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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Played Chauffeur today...

Hello Friends,

The weather is Great today over here! It is a little after 7pm on Tuesday and I just got home a little while ago.

My breakfast this morning:
The last 3 coconut pancakes w/natures hollow and 2 poached eggs and berries.

Remember last week when I was supposed to drive my sister Lisa to the eye doctor cause she was gonna have her eyes dilated?? Well she had it done today, so I drove out there a little after 10 this morning.

I made sure I had snacks in my purse - 2 squares of 86% girhadelli, some BFC approved gum, and 2 think thin bites and a baggie of nuts which I left on the counter - Duh and water of course. I always bring extra snacks cause I always split them with Maria (step-mom).

I got to their house and played with all the dogs while they were getting ready then we went. By the time we got out of the eye doctor it was almost 2 and we went to Rubios. Its a Mexican food place if you are not familiar. I ordered 2 tacos a shrimp and a grilled fish taco. They were good - I haven't done that for quite a while.

Then while we were already at the Pasadena shopping mall place, I Don't really know what they call it now. We walked around and looked in shops - it was fun. Then I dropped them off and fought the horrible California - Rush - Hour traffic.

On the way home, hubby calls me and says to stop and get 10 lottery tickets. All the guys at the FD where he works all pitched in $20 ea last week and didn't win - so they did it again this week, but it was $30 so I had to go get 10 more for him to be in the pool. So fingers crossed. I told him Mama needs a new pair of shoes. LOL

I wore my new hot pink bra today and couldn't wait to show it to Maria and Lisa - haha.

We have a new member - Theresa B. Everyone please give her a warm welcome and to everyone else reading that is new. WELCOME :-)

She has been doing Atkins and has lost 10 lbs so far and is ready to join us on the BFC bandwagon - yeah!! Yes Theresa, you really need to start with the original Belly Fat Cure book. That will explain everything to you. The Fast track book has great recipes and the Quick meal book will help you if you go out. You can order them pretty cheap on Amazon.com.

For dinner I ate a piece of chicken and some greens that Hubs brought home from the FD from last night. I tried to pull off as much skin and breading off the chicken as I could and - BOY were the greens SALTY!! I need some more water. lol

I really like eating at home much better than eating out now. I know what I am getting and how it is prepared. My pallet has changed so much since starting the BFC - for the better I guess.

I have been doing the exercises the past 4 nights now - the ones I posted a few days ago. here: http://purplerosy.blogspot.com/2012/03/heres-new-product-and-some-easy.html
Who else is doing these with me?? I am really liking them and they seem to be easy - and I like easy. I am really hoping this will help with my jiggly thighs and butt.

Well - that's it for now. Thanks for listening to me today. Big Fat Hugs to you all.

Remember - WWRD??

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Golden Offering

That which you offer turns to gold. That which you hold back turns to coal.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. rosalie i have a question for you regarding the first BFC book. I have been a little confused about the menu plans. which one did you follow? did you mix them up. i would love to know how you ate those first few weeks for your astounding success! I feel like my profile is like yours. I am 51, 183 lbs, would love to be 140 lbs and i have three adorable dogs!! ant advice on which plan is the best or if mixing them up worked for you. I love your blog and i read it every day!

  2. So glad you got the girls into that hot pink bra. I bet they're happy now. Sending love and hugs, and can you change my weight to 175? Thanks! Love 'ya!!


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