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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Getting Hot-Hot-Hot...

Hello Friends,

Wow I have been having a real problem sleeping the past 3 nights. First its the Owls. They start every single dingle night around 8:15pm. There is anywhere from 3-6 sitting in the trees behind us SCREAMING at each other all night long.

Well then there's me - I am always watching something real scary right before bed. Last night it was a movie about an apartment bldg that was haunted. Ha-ha. Right now I am watching Amitiyville 2 while Hubby is upstairs sleeping after working the night shift. I am trying to be quiet - he works so hard.

I am 3 weeks early and am having a light monthly, I got a tummy ache - Then The past 3 nights I have been waking up sweating furiously all night long. It wakes me up and I feel my neck and its all wet. Hot Flashes - Yuck!! I know all this will pass eventually -

I realize I sound whiny but I was just hoping to get a " I feel ya sista" from all my pre-menopause peeps....

This morning I am up a couple lbs. I'm sure it will be back down to normal by tomorrow. Maybe I should lay off the wings at dinner?? Whenever he works nights I don't know what to eat so I just put some wings under the broiler and a spinach salad. I am addicted I guess. I love my buffallo wings.  LOL
Breakfast yesterday was 2 oasis toast w/peanut butter, eggs, avocado and berries
lunch was a wheat tortilla w/cheese, a left over pc of chicken cut up and - this sounds weird but some left over greens.
I found this coconut oil at WalMart  yesterday. I was twice the size and only$6.95

I already told you what my dinner was - addicted I tell you...

Breakfast this morning, hubby made some eggs w/stuff in them and I put some ranchero cheese on top and had a flaxseed muffin.

If you are doing the BFC or what ever plan you are following, just don't give up and you will be successful.

Thanks for listening and don't forget to visit my friends blogs on the list below and give them some love too.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Waiting in the Wings

Change can happen at any time, but transition comes along when one chapter of your life is over and another is waiting in the wings to make its entrance.

 Keep on BFC ' n   :-)


  1. I'm 43 so not there yet - but I'm not looking forward to it. My mom is 63 and still has hot flashes ... ugh. I need quiet when I sleep. I often use ear plugs because any noise will bother me. Those owls would be killing me. I can't watch scary movies - I saw the Exorcist when I was a young teen and it affected me for the longest time ... no more for me :)

    1. The funny thing is I have been using ear plugs - it does help a bit.

  2. do you think that PMS or pre menopause cycles have anything to do with weight gain? I always gain 2 weeks in the month, so I don't even weigh myself anymore during my PMS time.

    1. I'm sure it is Lisa. I am not worried about it. And you are right I shouldn't of even got on the scale this morning - creature of habit.

  3. I just found that coconut oil at Walmart too!

  4. I hear ya and feel ya sista! I don't have the hot flashes but have sleepless nights!

    Would the noise from a fan help? I think I would have nightmares about screeching owls if that were in my backyard.

    Thank you for posting your food finds.

  5. There's nothing worse than not be able to get a good nights sleep (other than it going along with hot flashes and screeching owls)!!! UGh!

    On the food front, I love that you always post photos of your food. It always looks delicious and you always give me new ideas. Have a great (hopefully - fingers triple crossed - quiet - non-hot-flash, non-owl-screeching) night!!!

  6. Oh Rosalie, I hope you get some good solid rest soon. If it makes you feel any better, my symptoms come and go. I think taking vitamin D has helped a lot. You could try that:)

  7. Hey... I was out having coffee with a my friend (male) today and he was having hot flashes along with me ..LOL I made a fan out of a flyer for us both!

  8. None of that for me yet, hopefully not for a while. I have other things going on, can't have that too! :)

  9. I'm 53 years old and I have been in menopause since 2008 and nights are the worse for me. I can fall asleep and then it seems like I'm startled awake for no reason then I realize that I went to bed freezing and now I'm sweating to death and feel like I can't breathe so I'm awake. I started taking a natural remedy from Costco and it seems to help a lot. It is Estroven. I take one at dinner time. Yes you will have weight gain when you start menopause. I use to call it my menopausal fat. That will start tapering off after you stop having your periods. Menopause is different for everyone and yes it can go on for years. We also need a support group as we go through this. You can almost feel like you are going a little insane at times or a lot other times..lol. I felt at times that my menopause was over but then there it was again...I would wake up "sweating to death" and all day "I'm cold, no now I'm hot" all day sweater on, sweater off and it did drive me in sane but this Estroven has helped a lot

  10. I agree that herbal supplements definitely helped me with the menopause symptoms, but I was lucky that mine were not too bad. I think going through menopause is what made me gain so much weight (that is before BFC) and I sometimes wonder if being post-menopause is what is making my weight loss so slow! But losing slow is better than not losing at all.
    I use the coconut oil from Walmart too! I use it in my baking and cooking.


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