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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Face The Sunshine...

Good Morning,

Well I am so tired of all this house stuff I can't even tell you. Now they are waiting for 2 things then they can order docs. And this will be our tax guy's fault. He is gone and his B*&%#H of a receptionist won't help us and he won't be back till Monday. So now what? Will the builder really keep holding the house for us even after 4 months maybe for another week?? We shall see.

Oh yeah - my weight is still up and it is starting to bother me a bit now. I know it's from the stress, hormones, everything really. I know you all think I am handling it all well - but I beg to differ - hence my weight being up. Oh well.

Here is what I ate yesterday;
Breakfast; I made a muffin using 1 tb of coconut and almond flour, just plain no flavor with some coconut butter-butter-stevia-cinnamon mixture on top w/some berries.
We were scrambling trying to get everything over to our girl for the loan and before I knew it, the time was 1:30 so I just ate a sandwich. Oasis bread, pepper jack cheese, turkey, baby spinach, mustard and a little horse radish mayo.
snack was a almond-protein bite w/ a tiny bit of peanut butter on top.

Hubby left to go meet up with his daughter and get R.S. I stayed home - it was TOOO HOOTT. It was over 105 and gong to be again today 107.Thank goodness for A.C.

I ate some buffalo wings and a spinach salad for dinner and a bit of clemmys for desert.

Went for a 2 mile walk after 7pm when it cooled off a bit. Around 9:30 we went upstairs and waited for Hubby and R.S. to get there. He came in and I was sitting on the chair next to the bed and all of a sudden she came flying thru the air at my face with kisses. So that's where the nick name R.S.F.S. Rat Sh*t Flying Squirrel came from (she looks like a big rat - and always runs and then flies thru the air). What can yo do - she really missed us I guess.

Peaches on the other hand got no sleep because  - she got there last night. IDK why, she likes being the center of attention, Mandy doesn't care one way or the other.

Well have a nice day. Stay cool.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Face the Sunshine

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hang in there. It has to get better right?? Can't figure out why your weight is up because you are eating within the limits and your meals look great. They always do! Take care and keep a positive attitude. I just know things will work out for you. Good luck with R.S. So cute that she missed you!!! Sending hugs and love! XO

  2. I wish I had words! The one thing that I do know is that the stress is making your create cortisol and cortisol makes your tummy grow.
    That really is sweet that RS missed you, but I get what you are thinking:)

  3. good luck dealing w/ the loan. I have my weight update, Kristine was 159.2 now as of 8/10 153.7
    It was a trying week of be short 3 people @ work, bad week of working graves short staffed, daughter had the stomach flu & a period that lasted longer than 8 days, no getting ready 4 a visit w/ the inlaws-STRSS & I resisted the urge for sugar thru it.
    You are a true inspiration Rosalie , if you can stay focused on a healthy lifestyle during all of the home/bank issues we all can!!

  4. Sorry to hear you are still so stressed out Rosy. Glad your puppies keep you out on your walks, even if you do have to put them off. Take care,


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