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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Sun is Shining Today...

Hello Friends,

Well yesterday it rained hard pretty much all day and it was cold for Cali. So I did not go to visit Maria, she was too cold and just wanted to lay around. Who can blame her. So no walk for us - but today is a beautiful blue sky day and the Sun is Shining.

I do plan on walking later and probably cutting the grass with our new electric lawn mower.

For those of you that are getting your free bottle of Reslina in the mail shortly, or everyone, Please make sure that you have gone to the Nutritional Earth Facebook page and click like :
https://www.facebook.com/NutritionalEarth if you haven't already.
and go to the blog and follow:
I know Hubby will appreciate it if you would. I have been trying real hard to help so if you could give some referrals for the likes, would be great.

Here's what I ate yesterday;
breakfast;  4/1
A flax muffin made w/cocoa, truvia, peanut butter, walnuts and a few blueberries.

lunch; 2/1
a cauliflower crust pizza again. I just love these and when I am by myself a lot I become a creature of habit. W/turkey pepperoni and jalapenos. Oh and a lemon cookie.

dinner;  4/1
4 brussel sprouts, broccoli, and 6 meatballs w/a little ranch on top in a bowl.
desert; 2 squares of 86% chocolate and RediWhip.

If you could all chime in and give us a little hi - I'm still here ever day would be great. I know the new people could use some support.

Make sure that you visit my friends blogs on the list below. Let us know if you are having any problems, we are all here to help and support.

Thanks for listening. Lots of love to you all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Beauty Is Within Us

We turn outward, attracted by the beauty we see in created things without realizing that they are only a reflection of the real beauty. And the real beauty is within us.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hi, I'm still here!! I'm trying so hard to keep up and leave some comments on the blogs. I'm behind in everything, and shouldn't be spending the day sitting at my computer. I don't want to miss anything that's going on with everyone! Love and hugs to my Cali girlfriend. Rainy and dreary here too!! The daogs keep looking at me, but I'm not up for a walk in the rain!!

  2. I finally made the cauliflower pizza!! Such great flavor, I added lots of fresh garlic and the jalapenos. However, mine didn't get very crisp, some on the outsides, but not really in the middle. Yours looks like you could pick it up like a piece of real pizza? After the first 15 minutes I smashed it down and cooked it another 10 minutes until it firmed up. Let me know your tricks! :)

    1. I cook it at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes on either parchment paper or a silpat. that is the trick to getting the bottom crisp. Then transfer to nonstick foil, put toppings on and under the broiler for another 5 minutes or so to crisp the top.
      Easy Peasy :-)

    2. Thank you! I will try it out again! Thank you again for being such a great inspiration and a place for everyone to get such great ideas!!! I really love the zucchini pizza, my husband does too!! It's a miracle!

  3. that one minute muffin has been circulating around low carb websites, Atkins etc since at least 2008. No one here invented it. If you just google it you will find it on lots of blogs with lots of variations….sharing recipes is fun, not sure why anyone would be upset about it being on TV. It is NOT new…the variations one can use are endless. Just happy for new ideas.

  4. The sun seems to shine every day for you because you have such a positive attitude and a positive look at life. I envy you that!
    I promise when my head is clear that I would LOVE to do a guest blog. I haven't even used any of my new flour goodies to do a review on them. That will be a goal.
    I have lunch with my Dear German JoAnn today, maybe she can shake the doldrums that are inhibiting my happiness! I have had lunch out every day this week and haven't gained an ounce. I LOVE BFC! But if he says we don't need to eat breakfast...I don't think that is good:(

  5. Hi, Rosalie! It would be great if the newbies joined in on the conversation as well...hint, hint. :)

    I'm sure CA needed that rain. You don't want another fire season this year.

  6. Here is my blog ... http://sandrabfcjourney.blogspot.com/ to add to your list. New to blogging so I'll get more creative as I go :-) Next a camera so I can you tube!

  7. I need to try those jalapenos on the pizza...enjoy your week

  8. I wish it was only raining for a day here and then blue skies but I guess living in Oregon that is something I live with for it beauty. I hope you are having a great week.


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