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Saturday, January 28, 2012

You must work hard if you want to be a loser........

Good Morning Losers,

That was meant in a nice way not the big L on your forehead way. Ha-ha.
I LOVE, Love, love how when I stir the pot like I did on my last post that everyone participates. I made that post about all the different types of weight loss programs because no matter which one you follow - like a lot of you said - just pick one and give it a chance. To me I feel the BFC and WW are the best options right now.

I really want this to be a type of Forum where we can all speak our minds and share what ever we have learned in regards to losing weight and being Healthy. So please comment what ever you want - even if we don't all agree. We will continue to learn from one another.

I love what Sherri said yesterday;

You must work hard if you want to be a loser....

This is so true.
Do you think that the weight will just come off because you want it to??
Do you think you can keep eating what ever you want ?
DO you actually think you can have those CHEAT days and still lose?
Do you think that you don't have to exercise but still lose weight??
Well this one is yes. I am living proof. I just Walk everyday. But it will be better if you did exercise-but you don't have to kill yourself.

Please: don't forget to visit my friends blogs on the list below and give them a little love too.

Here's what I ate yesterday;
2 eggs w/cheese, 2 cinnamon cakes, and berries.
A cauliflower crust pizza w/some alfredo sauce and of that turkey chili I made on top and cheese
NO snack today
some more of the turkey chili on a bed of baby spinach warmed up in the micro and that wilted the spinach w/parmesan cheese on top.
So after dinner I was still hungry and ate 2 pumpkin muffins :-)
I started making a new scarf yesterday. I know you can't tell but its ribbed and looks real cool in person.

Check out this Deep Dish Pizza recipe by; Sandi Metz Hedgcoth

I just want to say that for those of you that have a great husband and big family and no problems - I envy you. My life has been real hard since I started the BFC 2 years ago. We lost our house and had to move. Hubby and I fight quite a bit cause I can't find a job  and don't work. My dad was real sick and died. My kids barely speak to me. I feel alone most of the time.

But I am strong and keep my sh-t together the best I can. I have never let any of these thing stop me from losing weight. Once I set my mind to it - there was no stopping me. And just cause things aren't great right now - I will never stop eating this way or gain the weight back!!

I am only saying this to let you know, none of us are perfect but YOU ALL can still DO THIS!! No matter what is going on in you life.

If I can do it - THEN SO CAN YOU!!!

Spread the word and let others know they can get tons of support in our little blogging community.

Thanks for listening. Lots of Big Kisses today (on the cheek of course) to anyone who needs one.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Commited & Flexible

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.

Keep on BFC 'n  :-)


  1. It definitely takes hard work, Rosalie, you are right! The best things do.

    And walking IS exercise. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your crappy life story! Seriously! It takes a lot of guts to show that your life isn't perfect. Ihate how everyone shows their Fabulous side on facebook and their life is a storybook! Every couple has their issues and on our last HUGE fight, my husband threw out the "Your on that stupid diet and don't even eat with us" bit! As for the job, I'm bitter that I have to work and none of the other Ovarian lottery people (that's what we call a lot of our neighbors because they all have rich parents who support them) are working. This economy causes a lot of issues. I'm bitter because we have one of the ugliest houses on the block and it doesn't bother my husband a bit. Anyhow, my point is that everyone has issues and it takes a very brave, honest and secure person to put it out there and admit life isn't alway Rosie (no pun intended ;)
    And Yes, walking is exercise :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. I realized I never gave you my info for the side bar.
    Kari: cur/165- goal/125

  4. Whether you like to think of it as exercise or not Rosie, your daily walking was beneficial to your weight loss. You dont have to sweat bullets to burn calories. Just get your body moving. I know that when I do walk or go to the gym, I always sleep better and feel more energized during the day. There are days when I have to drag my butt to the gym but once I am there and in the zone, I am on a roll! I could literally spend hours at my gym. There is so much to do between exercise clases, the gym, the pool etc.
    Thanks for the shout out in your blog too. :) The only place that sucess comes before work is in the dictionary!
    We all love and accept one another here so know that we all truly do care about you and our other blogging sisters. I absolutely love having you all in my life and the support you all have given to me is immeasurable!
    Much love to you and many many thanks!

  5. Well said Rosalie!
    I am sorry about the arguments with your husband, but he should know better than to treat a successful women like you that way. You may not have a job, but youve proven to be successful. Your weight loss journey is proof that you are successful even without a job. I too often feel lonely, I miss my parents and siblings and college itsnt so fun when i am working and paying my bills on my own, but I dont feel as lonely when I blog my way through this BFC :P I love hearing about your posts everoyne else's. Good job girls keep it up! Guys too, if "theres any in here) :P

  6. Also, heres my weight as of today 104.2 for your "GOALS on the left tab" :)

  7. Here, here! I also do agree that walking is exercise, but I'm assuming you mean going to the gym and/or doing formal exercises with equipment, machines, etc. I lost all of my weight like you, with minimal exercise. I avoid the gym for the most part because I really just don't like going to them; I'd rather do my own thing at home...walk, ride my bike, etc.

  8. So many people are going through similar problems right now it takes a lot of understanding in relationships to get through the tough times. Prayer has been my biggest help. If you have a Bible read the Psalms. David had lots of problems too and it is a great book to read for comfort and peace.
    I have had some success with the BFC, but I kept eating less and less carbs. I finally felt so tired and depleted that I knew I wasn't getting the right nutrients and carb/protein levels. I was looking on Amazon for Jay Robb's protein powder and stumbled on his revised book "The Fat Burning Diet" (Copyright 2004 version). He uses a rotation of low carb days and high carb days to get the fat off. He trains body builders on how to lose the fat after they have put on lots of muscle. You eat one or two low carb days and then one high carb (healthy carbs) days. It really works! I noticed the fat coming off my legs immediatly. Just wanted to share what I learned. (I messed up a little over Christmas and I'm now back in sync.) I had lost around 7 lbs on BFC and another 5 on Jay Robb's diet. Hope this helps someone.
    Your blog has helped me learn how to do the BFC! Great ideas. Keep up the good work Rosie!


  10. Rosalie, thanks for your honesty. I didn't know some of those things, and I'm sorry for all the pain you have gone through too. But I realized that we all are going to have those things happen at one time or another. If we react all the time by overeating it's only going to make things worse. You are such a strong lady. You are a blessing to all of us. Love and big hugs to you from me!

  11. You're just another example of how we're all living a life...not just a weight loss program--whatever program that might be. Our lives can be messy, and our weight loss more like a roller coaster than a straight path...but we need to hold on and keep going.
    We love you Rosalie.

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