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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Make a Commitment...

Hello Friends,

I hate to sound like a broken record but the weather over here in southern Cali is so great lately and if you are in a place where it is not - well you will just have to come and visit us.

Everything is pretty much the same here - nothing to write home about. Nothing going on. My weight has been up 2 lbs the past week at 150. I don't feel its a problem at all. I am only mentioning this because, like many of you that are trying to lose right now, while I was losing - I thought 2 lbs was devastating to me. I know now that its just part of the BFC and part of being a woman. As long as I stay within 3 lbs of my goal of I am good with that.

I have met many people trying to lose weight and just can't seem to commit to any one thing or diet. No matter which one you are doing - you must give it time and your full attention and commitment in order for it to work.
You have to have WILLPOWER!!
You cannot take CHEAT DAYS!!
You cannot eat whatever you want just because you go out to eat with family or friends.
You must learn how to NOT emotional eat any more. (I know this is a hard one)
You must make sacrifices to get the rewards in the end.

I used to eat like I was gonna die any second. I ate whatever I wanted and NO-ONE could tell me not to eat it. I felt that I was an adult and deserved to eat this delicious (what-ever).

So how did I change that You ASK? I am actually amazed that I managed that myself. I have said this many times -
I used to sit and hold my stomach every night complaining that I was SO HUNGRY!! For the first 2 months - then my body got used to eating this way and now it is like breathing.

Give yourself the time you deserve to do this!! It's like being in labor - when you get past the hardest part - then its all downhill from there.

What I ate yesterday:
breakfast was 3 pancakes w/natures hollow and 2 eggs w/avocado and cheese
lunch was a almond crust pizzaa
 snack was a serving of So-delicious unsweetened mint chocolate chip ice cream
dinner was ground turkey, onions, mushrooms, yellow squash, a couple spoons of sugar free pasta sauce I got at Sprouts, kale, and spices -cumin, chili powder, red pepper, a little chicken bullion. I made enough for 2 bowls but Hubby didn't want it so more for me for today's diner.
desert was 2 squares of 86% dark chocolate and rediwhip.
Breakfast this morning was 2 oasis toast w/butter and peanut butter, 2 poached eggs made in my micro-wave thingy w/nutritional yeast on top and turkey bacon.
I hope and wish peace and love for you all today.

Thanks for listening.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Do You Believe in Magic?

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)

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  1. OMG HOW FUNNY! I have the same ice cream! I actually had that for dessert last night! don't you just live it! i love all their no sugar added ice creams oh my god! i must say, better than clemmys for me, its zoo creamy! I also love that a serving has 10 freaking awesome grams of fiber! love love!

    1. For me I love the flavor - VERY GOOD, but its hard as a rock and very hard to get out. Not in any way creamy at all!!! That is the only flavor or time I found the unsweetened one - EVER!!

    2. lol. Rosalie It is damn hard huh! But its sooo creamy and wow! its just great that people come up with such great alternatives to ice cream. Thank you for them and all those people who make living the bfc easier, right!? Like the Natures hollow products! Yes same here :( my whole foods only carries 2 of the unseetened ice creams from their brand, that one and a vanilla one..EEEEK NO vanilla thanks! But i do have clemmys vanilla bean and clammy o's in my fridge..Im prepared when the sweet tooth stikes! lol :)

  2. Thank you for your ongoing support. :)

  3. Create a facebook page called Purple Rosy. ;^) So, if we make up yonder...we can visit. Or...you can come down here!!

  4. So-Delicious doesn't sell their no sugar items here. I found it once across the border at Wegmans but knew it wouldn't make it home frozen. I started making my own. I've only made one flavour so far (chocolate almond butter made with coconut milk) - it was pretty darn good. I bought some mint extract and was planning to try a chocolate mint kind next - although, with strawberries coming into season here I may make a vanilla. Mine is also very hard to scoop - I usually let it warm up a bit before attempting it - it must be from the coconut milk base?

    I agree with everything you said about eating and I'm giving it all I have right now. I think of certain things as "off limits" no matter where I am. I don’t worry about hurting other’s feelings either (something a friend of mine has trouble with). True friends will understand that you just cannot eat certain things and if they don’t understand … well … maybe they are not true friends :)

  5. Great advice from a great person.Sending love and hugs!

  6. Hi Rosalie...I am glad you are enjoy sunny wonderful weather...here is clouding and cold...only 2 days of summer like weather so far :( oh well. Can you change my weight to 223 Yeah 2 by 2 by 2 by two I go :-)

  7. Great advice ~ as always!! :) You know there were nights just a month or so ago when I re-started the BFC when I was in such a bad habit at snacking at night that I also thought I'd die if I didn't get one. Sometimes I just went to bed to stop thinking about it. Now - I enjoy my BFC sweets (ie almond butter with Redi-Whip or chocolate/coconut oil fudge) early in the evening or with dinner and never have them past 7pm like you recommend! Gets easier the longer I eat like this. Love that you continue to share your wisdom with us - Thanks Roaslie!

  8. You are a smart woman:) I haven't ever seen that ice cream. Macy's has an ice cream maker on sale Friday for 24.99. I think I might get it and make my own ice cream. The sherbet one that was on The Chew sounds really good and you don't need an ice cream maker. It's not warm enough for ice cream here yet:(:(:( I'm glad you have warm weather, enjoy it for me too.

  9. KAY, Whole foods and health food markets are very likable to carry these ice creams! Thats where i go to get mine! i get clemmy's and the So delicious brand of ice creams! It's awesome, the so delicious brand is quite expensive, i won't lie, but its worth it; we are worth that damn 6 dollar pint ice cream dammn it! lol We surely used to eat damn crap that added up over the year why can't this ice cream be bought and eaten!>? haha
    hope you find them!

  10. ...so did you like the yeast on your eggs? I keep trying to like the stuff, as I have a jar of it.
    Enjoy your glorious weather.
    Take Care-


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