it for a few seconds and put on top.
 My lunch Saturday; I found a few tamales left over from Maria from who knows when and thawed out 2 small ones and cut them up and put some salsa and cheese on top. And  chocolate fudge treat after.

ME and the girls went for our daily walk in the afternoon.

For dinner Saturday I ate some broccoli, 4 brussel sprouts and chicken. For desert I ate the last sinful cinnamon cake, warmed it up and crumbled it and put rediwhip on top.

OK so the time change messed me up - does it do that to you to? I was in bed early and up at the crack of Shit this morning. LOL

My breakfast this morning was turkey bacon, berries and cream cheese-protein pancakes.
This is how I made them this time.
2 oz of cream cheese - warmed up 14 sec.
1 stevia pkt - cinnamon - 1 scoop of vanilla protein pwdr.
2 tbsp of pumpkin puree - and 1 egg.

They were very tasty this way and it made 3.
For lunch today was good, a can of chicken, baby spinach wilted down, tomato cut up, jalapenos and mayo - with about 15 Mary's Gone Crackers.
So I have seen this thing on Pinterest cookie bowls and decided to try it myself.
I started with this pan I had that used to belong to my MOM and is probably like 80 years old.
 Made Almond flour cookies and sprayed the bottom with coconut oil and molded the dough over the muffin bottoms.
Well as you can see it did not work - it all stuck, so now I have a bowl of cookie parts which I will gladly eat  in a bowl with RediWhip. Not all at once though. LOL
Next time I will try it on the bottom of my mini muffin pan with some non-stick foil over each hump. That way for sure it won't stick.

So I went for a walk with the 3 furry girls. It is dark outside so I am walking a way that usually has little people. Sure enough a family starts coming towards us, a mother-father and a few kids and a BIG-ASS-PIT-BULL!!
So the RAT starts barking and acting like a vicious Rat-Aligator, then Mandy chimes in of course, not Peaches, then all 3 of them are pulling.
That is why I HATE Pit-Bulls. This guy could barely hold that F*cking thing back from eating all of us. It took all his strength. 
This Sh*t is getting too much when I walk the dogs - something always seems to happen over here!!
My dinner tonight; Hubby is working so I am alone and stopped at Boston Market and got a bowl with creamed spinach, veggies and turkey - YUM!
And probably some of that cookie stuff with Rediwhip for desert.

Have a nice day tomorrow.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. That pan is really cool! What were you going to put in the cookie bowls?
    You are a good woman to take 3 dogs for a walk, there are too many crazy dogs out there.
    Thinking of you:)
    It is dreary, dreary, dreary here!

  2. Sorry you are feeling blue. Just hang in there. It can't last for long. You are strong and you know that. Sorry your walk didn't go well. Did you ever try the easy walk harness? I put that on my dogs now. It doesn't pull on their neck and if you encounter another dog and they go crazy, you have alot more control to pull them the way you want, because it goes around their chest. I love mine and would never go back to putting the lease on their collar. A trainer sold it to us, but they are in Pet Smart and I'm sure all pet stores. It doesn't go around their nose, that one is the gentle leader. This is called easy walk. Check it out. Hang in there. Big hugs to you from me! XO

  3. lol. youre silly rosalie! and dont fell bad about telling us your life stories! this is your blog, you blog about whatever you want and whom ever doesnt like it can kiss your face. haha..to say it nicely..

    Well, hang in there!


  4. OK, I H@te it when my stuff sticks to the pan, it totally ruins my dessert. I have this overwhelming urge to eat out all the bits and then there's none left afterwards. So it's a good thing that I use my silicon molds most of the time.

  5. I'm sorry you are blue...but totally understand! Have you thought of doing some part time seasonal work? Or..even..selling on Ebay? If we lived close we could keep each other busy!! I'm going to look into zumba classes and volunteer at a retirement center here. ;^) Rock on my friend!!

  6. I think when someone close to us dies it is sometimes hard to find the enjoyment in things we once did. I guess time will help. I notice you eat a lot of veggies. Maybe this is the key. The creamed spinach from Boston Market looks really good.


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