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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Latest Blood Test Results

Hello Everyone,

It has been 2 years and 5 months since starting the Belly Fat Cure. I feel great but occasionaly I get someone asking me what my blood work looks like after eating like this.

There are so many questions about cholesterol and eating eggs and cheese and eliminating a lot of fruit that is not allowed on the BFC.

We have Kaiser insurance and I went to the doctor this past Friday. I saw a new doctor because the other one moved away. She said that what I am doing sounds very healthy and I look great after losing so much weight. She ordered a bunch of blood tests as I asked her to do to make sure that what I am doing is good for us.

Here are my test results taken on 6-27-2012:        

                                         my results   normal range

Glucose, Fasting                  94 70-99
AST 13 -31
ALT 15 14-54
CREATININE                         0.9 0.6 - 1.1
SODIUM 138 135 - 145
POTASSIUM                      3.9 3.5 - 5.0
CHLORIDE 105 101 - 111
CO2 28 21 - 31
WBC'S AUTO                    6.4 4.0 - 11.0
RBC, AUTO 4.29 4.2 - 5.4
HGB 13.4 12.0 - 16.0
HCT, AUTO 40.2 37 - 47
MCV 93.9 81 - 99
MCH 31.3 27 - 35
MCHC 33.4 32 - 37
RDW, BLOOD 14.5 11.5 - 14.5
309 130 - 400
Lipid Panel
Cholesterol                          164              <200
Triglyceride                           50               <150
HDL                                     82               >/=40
LDL Calculated                    72               <100
Cholesterol/High Density Lipoprotein
                                             2.0              <4.3
TSH                                     1.91            0.35-4.00

My blood pressure and pulse was normal and my weight was at 154 that day. It was 2:30 and I already ate twice that day and I was fully clothed. I usually weigh myself in the morning before shower and with no clothes so We are usually at least 5 lbs heavier at the doctors right?

As you can see all of my test results are in the normal range. I'm not sure what they all are, but they are good. LOL

So for any of you that are new to the BFC and have doubts about what we eat on the BFC, I want to tell you that what we always thought was wrong. Eating this way has allowed me to lose 90 lbs. I feel and look younger now, and obviously still healthy by eating this way for almost 2 & 1/2 years. I don't count my calories and never have.You don't have to do that with this plan.

You just need to have to develop the willpower, stick with it, and make some sacrifices. But in the end, after you lose the weight you will realize they were not sacrifices at all - just positive changes.

Come ON - What are you waiting for?? Your exit is coming up now - all you gotta do is take it.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Good for you:) Healthy looks good on you!

  2. Wow - these results are awesome!! Especially your HDL's (the good cholesterol). The higher the number - the better - you knocked it out of the park - I'm sure a reflection of losing weight and continuing to eat a heathy diet.

    I'm getting my blood work done in September so I'll let you all know how they turn out as well. Thanks for sharing Rosalie! :)

  3. Amazing! Makes me want to keep going and going...

    You rock!

  4. You rock girl!! Isn't it nice to get weighed without the stress of how much your clothes, jewelry etc weigh. I always used to take everything off when I went to WW. Sending hugs and love! Oh, and will you knock me down another lb to 173. Not setting the world on fire, but moving in the right direction! I was at the gyn last week and I was down 18 lbs from last year. I wanted more, but you know me, I'm one of the ones that fall off the wagon alot. Keep getting back on though, thanks to you especially!! XO

  5. These tests seriously make me SOOOO happy. I can't wait to do my new ones next year. This proves (as did Amber's and so many others) that fat was never the issue. Woot Woot!! Happy for you Rosalie :)

  6. Just getting started--thanks for the inspiration! I plan to throw away my medications for Type II diabetes and high cholesterol when my numbers look as good as yours!

  7. Just getting started--thanks for the inspiration! I plan to throw away my medications for Type II diabetes and high cholesterol when my numbers look as good as yours!

  8. Good for you!!! yaaaaaaaaaay...I have hope!!!!! I finally had mine retested. My doc had wanted me to get down to 195#s then to be tested..he was worried about a lot of things. So...by my yearly I was down to 189#s. The tests came back way better...and I still have two numbers to make better. But I'm hopeful!!

  9. Great results Rosalie. Thanks for sharing.
    Take Care-


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