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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Movies yesterday...

Hello Everyone,

I will start with what I ate yesterday;
2 slices of Oasis low carb sprouted Flaxseed toast (I love this bread, 2 slices has only 2 sugars and 16 carbs total) So you can have 2 slices for the same count as 1 of many others. I put butter and peanut butter and berries on top, 1/2 avocado and 2 eggs w/ some cheese on top.

So I saw the past few days that http://yourlighterside.com posted this recipe for Lemon cookies. I just had to try them. 
 Lemon Cookies
These taste so Amazing!!
You must try them - it said to wait  hours for them to set but I couldn't help it and ate one hot, OMG - SO GOOD!!  http://purplerosy.blogspot.com/p/cookies.html

I made a cauliflower crust w/jalapenos, red pepper, garlic powder and italian seasonings (and of course 1 egg and cheeses)  inside. I just cut it up and ate it like that. This time I cooked it on a Silpat thingy and it browned very nicely on the bottom just like parchment paper.

Later I went to the movies by myself cause Hubby is working days and I really don't have any friends so - by myself it is. I don't mind - actually I kind of like it. I saw the Descendants with George Clooney. Now I know why he was nominated for so many awards. He was GOOD! The movie is kind of sad, but I definitely give it a thumbs up.

Of course I was mindlessly eating popcorn. That is the only thing I splurge on. No butter of course. and water. But you see I did not eat any carbs with my lunch so I could eat the popcorn. OK - so Then I snuck into that scary movie, The Lady In Black... Cause you know I love me some scary movies!! I ate 1 square of 86% chocolate I had in my purse.  I love scary movies especially ones about Ghosts. Daniel Radcliff is not a child anymore and totally pulls it off. another thumbs up.

On the way home I stopped at sprouts for a loaf of that great Oasis bread and baby spinach cause I ran out, then Wal-Mart for some aspirins for hubby and some more butter - I don't want to run out cause I made those cookies, then to staples to drop off some empty ink cartridges (they give you $3 credit for each one and you can drop off 10 a month) woo hoo - that's $30 for next month to buy some more ink.

I just ate some veggies in a bowl with a bit of butter and sea salt. green beans, broccoli, and brussel sprouts.

Then I had to eat just one more lemon cookie. Yum.

My weight is 148.5 lately. It tends to shift from 148-150. For some reason I just can't get below 148. I am so FINE with that!! My goal was to be between 145-150 which is where I am.

I plan on watching the Superbowl today, but not for the football. I could care less about sports at all - no just for the commercials and I want to see Madonna screw up at half time :-)

Thanks for listening. Lots of Love.

This is PurpleRosy, signing off...

My thought for the day:

Anxiety Talks

When you’re feeling anxious, remember that you’re still you. You are not anxiety. Whenever you feel otherwise, remember that’s just the anxiety talking. You are still you and hold the power in every moment. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. LOL I was so glad you clarified that Madonna thing with the "screw up".. She is such a waste to me, and so over rated. Another friend of mine said he just wants to watch her fall and have to have a hip replacement...LOL. Hope this finds you doing well today sweets.. I think about you and your problems frequently, maybe cuz I can relate to them so well. Hugs and big love girl!

  2. Scary movies are hard for me to watch! I was hoping Daniel Radcliff did good in it. It's so hard when a person is so ingrained in a particular role that they can't break free from it and move forward into other roles.

    The Super Bowl is the only game we watch during the year. We usually like the commercials, and the game if it's a good match up.

  3. I'm dying to try one of the desserts, can't wait to go shopping. Thanks for posting pictures. I'm down this week to 178.5/goal 150.

  4. the cookies look like a must try...glad you enjoyed your popcorn/movies :)

  5. I really want to see The Descendants. I can't believe you can sit in a theatre for 4 hours...my attention span issue:)
    I did not think Madonna was that good until the last few minutes when she quit dancing. Especially with pom poms...ugh! All I could think of was that I am old!!!She seemed stiff. She definitely has a good figure, but she is thin. I need hair extensions:)
    Have a great Monday!

  6. You have friends, Silly! They just happen to live all over the Country! ;)


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