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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It Seemed like a Long Day...

Good Morning Friends,

I was supposed to have 2 of my friends make a Guest Blogger post, but nothing yet - so I will try to just write a short one.

Yesterday seemed like a long day to me. Hubby and I were out running around most of the day.
Breakfast;  5/1
2 eggs, 2 oasis bread toast - 1 w/low sugar peanut butter and the other w/cottage cheese and a few berries on both.

We left around 11am and like a good girl I packed some snacks for my purse - cause you never know how long you will be out.
a baggie w/almonds and walnuts, some chocolate chip cookies I made the other day, and a baggie of 86% chocolate squares.

We stopped at the post office first, then we headed out to the area of the 55 frwy and the 405 frwy - South Coast Plaza. Hubby wanted to go to the new Microsoft store and look around. It was lunch time and when we got off the freeway he saw a sign that said Jerry's Famous Deli. We love that deli and go to the one in Studio city sometimes - so we went there first.
I had some Matzo ball soup, told them no noodles and I never eat the carrots, but only ate 1/4 and some pickles of course. The other soup was Hubby's - chicken ? creole - can't remember.
Hubby had the Pastrami and I had the chopped liver appetizer I only had 1 had 1 1/2 pc of rye bread with the chopped liver on it and 1 1/2 onion rings of Hubbys. It was good and we had tons of left overs for today.

The South Coast plaza was so beautiful and rich looking. We have never been to a mall so nice. Valet parking and all the real expensive stores. SO while Hubby was in the Microsoft store I went into all the designer stores nearby and tried on $1400 shoes, $200 jeans, $100 blazer, it was fun - an NO I didn't buy anything but it WAS fun though.

On the way home we decided to go and look at some new cars. My car pymt is $272 and it takes premium gas and is not good on gas at all - so I  got the payoff over the phone before we left. We looked at some cars that were smaller and great on gas. The Huyndai Elantra, Chevy Cruze, VW. Just looked and went home.
Beautiful view right before we got home.

Well I hope everyone has a great day. Please comment and let us know if you are having any problems.

On Angies last comment she said she is not doing that great and has gained back a few lbs. Maybe if we go over what you are eating that will be easier. You can either post it here or call me :-)

Thanks for listening and lots of love today.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Stick To It

We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hi Rosalie. $1400 shoes...bet they were nice, but who really need them right?? Sounds like you had a shopping adventure. I don't get to shop much due to my lack of free time, but I used to be a great shopper. Could spend all day doing it. Didn't necessarily have to buy anything, I just love to browse and see what's out there. Just wanted to say hi and send you love and hugs!

  2. I TOTALLY forgot about the guest blog:( Sorry! I would love to do one, what do you want me to say? Keep in mind I am kind of a BFC rebel:)
    My husband is going to get a new car too, car shopping is stressful. My car takes premium gas too, but it rarely gets driven. Gas is crazy!

  3. Hey Rosalie! I think I figured it out - I'm not getting near enough fiber! Came across an older Jorge video on false belly fat this morning and he said "if you have hit a plateau or are gaining weight, you need more fiber". It totally made sense - if I'm not successful in the little girls room, of course I'm going to gain weight. DUH! I have ordered some psyllium husks from amazon to help me out. I have benefiber, too. Also, I'm going to try to make some better carb choices that will help me get some extra fiber in my diet. Thanks for always being available to help me. We should video chat sometime :)

  4. There is something very comforting about knowing you'll be here everyday. Thank you for caring about each of us...and so glad you had a little fun.

  5. You were at my mall!!!!! I could always meet you over there because I'm pretty darn close to SCP. The closest mall to me is Fashion Island in Newport, but I always shop at South Coast (but not the fancy stores)! Did you go to the Jerry's across from the mall? I haven't eaten there, but I've gone to the spa (Spa at South Coast). Also,my BFF used to work at the TGI Fridays over there during high school and college. The reason I never drive anywhere is that I have a Saturn Outlook gas guzzler.....I mean SUV and it's paid for now, but boy does it suck at gas mileage. My parents just got a Prius and I would love to get gas mileage like that, but with 2 kids and all of their sports stuff and all of my samples for work.........! Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the beautiful warm weather today! For future reference, next time you go to SCP, go across the street (where Old Navy, Best Buy and the Container Store are and go to that Loehmanns) It's a huge Loehmanns and kinda cool :)

  6. PS----Next time you go to SCP, call me. I will totally meet you for lunch and shopping :) My two favorite pastimes :)

  7. I finally made the cauli crust pizza-silly me for missing out for so long on something so yummy!!!thanks for the recipe

  8. sounds like a fun day. I'd love to go window shopping! But it's hard to find stuff you like and then not buy it.


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