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Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Not Gonna Work...

Hello Friends,

I am sorry to be the one to tell you this but, that diet you are doing is NOT GONNA WORK!!

Everyone always wants everything the fast way. The QUICK FIX! This might offend some of you - but doing the Fast track or going Completely Grain Free is not gonna help you lose the weight faster or better. Oh yeah maybe in the beginning, but you seriously can't eat like that FOREVER!

I know - I know - some of you don't agree. And that's OK. But the one thing I have found out from losing 90lbs and keeping it off is that if you are not eating the stuff you like every day while you are trying to lose that weight - then you will probably gain it all back. You have to be able to eat this way every day for the rest of your life!!

Not just for now - It has to be a new LIFESTYLE way of eating, because once you get the weight off - you can never eat the old way anymore.

So therefore it has to be realistic. That means eat some carbs once in a while. Just make sure it is healthy - like some BFC friendly toast with breakfast, or some brown rice, or if you're like me - eat some BFC friendly sweets - like on my recipe tab.

I swear sometimes I feel like if I don't eat something sweet EVERY SINGLE DAY - I think I will just DIE!!

Who else feels that way - SHOW OF HANDS...

I have said this MANY-Many times - It's all in your head!

You have to be the one to figure out how to put it all together the right way for YOU. Something has to snap inside you to be able to do this and make it work. You have to try to mentally change yourself. Put yourself back together again in the correct order - so to speak.

You have to be Dedicated, Committed, Strong, and Never Give UP!!

Are you ready to do this and Mentally get it together so you can be the YOU that's waiting inside??

I was 51 years old when I started my weight loss journey and did it by not working out every day - I just walk almost Every DAY! That's it! I'm kind of lazy in that way I guess. I changed what I ate - it's as simple as that!

No matter what age you are at - I am here to tell you;

You CAN do this!

The word for today is: COMMITTED

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Thanks for always keepin' it real! I am always so encouraged by your journey and pure honesty. Love you and your blog!

  2. Well, I'm going to disagree completely with this post. There are many experts who would also disagree (I'm assuming).

    I think it's great that you lost all your weight and still consumed "modest" amounts of wheat (and other grains) but I think the wheat (grain) discussion goes beyond weight and becomes an issue of overall health. Since giving up wheat completely I have NO doubt that it affected me in a negative way. I also know several other people who've given it up and had ailments that even their doctors couldn't help with resolve themselves.

    I was planning to post about my weekend wedding up north – I ate a microscopic amount of wheat while away (something I hadn’t done since February) and came home with the worst intestinal issues (like food poisoning) – only to finally finish reading Wheat Belly and have Dr. Davis explain that those exact symptoms can be from reintroduction to wheat after a long removal period (wow … doesn’t sound healthy to me and I’m not going to make that mistake again).

    I think if people chose to eliminate wheat (or grains) for health reasons they should do so. I have found removing wheat very beneficial. According to Dr. Davis, wheat can stimulate appetite (which I would agree with) and cause a host of other problems. Also, contrary to what you may believe, “healthy whole grains” are not necessary for a healthy diet.

    1. For those of us that don't have celliac disease or any problems consuming wheat, I don't see anything wrong eating it.
      I don't think it is good to eat wheat 3 times a day every day.
      I love all the recipes I have found using almond, coconut and flaxseed flours, But I don't see anything wrong with eating some bread or a tortilla like twice a week.
      That is much more realistic to me.

    2. Hey Rosalie, the point I was trying to make is even though you think you have no issues with wheat you might. If you read Wheat Belly that will become very obvious. My friend's husband has terrible knees and since I went wheat free and two guys he knows did (all of seeing great improvements in health issues) he decided to try it. He's reading Wheat Belly at the same time. It's been two weeks and when I saw him last night at baseball he told me he feels great. He's simply shocked at the difference eliminating wheat has had (and they're Italian so eliminating wheat is not easy for him). His wife (my friend) is doing it to support him but having a much harder time … cranky … I suspect she is quite addicted to wheat. I’m not saying some people can’t eat modest amounts and do fine but my guess is that many are addicted and for them even a bit of wheat can derail their progress (or set them back down a destructive eating path). Jorge reads the same research as all the other experts (he knows what’s up), he wrote BFC for “average” people who won’t be jumping on the Paleo wagon anytime soon (those who would recoil in horror at giving up wheat since they like to think “everything in moderation” is key). I suspect he knows the truth which is why you seldom see him eat a grain :) There are also plenty of people living wheat free (voluntarily not because of celiac) and doing just great. I personally have no desire to go back and after my weekend run in with wheat will not be in a hurry to expose myself again anytime soon :) One last thought, if insulin is the problem (causing us to store fat) than why would anyone want to eat something that spikes their blood sugar faster and higher than sugar? But at the end of the day, like you said, this has to be something you can live with for ever and for each of us those choices will be individual.

    3. Dr. Davis did a live chat today and talks about the issues with wheat if anyone wants to read it.

      This is what he said about gliadin (a protein in wheat), "There are actually MANY reasons why this thing being sold to us called "wheat" should be eliminated from the human diet. But one BIG reason is that there is a protein in modern wheat that acts as an opiate. This protein is called "gliadin," but this opiate does not provide pain relief; it just causes addictive behavior with food and increased appetite. People who consume wheat take in, on average, 440 more calories per day, every day."


  3. I agree Rosalie...you have to be able to eat like this for the rest of your life! Good post!

  4. I thank you for the time you put into your blog ! Every day it helps me. I am lost between Jorge changing things all the time. I stay away from wheat ... when i do not cheat. Not because i have a stand on it but because i am so confused. 4 books ,one month of his menu club ( i thought ) was a waste of money and a three day diet now slim belly...well i just can not make heads or tails. Plus his face book page...starting to wonder about what he is doing.
    I WOULD LOVE what a couple of days when you first started from you.
    I know you are real I kknow you did it and contiue as well as help others.
    I have a brain and i read a lot but as far as i can tell those arefacts that dont change every month or so.
    You go girl ! You look great and are a rock for many.

  5. Well I am proof that you can't just go back to your old lifestyle and think it will work out for you! It doesn't! Which could be depressing, but it is life, it is what it is, it is inevitable, it is as sure as aging!
    Since I am a BFC rebel, I guess I would be a wheat rebel too. This is a lifetime, going through life and not eating wheat if it wasn't for a medical situation, seems unrealistic. It is a huge part of every day life and social situations. Diabetics know they aren't allowed to have sugar and yet they do, it's a pull, so is wheat. If you don't totally disallow it, the pull won't be as strong. Just my humble opinion!
    And Jorge, let's just say that I am glad I caught Jorge on the original BFC "cure" and not the fast fixes that he seems to be doing.

  6. Hey, girl! I just wanted to stop in and give my two cents. You wouldn't think someone was out of line to stop eating artificial sweeteners, or sugar, right? So maybe it's not out of line to think that wheat causes your body harm, too? Now, my hubby thinks the same as you, that I'm being ridiculous when I say that maybe wheat is the cause of all these problems, but that is partially why I'm taking the summer off of eating it - just to see. I will keep you all posted on my blog with regards to my experiment.

  7. I don't know about wheat specifically and haven't read Wheat Belly yet, but I'm just trying to keep ALL my carbs low right now because that seems to work best for me.

  8. I totally agree with asample who posted above. What in the world is Jorge doing with coming out with a different book or different plan every time you turn around. I just bough BFC and Fact Track a couple weeks ago. He constantly tells you to go to his website for more info but all I find there is a pitch to sign up for personalized coaching. (No thanks; I did that with him several years ago and was NEVER contacted by anyone. A total money grab. His Facebook page is no better, constantly teasing with new meal plans that never seem to materialize.

    However, I still need to lose weight, particularly from my abdomen, so I plug along and am so grateful for your encouraging and informative blog, as well as meandjorge.com. Don'tknow what I'd do without you gals.

    1. I think the original BFC is the best and most realistic way to lose weight. However the fast track has a lot of good food ideas and recipes too.

      I think we all get more from each other in the forums and blogs.

      Thanks Bonnie :-)


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