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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don't Give Up!!

Here I sit staring at the screen so jumbled with my thoughts that I just didn't know where to start or what I SHOULD say! No matter what you say or talk about someone will always disagree with you and get pissed off at what you say.

I think of this Blog as my modern day diary that you used to write in next to your bed at night. These are my thoughts that I share with you. How I am feeling and what I am going through and most of all - My BFC journey and how I got here where I am now.

Pattie had a good post today with the topic that I wanted to bring up too.
WHY oh WHY is this so easy for a few and so hard for so many??
Why do so many start the Belly Fat Cure thinking that it is the next messiah only to have a attention span of a gnat and veer away so quickly to the next and better best thing??

No matter what plan you choose to do to try to lose weight, Just give it your ALL!! That's all there is to it.
No Cheating - No Excuses - Don't let the Food Bullies get to you - Don't Give in - And Don't Give up!!

You need support so you won't feel like you've been dumped on a deserted Island by yourself. Join the other BFC blogs on my list- it really helps.

All I know is that I really love eating this way and if you don't then it will absolutely NOT work for you!!

It's funny cause I have always said since the beginning of me starting the BFC that I have found when I go out to eat or if I am at a function or party or holiday - to just take 1 thing that is your favorite and have bet 1-3 bites so you get to taste it and feel normal like everyone else.

About a week ago I saw someone say the same thing on the news. This is her, do you know her? JJ Virgin That really made me feel good because I have been doing what has really worked for me and she just backed it all up.

Yesterday afternoon our loan girl called us and said that it passed Audit and we should fund and close by the end of the week - REALLY??  I will believe that when the keys are in my hand.

I was just told that we have to take care of R.S. again. I don't want to at ALL!! The past 2 weeks that she has been back home and took her back- we have really had peace here. My 2 girls are at peace again. I can't explain it but she causes chaos when we walk every day. She barks and growls at everyone and every dog and causes Mandy to act the same way. I have tried to work on her - but she just will not change. I do not enjoy my walks anymore when she is here - At ALL! It is a chore and not enjoyable in any way. She is leaving again in the morning. I am not happy and I don't care how that sounds.

We had a earthquake last night at 11:30pm and again just now at 9:30am. Kind of small compared to past ones.

What I ate yesterday;
Breakfast; a muffin made w/ 1 spoon of each coconut and almond flour topped with  cream cheese and natures hollow, turkey bacon and berries.
Lunch a almond crust pizza
We were at IKEA around dinner time trying to not be stressed, look around and not think about the house. I ate heir famous meatballs and asked for veggies instead of mashed potatoes. I did not eat the red stuff and only ate 10 out of the 15 meatballs. That's what Hubby's are for. LOL Do you know he said he actually never tried these before?? Seriously??
When we got home I walked the girls for 1.4 miles bet 7-8 pm. It finally cooled off just a bit enough to go.

OOH just felt another earthquake; 9:50am

So my desert was a protein bite w/peanut butter on top and a glass of my homemade Almond milk.  The last batch I made I mostly used for muffins and stuff like that. I have to say it was so delicious and way better to me than the almond milk I buy in the store.

OK - that's it for me for now. Have a great day where ever you are.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Think, Act, Be

Think happy.  Act happy.  Be happy.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. It's not fair! It's not fair! It's not fair! When I stick well below the 15/6, eat good, haven't touched a dessert since I started this in Feb. and am at a forever stand still.

    I was thinking this morning, I was on BFC in 2010 and lost 35ish pounds and was able to keep it off; however, the only reason I stopped at 35 pounds was because no matter what, I couldn't get past that.

    I had a hysterectomy in July of 2011 and immediatley packed all of weight back on, plus some. Unable to cook for myself, I was relying on Panda Express that my husband would bring home after work, etc.

    I knew the BFC worked from before and decided to get back on track. This go around, I made it to 39-40 pounds before I hit my stand still.

    While I am so happy for the people who have had great sucess, I am a little bit jealous at the same time because I don't know what I'm doing wrong and why I always plateau at the same spot.

    I did join a gym last night to work on my thighs because they are huge and I know that is where a lot of my weight is laying. Hopefully that will kickstart something in my body to get losing again.

    1. Lisa, Dawn and I figured out we still need to track our calories, as well as the 15/6. I'm not religious about it, but I don't have a full button on my appetite. I indulge in too much cheese, nuts and other stuff that is low sugar and carbs. But those do have calories. When I'm good, I use my fitness pal and it tracks the sugars and carb if you adjust the settings, but you can still keep an eye on the calories. I know that's not part of the BFC, but for some of us, we need to just keep an eye on it. Good luck. Don't give up!

    2. I hear you, Lisa! My body seems to stall right around 140-145 lbs. I'm always so excited when it dips into the 130s. I'm hoping I'll see the 130s again, but I'm not stressing about it this time around as long as I'm eating like I should, and eating in a way that I know I'm going to eat for life. Are you making sure not to overeat despite the carb count?

  2. BTW, have you checked out the blog that Kay recommend, www.canyoustayfordinner.com ? It's a great blog that deals with the issue of weight in general. It's one of the most unique points of view I've read on this issue; definitely worth checking out!

  3. This is your blog, so continue to be yourself! I enjoy reading your posts and it helps give me ideas of what I should be eating. I have recommitted myself this week to follow the BFC and start shedding these pounds. Your blog and the others that I follow sure have helped me start anew and I am hopeful that this time around I get it.
    Sounds like your loan is finally ready to go. Yeah!Finally
    Stay safe from the eq's. Hugs

  4. Good post Rosalie. First off congrats on the house. Things sound good, but I'm like you, I don't get my hopes up until things are final. I agree with all that you say.For some reason some of us just have more trouble staying true to the plan. Thank goodness we have you to keep us on the straight path! I hope everything works out for you with the house. Sending love and hugs! XO

  5. I'm grateful to have found what seems to be working for me. I'm happy with what I'm doing and I'm getting results - yeah! I did find the BFC 120 grams of carbs too high for me and when I adopted a more LCHF eating style it seemed to click. I mean ... it's so similar to BFC it's just slightly lower numbers ... same idea though - lower the insulin to lose the fat. I'll be back in town on Saturday - hope to hear good news from you :) I haven't tried the protein bar with peanut butter yet but I want to. I also found a recipe for peanut butter cups I'll be making soon.

  6. Welp...first...yaaaaaaay on the house! Keep us posted on that end. RS...I was gonna ask what happened to her, now I know. So...can't you leave RS at home while you walk the other furry babies? IKEA...never been to one, now I'm eager. DH and I have been trying to come up with ideas for things to do when he has 4day weekends. This weekend being one of them...maybe I could mention IKEA which is 2.5 hours away...but we'd make other stops too.

    AND...I am thankful for your blog. You help many. And yes, some folks will never be pleased, but I say...too bad, so sad! Today at weigh in...I have FINALLY budged off of the 5# weight gain. I sort of got off track and wasn't writing down everything that went into my mouth...but I am now and not going to give up. I have to kick in some exercise that much I do know! xoxox

  7. Fingers crossed for your house Rosalie! Good encouraging post today!

  8. I know its blows they way people comment and think that's okay...its your blog and your feelings your proven experience of your personal journey no more no less. People should get there own blog and vent there not on yours...I personally enjoy your honesty; it's what we need to do to support each other. I am tired of playing lets pretend we have 'pretty thoughts' that make everybody happy..and we should be nice women and say nice things. It's rather Stepford Wife-ish. Keep up the honesty!

  9. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)


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