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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just knock him off...

Hello Friends,

I don't know about you but there must be something in the air. I have been feeling not great cause of all the crap that I am going through in my life. Now - I am not looking for or even want sympathy. Just venting. Life sucks right now. We all have to live with the decisions we make.

With that said, I just want to say that no matter what we go through, it doesn't have to dictate what we put in our mouths. Food is NOT gonna make us feel better. It actually will do the opposite.

So no matter how we feel - Just keep following the BFC or whatever plan you are on. Don't give in to those little food demons that sit on our shoulder, whispering in our ear. Just knock him off. Yeah I said HIM!! Us women gotta stick together.

Ok so here's what I are yesterday:
2 sinful cinnamon cakes, and 1 egg scrambled w/sauted onion., mushroom, baby spinach, turkey sausage crumbles and cheese and some berries.
1 serving of Mary's Gone Crackers w/swiss cheese, turkey bacon, jalapeno, and some feta cheese on  top. 
snack; 2 squares of 86% Girhadelis (it would be nice if I knew how to spell that)

The I made these amazing cookies;
They are called Pecan Shortbread cookies, but I used walnuts cause thats all I had on hand. They are very good and not real sweet. I made half the batch and left half the dough in the freezer for another time.

I went for a great walk with the dogs.

dinner; was my favorite - buffalo wings and a spinach salad. and for desert some chocolate and white RediWhip in a bowl w/some of that chocolate-chia tea I got a few days ago from Cost Plus.

Amber posted a Q & A that I'm sure will be helpful for new people here: http://www.meandjorge.com/2012/02/q-as.html

I hope everyone is doing well on the BFC, but if you are stuck or need help, just post a comment below and we will all do our best to help in any way we can.

I hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for listening to me. I have no hugs to give today cause I feel like shit, but I could use one.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Take Charge

You are in charge of your feelings , beliefs, and actions. And you teach others how to behave toward you. While you cannot change other people, you can influence them through your own behaviors and action. By being a living role model of what you want to receive from others, you create more of what you want in your life. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. {{{{HUGS}}}}, Rosalie. I hate that you're having such a bad time right now. I'm glad you have our little group to vent to, and give you support. I hope you are feeling better real soon.

  2. I could list a bunch of "punch you in the head" quotes about how you need rain to make rainbows, but I rather like not being punched in the head, lol!
    So, I will just send you (((hugs))) and sugar-free kisses ;)

  3. Heehee! That was funny, Sieglinde, thanks for the laugh. :)

  4. Oh ladies you are so funny! Rosalie I'm sorry you're having a rough go of it...you're in good company lately. Thanks for reminding us not to eat our feelings...they just get stuck in our bodies anyway!
    Take Care

  5. Hi Rosalie
    I'm sorry you are going through a rough time. I wanted to post my info, but I don't too...it's rather embarrassing, especially since 2 years ago I was down 70 pounds! Ugh, anyway, I've lost 7 pounds in the first 1.5 weeks really watching my carbs and sugar, but I feel lightheaded quite often. Any idea why that might be?

    1. Kellie,
      Don't be embarrassed on here. There is never any judgement in our little bloggin community. We are all here to help you.
      Maybe your body just needs to adjust to the new way of eating. Some people say they even get headaches for the first few weeks.
      Friend me on facebook and we can chat about what you are eating.

      OH Yeah - and AWESOME job on the 7lbs>!!!

  6. PS, I work with your daughter...she was the one who directed me to you! She is the sweetest thing ever, you are obviously a great mom!

  7. Rosalie, there IS something in the air I think. Please vent anytime you want!! I find getting it off my chest makes me feel much better. I love thinking there is a little food demon sitting on my shoulder that I can just flick off! Thanks for being such a cheerleader for all of us even when your feeling down!
    PS: Hope things turn around for you real soon! Your such a nice person - you deserve happiness.

  8. sorry you are going through tough times. Feel better soon!

  9. Rosalie, thank you for your honestly, hope today brings a better day! Mary b


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