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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

They will eat what you give them...

Good Morning to all my Bloggin Buddies,

Boy, yesterday was not that great of a day for me. It was just 1 disappointing stupid thing after another. That happens sometimes, but its all how we handle it that matters - right?

I don't over eat now when I feel bad or am stressed. I have learned that, while food tastes good, it does not make us feel better. It is just to help us live healthier if we do it right.

Remember the friend, the one that used to be my neighbor and had all those parties?? And remember I said she had a 4th boy - yeah - 4th a year ago. I see her post pictures all the time on Facebook, and he is so cute!! But the pictures all have him with cake, cookie, donuts, and tons of CRAP!! And his cheeks are getting real chubby.

It just concerns me that (now that I know) how some parents are just making their kids so fat with so much junk and SUGAR. There is so many other options - like fruit, or homemade stuff with no preservatives and much less sugar. And whats wrong with vegetables? Your kids are gonna eat what you give them right? That's how they learn. Well - OK - that's my Blurt about that.

Yesterday I ate:
Oasis bread w/1gm of sugar peanut butter and berries, 2 eggs (from  my microwave thingy) turkey bacon.
tuna, mayo, mushrooms & zucchini (sauted first), feta cheese, cellery, bacon bits, baby spinach and a hanful of  croutons.
It looks like this when you get it out of the mug.
 A Flaxseed Minute Muffin; Who posted this?? Was it Jeri?? You make it like the pancakes, but w/1 egg, 3 tb of Flaxseed, 1/2t baking powder and what ever you want cinnamon, truvia, vanilla, cocoa - whatever and microwave in a mug coated with pam first for 1 min.
I cut it in half and put cream cheese.
Then I made some more Sinful Cinnamon Cakes. I must say they were way better the 2nd time around. Almond flour is kind of tricky. I does not really change color that much as it cooks - only a bit - so you have to make sure not to over cook it. This time I added 3 truvia to the cake and some crushed walnuts on top and 1 truvia to the glaze topping. MUCH BETTER!!
Sinful Cinnamon Cakes
For a great pick-me-up try putting some lemon and mint in your water.
Went for a nice over 2 mile walk with the poochies.

I sauted some small chicken breast pieces in EVOO and some Italian seasoning, 6 brussel sprouts and some broccoli. And after I ate one of those cinnamon cakes and some candy cane lane tea.

Oh - BTW that email I got yesterday from Jorge's office, I found out they did the same thing to 5 of us. Not Cool..

Well with the power of Positive Thinking, and a smile on my face - no matter what happens, I am hoping that today will be a better day. We all have to live with the choices we make.

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Thanks for listening. Lots of love.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Peace of Mind & Patience

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.

Keep on BFC 'n  :-)


  1. Bummer about the magazine, and you are right, at that age they WILL eat what you give them. It is amazing to me the junk that people eat and give their kids.

  2. Replies
    1. They said they wanted to feature in Health Magazine on our weight loss stories. Had us fill out a long questionnaire and then emailed us back and said since we are in the last book - NO. They should have known that before getting our hopes up and we wasted a long time filling out the questionnaire. 5 of us in all.

  3. I fight a constant battle with my husband about what my stepson eats, or doesn't eat. He is very picky and eats very little at all.

  4. Enjoyed your thought for the day...sometimes it is just a matter of stilling the mind. That may be easier said than done? I'm often surprised at the ideas that seem to 'float' into my mind when I can do that.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Sometimes I wonder about Jorge! He seems so careless sometimes! Anyhow, I was the one that posted about the minute muffin. Pretty good, huh? You added cocoa powder to it? How was it? I now have the minute egg where I add an egg or 2, some cheese (smoked gouda is sooo good) and sometimes artichoke hearts and a tad of cream in a mug. Stir, cover and microwave for 45 secs, stir and microwave 30 secs. If doesn't have artichokes it will be ready, but if does, may need 30 more secs. YUM! :)
    PS-My hubby isn't on board with my new lifestyle and eats a ton of carbs and sweets with the kids. Thank God my kids and hubby are still thin, but it still bugs me!
    He did make a really great BFC friendly meal for all of us on Sunday so maybe he is listening :)

    1. Carey, the chocolate was good but I didn't add enough sweetener. I just added a little xylitol but next time I will add a whole pk of Truvia. :-)

  6. I love your thought for the day today. I'm sorry you've been dealing with so much stress lately.

    It is so difficult to see parents feed their kids junk. I had a proud/happy mom moment the other day. We went bowling and I allowed my boys to get a soda, which I RARELY do. After he was done drinking it, he tells me that he wished he didn't drink it because he felt awful after drinking it. Yay ! Score for mom!!! Talking about health-nutrition and eating healthy is part of family life for us, and the older my kids get, the more they are seeing the truth of what I've been teaching them.

  7. Thanks for updating the recipes with the references Rosalie! It is hard to remember where all the great recipes come from, but it really is important to credit each one IMHO. I appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else does too :)

    I need to check out that flax muffin...

  8. I also love the minute muffin with flax, I have been making them a lot lately for myself and hubby, I love how easy they are.

    What a bummer about the magazine mix up, I love you in the quick meals book I bought at costco last week. I would also love to see you in a magazine article, you are such a role model to so many, and you have really helped me to stay on the bfc. Have a wonderful week :)

  9. Yeah, my kids didn't eat too bad. Soda was only for parties and stuff. But looking back and knowing what I know now, I think I could have done even better. Unfortunately they are given a ton of bad stuff even at school- candy as rewards, junk food at parties, bags of candy at holiday events. I always hated that.

  10. I'm always impressed with your different food ideas! Cool. I need to try the sinful cinnamon in my new square pan!

  11. HI Rosalie. Checking in. Now that I am with my niece and nephew, it is so obvious that they don't eat well. I can't make too many changes, but I am constantly asking them...how much sugar is in there? Slowly they might get the message. Sorry about the magazine. They need to get their act together. Maybe they need someone like you to work for them. You would straighten things out! Love and hugs from me to you!


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