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Monday, January 30, 2012

Your weight loss Dreams Will come TRUE!!

Well Good Morning Friends,

I hope everyone has a great start to this new week. If not, try to look at the glass half full kind of thing and find something good to start off your week. If we try our best to have a good mental outlook at life, no matter what is going on, everything is just a little bit Rosier :-)

So yesterday was a boring stay at home day, even though I had errands to run. So I guess I will do them today instead. I have to go pay the house pymt, go food shopping. When I do it takes me like 2 hours. First I go to Sams club for all the big stuff, then next door to Wal-Mart for the little stuff, next to Sprouts for the healthy stuff, and last to the Asian market for a few things I get there.

Here's what I ate yesterday (Sunday);
First notice the new mug?? Its got a wide heavy bottom and smaller top and makes it very hard for me to spill. Hubby had it in his locker at work and brought it home for me after that fiasco last week with the tea.

I had 2 turkey bacon and made some pancakes w/butter on top and natures hollow. I love the way Almond flour pancakes (but they are a bit heavy) and the Flaxseed (more fluffy) ones taste, so I decided to mix the 2. I used 1/4 cup of almond flour and 3tbsp of ground flaxseed, 1 egg, 1/2 t of baking pwdr, 1 truvia, cinnamon, a bit of vanilla, and unsweetened almond milk (enough to make it the proper consistency).

This made 2 good sized pancakes and I think they were great!! I love the way they came out. You need to try it.

A whole grain tortilla, w/swiss cheese, baby spinach and some of the turkey chili I made. (finally used it all up)

snack; a handful of almonds

It was a beautiful day over here in Sunny Southern California so I went outside for a bit and pulled a few weeds then took the furry kiddies for a walk.
My scarf is coming along quite nice. I am not sure you can see in the picture - but it has really cool looking ribbs.

I had one more piece of cauliflower crust in the fridge from the other day. I put some alfredo sauce, cheese, turkey sausage crumbles, broccoli, and some of those green olives with the jalapenos in the middle cut up and topped it off with feta cheese.

desert; 2 pumpkin muffins.

I'm still looking for some more people to add to my
YOUR Progress and Success Pics - PAGE
This is To encourage others to participate in out blogging community for support to show everyone that you can do this at any age. Email me your pics and info to be added

Please encourage others that you know doing the BFC or any diet to join us in our little blogging community for tips, recipes and much needed SUPPORT!!

I just want you all to know that YOU CAN DO THIS!! Just be consistent and dedicated and your weight loss dreams Will come TRUE!!

Follow me on twitter. I need more followers. :-)

Thanks for listening to me today. Lots of love. WWRD??

This is PurpleRosy singing off...

My thought for the day:

Keep On Walking

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Thank you so much for doing this blog. I just started the Quik Start Program last week. I am getting discouraged because I have not lost any weight. How soon should I see a loss? I have been logging all of my food into a phone app so that I dont make a mistake. I have been under on sugar and carbs. Thank you in advance for your response, it helps to be able to talk with someone who has been succesful. I am 141.8 trying to get back to 127. Gained this weight over the last year.

    1. Hey what is the quick start? I have always just did my own thing off the info I learned in the Belly Fat Cure Book. I have never really went off his menus. You are only about 15lbs away from your goal and the closer you get the harder it is. Maybe we should talk on the phone. message me on Facebook :-)

  2. Made your flax seed pancakes today, they were soooo good! Thanks for another great blog today! Mary b

  3. I'm already missing that great So. Cal weather...it was amazing! Enjoy your day, and your scarf is going to be beautiful.

  4. Hi Rosalie ..

    You are such an inspiration. I need you to update my weight on the side .. I'm back after being MIA for 6 months. So unfortunately my weight is now at 183 not 163 as posted .. But I can DO it, with your blog's help of course.

    Current 183/150 Goal

    Thanks again for all you do ... Kaj

  5. Hi there!
    I wanted to give an update...Week #1 and down 6.8 pounds :) So, new weight is 253 with the goal still of 150. (((happy dance)))


  6. So how do we send our pictures to you again? I am having brain dysfunction!

  7. what's the S/C on this?? Love your blog!!

  8. Very new to this life style and had some questions that might be concerned redundant, but I feel the need to ask regardless :P In order for this Belly Fat Cure to work do you have to do the 7 day meal plan? I do not have the funds to go out and buy everything needed for say the carb lover plan, however I do follow by the Carbs and Sugar points list in the back? (Was a huge milk drinker now I LOVE unsweetened almond milk) Will that suffice for results? I do have more energy and clothes fit better but I'm worried I will not have extreme results...please let me know. Thanks!

    1. Basically all you need to do is follow the 15/6 rule. You really need to at least have the original belly fat cure book. I never followed his menus I just used them for ideas and always did my own thing.
      Send me a message on facebook and we can chat. :-)

  9. Love the new mug AND the purple scarf! A positive outlook is definitely the key to happiness!

  10. I like the new mug and I hope it works for you so you dont burn yourself anymore. Sounds like you had one busy day.

  11. Weight loss is a way to getting happiness that as on need. It change the look of body and make it flexible. It is one of well treatment to getting effective look and shine.

  12. made yor pancakes this am.....DELISH!!!!!


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