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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You Mean the World to Me...

Good Morning Friends,

I feel a bit sad right now after reading Pattie's and Kay's posts. It really makes you stop and think to not put off till tomorrow, what you can do today.

So I want to thank all of you for being my Cyber-Friend and let you know that your support that I get every day means the world to me.

Well- I know most of you saw the Dr. Oz show with Jorge on it on Monday. A few people mentioned to me about the Skinny muffin that he showed how to make on the show. I don't think that was cool at all. We all have been sharing with each other about Flax stuff for at least a month or more.

Carey, Jeri, Amber, Dawn and many more have shared about this with-in our little blogin group and we all eat that stuff all the time. I for one had one this morning.

So What Did You All Think About That? Share your thoughts.

Yesterday I ate:
breakfast;  4/1
I made the flax muffin again and put it in 3 tiny silicone cups. I added in some walnuts and blueberries this time along w/a spoon of cocoa and peanut butter and put natures hollow on top and it was AMAZING!!

lunch;  2/1
I made a cauliflower-spinach crust w/jalapenos, garlic, different cheeses, mushrooms cut up, and red pepper. I just cut it up and ate it like that. SOO GOOD!!

Went for our walk 2.6 miles. I put 2 squares of 86% midnight revere in my pocket and ate it on the way. I was having a real bad day and almost in tears from trying to figure out this HTML crap coming out of my ears. By the time I got back I was WAY better. I am so glad I am able to do this every day with my 2 best friends.

BTW - yesterday was our 18th anniversary. I didn't even care cause we are kind of broke and told him I just wanted to stay home. He did give me a card though.

dinner; was my fav again. I can't help it - I am addicted to Buffalo wings and spinach salad.

Later we went upstairs to watch the River, and I brought up a cup of that Chocolate-Chai tea I got at World Market with 2 lemon cookies. Woa do they SO go together. YUM

Its gonna rain here any minute and its cold outside. Well - for us anyway. I am going to visit Maria today and maybe take her out to lunch.

Everyone Please have a good day. Don't forget to visit my friends blogs on the list below.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Create Yourself

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. 
Keep on BFC ' n


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    No, I did not see the Dr. Oz show. I hardly ever watch television, except at night with the family when we watch our favorite evening shows. If he did get the idea from reading these blogs, it would have been simple politeness to give you all credit for the idea. Honestly, he strikes me as a confused, lost soul who, being so consumed with himself/his feelings, doesn't really think about/pay attention to those around him, which is reflected in his behavior that people are always complaining about. He just needs to be real, but he has a hard time doing this for reasons we'll probably never know.

  2. Thanks for another great blog. I admire your will power! Reading your blogs give me strength to continue, I am following more the primal diet, from marks daily apple website, but it's very similar to belly fat. Down to 178 lbs,. Maryb

  3. I did watch it on dvr. I did make it this morning...and I wasn't thrilled with it. I'm not sure what the chatter is about...but I'm struggling here trying to make this a lifestyle change. Today is day 8. Sunday, I snuck in a weight check...and I'd lost 11#s. Then this morning is says not the 11#'s, but rather 7#s. Sigh. Hubby is down 14#s. ~melody in oregon~ (sorry I didn't phone...but I've been doing errands and by the time I get home and remember it's too late at your end.)

    1. Melody, You have to add stuff to it, what ever you like. I put truvia, unsweetened cocoa powder, peanut butter and it was great with the Natures Hollow on top.
      7 lbs in 8 day is so great!! Just remember that we as women - our weight goes up and down all the time.
      Don't give up, you are doing GREAT!!

  4. Hey Rosalie...I did watch the Dr Oz show that night. Honestly, I was surprised at the muffin bit. Ha..I got the recipe off of Amber and your Blog. Shame on him!!:-(

  5. You know how I feel about Jorge's plagiarism already! Not Happy about it and I've lost all respect for Jorge! I'm glad he made this diet and I buy his books, but between stealing recipes and screwing up on recommending products that we shouldnt have, I feel like he's an idiot sometimes. Very cool about your anniversary! You were married 5 months before me. We will have our 18th in July :) Marriage isn't easy, is it?!?! Haha! Anyhow, I have to run and be on a work conference call (BORRRRRRING!!!) I'm gonna watch Dr. Oz and mute my Conference call. Haha

  6. Hi R,
    I am not sure what the deal was I was went to comment and nothing appeared .. strange

    Anyhoot, I was saying I thought Jorge would give credit to the site/person who posted the 1 minute flaxseed muffin.
    I knew of that about 1 year ago and had been making it here and there. I make it more now because I know how to make it interesting with walnuts, c chips, berries, ice cream etc etc.

    I even pour it into corning oval trays and it looks like a mini pie :)

    delicicous either way.

    Well, thank you for blogging as always!!


  7. I didn't see Dr. Oz or Jorge. I got the flax seed wrap AKA in my house as the flax seed pancake recipe from the book 'Wheat Belly' and I just modified to my liking.
    Happy Anniversary Rosalie-marriage is a roller coaster. I'm glad I hung on for the last 34 yrs!!


  8. First of all.....Happy Anniversary ( I hope he played that song for you...and if not you should play it for him..its free and...well totally make the both of you forget your broke, for awhile anyways ;)

    2nd....I did not see Dr, Oz but I am saddened by what you are telling me, makes me feel that I can't trust him as much as I use to.

  9. Happy Anniversary and might I add that you mean the world to all of us! I just got around to making that flaxseed muffin. I just don't have time to try all this stuff anymore, and it's driving me crazy. I must say...I'm in love with it! So good. I'm going to put it on my blog today too, but of course I will give credit where credit is due!! Shame on Jorge. How cool would it have been if he said I found this on some of the BFC blogs and named names! Cheater Jorge!! Big hugs!

  10. How come Im the only idiot who made this recipe on the griddle and not in a mug?! It is good that way, but MUCH better in a mug. Honestly I never would have made the mug version until I saw him do it on tv and how it looked. I was really, very surprised to see him make that on TV but he did say it was from his FB followers. At least I thought I heard him say all the ideas he got off FB. And that had to be Carey posting it, right? She was raving about it on FB. The stuff he showed on Dr Oz was not his normal repertoire... right?

    1. I think the mug is so easy that's why everyone started doing it that way and easier to clean up. But Yeah I'm pretty sure it was Carey and she was kind of pissed. Everyone calls it the minute muffin from the WB guy, but Jorge called it the skinny muffin and kind of made it seem like it was his.
      Well it doesn't matter - I saw you and Jeri and Dawn and Carey talk about the flax pancakes, and wraps and muffins and I started making them too. I love them, all of them. :-)


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