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I'm Not Dieting - I've Changed My Lifestyle

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hello Friends,

First thing I wanted to tell you how to take off that 2 word Captcha thingy that you have to do when you leave a comment. Here is how to turn that off so people will want to comment more it will be easier for them.
Go to settings, posts and comments, then show word verification - click no and save. Ta-DA!

A lot of people have been talking about sensitive subjects lately on their blogs about obesity and how and why we are the way we are. I would like to make a short thought on this subject.

I used to think that the way I looked was because I inherited it from my mom. She had 5 kids and divorced my dad when I was like 5 and I always remember her being very heavy. So one would tend to think that I got this way because it's in my genes. I was destined to be fat, well -  because, she was and her mom probably was too.

I realize now that I took on the same eating habits that she had. That's ALL! We all learn from what we are exposed to right?? I learned to eat the way I did from my mom. When I grew up I'm sure I did the same thing to my kids.

I did get some things from her - like my curvy shape and big calfs and thighs, my eyes and hair. I am thankful for all those things, but I know now I can determine the size I want to be and its not hereditary at all.

I am proof of that - I was that size for at least 20 years and look at me now. I have said this many times that its all in your mind. This way of life is like a switch that you have to flip in your head.


Listen if what you are eating every day is not something that you will enjoy eating FOREVER - then you are not doing it right. You cannot think that you can eat a certain way for a few months and then eat the way you did before and not gain all the weight back.

What I ate yesterday;
breakfast a flaxseed muffin and some berries

I went to the dentist at 10am so he could check the new crown I got a week ago. While I was there he did the pokey gum thing - when they check how healthy your gums are. I passed -he said my gums are good.

Hubby was waiting in the car and we ran a few errands and then wound up at Carl's Jr. I had a few of his fries and some chicken strips dipped in buffalo sauce of course. he has a burger wrapped in lettuce and they kind of use like 1/2 a head so I ate a bunch of his lettuce.

Dinner  had some meatballs, broccoli, 6 brusel sprouts and a bit of alfredo sauce on top
desert I made a chocolate-coconut flour 2 min muffin w/some rediwhip.

This morning I made some of my pancakes again - they are so healthy and I just love them.

Today is our walk-thru day at 1pm. We are going to get there early and talk to her about closing after july 20th - so wish me luck that they will have no problem with that and that we can actually get up enough money to put 20% down in time.

Have a great day everyone. Love you all...

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

I Walk

Affirm to yourself today: I walk with a compassionate heart and pure intentions on this earth.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I love that you make the distinction that you learned bad eating behavior from your mom which caused you to be overweight, not simply because you got your genes from her.

    ***For reasons that I cannot explain here, I am no longer blogging. My heart is heavy and sad over this.***

    I'm sorry to do this here, Rosalie, but I know just about everyone reads your blog and I didn't want anyone to miss this message.

    1. Sorry to hear that Minichick. I hope all is ok. I hope you'll continue to post on other blogs.

    2. Minichick-
      Thank you for your support and generous offerings of new and enlightening info. I wish you well. (you have my email address, if you need to 'chat.'

    3. Good luck, Minichick. I hope you'll come back when it's all better.

    4. Minichick - So sorry that you closed your blog. I always looked forward the information you provided all of us. Hope you'll continue reading and commenting. Would hate to lose you all together.

  2. Thanks for the comments settings help.

    I've wondered a couple of times if I was genetically doomed to look this way. I have the exact same body shape as my grandma and my mom's been heavy her whole life too. But like you said, it's the way we learned to eat. My grandma ate sweets every day. My mom diets and binges. It's something to think about. Thanks.

  3. So true about enjoying what you're eating. I've enjoyed coming up with new things to eat that fit the criteria (no sugar/low carb) but taste pretty delicious. It’s funny, growing up my mom was pretty “healthy”. Her healthy was fear of fat (and too much protein). Because of that, she was a pretty big carbaholic. While she’s pretty healthy she has put on quite a bit of weight in the last few years. I finally convinced her about sugar (in all forms) (and to some extent carbs/wheat). She’s made changes (like protein for breakfast) and lost 5 pounds. She is stunned by how easy the weight came off (I tried to tell her). It’s hard for her to go against everything she has believed for most of her adult life. Trying to get her to eat more fat is interesting. She wants to believe me but part of her is till scared.

    Rosalie, do you prefer the Nature’s Hollow or Joseph’s syrup? I have the Joseph’s but don’t love it – was hoping NH tasted better. Thanks!

    1. I prefer the taste of the Josephs much better but it makes my tummy gurgle.

    2. Good to know - thanks! I use very little of it when I do use it. Had coconut flour pancakes this morning and had Nature's Hollow preserves on two of them and almond butter on the third with just a smidge of Joseph's. I think I like my pancakes best with the preserves and/or a few real berries. I used real maple syrup before BFC and the Joseph’s is just not a close match for the real thing (for me personally).

  4. I totally agree with your idea here that if you don't like the way you are eating to find a way to eat that you can eat like that forever. That's the only way this will work!

  5. I agree Rosalie... I'm beginning to replace my old food "loves" with new "loves". I no longer have to have the entire candy bar - I am satisfied with 1 square or a dessert of almond butter and Redi-whip. Like totally satisfied!

    The longer I'm on the plan, I'm beginning to ses that I could eat like this forever - I'm starting to lose the thought that once I get to a certain weight I can eat whatever I want because that is not true.

    Once I do get to my goal weight, I hope to be able to make a few adjustments like a little more fruit but we'll see when I get there. I can never "binge" again on sweets because that's what gets me in trouble and starts my downward spiral all over again!!

    Also - thank you for the tip on removing the 2-word verification thingy when leaving comments. I saw it on other blogs but didn't realize it was on mine. I thought it was something everyone else selected - I didn't realize it was the default - so thank you!

  6. Great idea about getting rid of that word verification thing! That is always so annoying to do and half the time I type the word in wrong. I'm going to check mine right now.

  7. Hope everything goes well in the walk through!! Escrow is super stressful as it is, but yours is extra extra stressful! I can't believe you've been able to still eat healthy throughout all of that ordeal! I'm really proud of you, Rosalie!


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