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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Be Healthy and Lose Weight...

Hello Friends,

Well Halloween over here in the new area was a bust. We only had 12 kids come by - so you know what that means, Lots of Pirates Booty for me YEAH!

I have been seeing a lot of specials on TV lately talking about how to lose weight and be healthy. It's funny because these things they were saying are the things I have already been doing on the BFC.

  • Eat within 1 hour of waking up
  • Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast - get a good start to you day
  • eat every 3-4 hours
  • Never skip a meal
  • Make sure your snacks are healthy ones (healthy fats, nuts, etc.)
  • just protein and veggies for dinner (no Carbs)
  • No food past 7pm
  • get some form of exercise everyday if you can - for me its walking
They said if you cut out all the carbs and grains, you might lose weight at first but then you will wonder why you are not losing any more. Your body's metabolism will change to match what you are eating.

They suggest to do carb cycling which I have said many times. Eat your carbs along with veggies and protein of course for breakfast and lunch 1 day and then the next day- eat no carbs at all. Never carbs with dinner.

They also said; and I know some of you don't agree, but if you stop eating gluten and are not allergic or have celliac disease, you might be missing some nutrients from you diet. They said that omitting gluten will not help you to lose weight faster, but its the eating healthy that will. Stop eating sugar and so much processed food. Stop eating out so much and try to fix most of your meals at home.

Well anyway I hope this stuff might help some of you that are struggling.
My breakfast this morning was 2 oasis toast 1 with coconut pumpkin and the other with almond pumpkin butter and 2 eggs and some berries.

Lunch Hubby wanted to go see the movie Cloud Atlas because he has to work the next 4 nights in a row and won't be around much - so I just ate popcorn and 2 squares of Girhadelli 86% chocolate.

After we went home and then left again to run an errand and then it was dinner time and we went to Hometown Buffet. I ate some green beans and broccoli and a few kinds of meat. Came home and has some chocolate-chai tea and a sinful cinnamon cake for desert.

FYI I have been keeping track of my visitors - and here is my list so far.
Ghost Tracking - 101

Thursday 9-14 / got woken up by smacked on the butt
Friday 10-5 / got woken up by tapped on the knee
Sunday 10-14 / heard a snap of fingers in Master bedroom while putting Veet on my legs and underarms
Saturday 10-20 / got woken up by getting tapped on the foot
Friday 10-26 / hair touched on lounge chair in livingroom
Wednesday 10-31 / heard noise in Master Bathroom in evening

OK well I hope you all have a great day and I hope all is well with our friends back East.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I have heard about this no carb day..I wonder what you eat? just protein and fat and no carbs at all? or do they mean no high carb foods like grains, starched and legumes and only veggies with our fat and protein?!

    1. He said to start off your no carb day with maybe a low carb tortilla, eggs and veggies. Then just meats, veggies and the good fats - like avocado, nuts, celery and peanut butter for a snack maybe.

    2. jorge said this? when!!!!?
      did i miss it in the bfc?
      could you give me mee tips please :)?

    3. Ashlee this is not from Jorge, but from others. But if you remember he did say something about this too. I listen to my gut and what has worked. Message me on Facebook and we can do a video chat.

  2. Some small change made such a huge difference to weight. Take low carb food after 4:00 pm. Carb are all about energy, its important for our health but in limit.

    1. You are right - how I lost all my weight is by cutting out all the carbs after 3-4 pm - non with dinner. :-)

  3. I might have to try the cycling thing. For the first time my weight is up. I think I slipped up while everything was going on with my mom. I must get back on track before the holidays hit.

    1. Beth - hit me up on Facebook for a video chat and I'll give you a kick - LOL

    2. Rosalie, I can't video chat, my laptop has no webcam in it. I appreciate your sweet comments on my blog though and as always will follow your advice on the blogs!

  4. I was under the impression that the carb cycling also had something to do with serotonin. I had a seriously failed attempt on Atkins last year when I both gained weight AND got really depressed! I think limiting carbs all around is great and cycling them is good if you are extra sensitive to carbs. I try to stay fairly active so for me, all I have to do is limit the carbs daily.

    Rosy, for your ghost problem, something might be trying to communicate with you. In your area, there has to be a physic medium who could help you. They would probably come in and try to figure out why this spirit is earth-bound and try to help them cross over. It doesn't sound like the spirit has bad intentions. It sounds like the spirit is trying to get your attention. Maybe it has a message?

    1. He explained that by eating carbs one day then cutting them out the next, you get your system burning faster on the non carb day.
      or something like that.
      And you are right I KNOW they are trying to communicate with me - I just wish I knew how to listen. I am trying. :-)

  5. Rosalie, curious who "they" are that said you'd be missing nutrients in wheat - I'm guessing the wheat lobby ... lol. There is nothing you need nutritionally in grains you will not get from other things like meat and veggies :) Always consider the source of the information you read. For example, someone posted a review of Wheat Belly the other day on Food Network that said bad things about the book and that you'd be missing things. On deeper digging this "nutritionist" worked for a cereal group - duh - she knows where her bread is buttered (so to speak). Dr. Davis has said many times there is nothing to be missed by cutting out grains. Love your bullet points - all good advice :)


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  • Choose your carbs wisely. Try to pick the carbs that will give you the lowest count of carbs, sugar and calories and the most fiber.

I hope this helps.