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Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Getting confusing...

Hello Friends,

Thank you everyone for the comments about the tea thing. It upset me so much I just wanted to share. Hey - we are not all perfect, but I have learned now that I don't need to eat when things go wrong. I think I will just start using my travel mug.

You know I think Dieting or trying to be healthy is getting kind of confusing lately. There are too many things that keep coming out, you know like fads and you just have to try that one too.

I did the original Belly Fat Cure. I never paid Jorge for anything he tried to get us to buy. I never took his classes or signed up for anything. I just paid $20 for his book and that's it.

Then came the Fast Track... I never agreed with that. To me it sounded just like Atkins and not much different. Anyone could lose weight if you took all the carbs out of the picture.

Well you can always get the lapband or surgery. Expensive and dangerous for some.

There's Jenny Craig; well why not? Mariah is on the commercial.

There's Nutrisystem; Marie Osmond is on that commercial.

There's Lindora; there's that girl on the bike - right? She says it's AMAZING!!

There's Weight Watchers; Jennifer Hudson - They offer support and I believe that is why it works and is a great choice for many people.

There's the Paleo (Caveman) diet - meat and veggies?? IDK

And the latest one; going Gluten free or Wheat free.
For some reason everyone thinks that by not eating wheat they will lose more weight.
I have found many great recipes on the wheatbelly blog, but I want to say that I have lost all of my 90lbs by eating some Wheat almost everyday. Wheat did not contribute to me being fat. I did by eating tons of the wrong junk.

I believe, and all these are just my opinions but - going wheat free is meant for those people that have Celiac disease. Where the gluten in wheat makes them really, really sick if they eat it. I seriously don't believe that eating a wheat tortilla or 2 slices of wheat bread a day will keep you heavy or cause you damage in any way.

One thing I have learned is that everything should be done in moderation.
I don't think you will lose weight faster by going Fast track either. The reason I feel this way is; if you don't eat any carbs at all and you are not used to it, you might get too hungry and that is where you might be tempted to eat something bad and you feel like you want to eat your arm off. There is no way - me being the size I was before that I would have been able to stick to the BFC by doing the Fast Track. NO WAY!!

Listen this does and will work for you too. You have to be serious and strict. You MAY NOT have any cheat days at all!! You have to commit to do this forever. I am serious. I know that might sound a bit restrictive and scary at first. But once you start losing a bunch of weight, you will see that it is worth every bit of cake or junk food that you pass by.

OK enough about that - here's what I ate today:
1 cinnamon and 1 pumpkin muffin, 2 scrambled eggs w/some of that turkey chili on top and cheese.

What else? A cauliflower crust pizza
Then I painted my nails and toes this pretty light purple color w/gold shimmer in it.

snack; a handful of almonds.

dinner; spinach salad and buffallo wings - my favorite :-)
after dinner 2 squares of 86% dark chocolate and rediwhip.

Hey don't forget about the YOUR Progress & Success Stories page I am making. I need more before and current photos along with you starting and current weight. email me please.

Thanks for listening to me. Free Big Hugs to all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Don’t Just Sit There

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. it does get confusing! >:{

    I tried the wheat belly, but ever since i did, like i have said, i hit a huge plaeu and when i was having wheat doing the bfc original, i was losing weight, and since i stopped i kinda gave up on myself,. its going to be hard but starting timorrow ill start adding wheat back to my diet.
    I realize i cant restrict myself to it, or i just end up failing day after day after day. Thanks Rosalie! Your are a true inspiration

  2. Boy do I agree that there is a lot of conflicting advise and eating plans out there. On the other hand the Belly Fat Cure is also one of those fads that just happens to work well with our lifestyle and our ability to make it a lifelong change. Ultimately people will have to choose the one that works best for them and stick with it.

  3. It really does come down to what works for you and your health needs. I believe in not giving things up just for weight loss. They need to be changes that we are willing to make for life. I think that is the key. If we continue "diet hopping", we never really settle into lifetime eating habits that work for us. It's hard to create new, healthy habits when we are constantly changing things on ourselves. This doesn't mean we won't make minor adjustments to our way of eating along the way, and tailoring it to work even better for us as we learn more about ourselves and our eating habits, etc., but each of us needs to find, and settle on, a basic way of eating that works for us and stop chasing after each new diet claim.

    Having said that, if you (anybody...I'm not speaking directly to Rosalie) really do think a particular food does affect you negatively, there's nothing wrong with removing it from your diet for a time to see what happens; that's not diet hopping. This is finding what works for you, not trying a "diet" just for weight loss purposes that Rosalie is talking about. Once you figure out, weight loss issues aside, what works for you and your health needs, then settle on a way of eating that works best you YOU and YOUR HEALTH. The end. :)

    Sorry, I didn't mean for that to turn into a lecture, but Rosalie is right. We need to stop allowing others to take advantage of our desire/desperation to lose weight, giving yet another person our money in order to "discover" their "secret" to weight loss. There is no secret. Find what works for you and your health needs, figure out what you will/will not give up for a lifetime, and commit yourself to YOUR WAY OF EATING. If you struggle with the mental aspect of eating/weight loss, read French Women Don't Get Fat, and learn how to have a healthy relationship with food. Learn to trust yourself instead of putting your trust in others. Sure, lean on others you trust as you learn to trust yourself, but ultimately you want to get to the point where you can trust yourself with your eating...that should be your goal.

    Hugs to all of you.

  4. I don't think any diet will work if you can not do it for the rest of your life. Restrictive limits on anything generally makes us want it more. I admire how everyone is inspired to feel/look better, but we have to be real. If you can do whatever you do for the rest of your life, then do it! But if you can't, the weight will come back. I have said all along, find the things that you love the most and find a way to eat them within the plan.
    I'm a little worried about newer BFC people adding sweet "allowable" treats into their plans right away. I think losing the taste for sweets is important in the beginning. I would be curious to see if you can really eat all the goodies with coconut/almond flour in the beginning and continue the weight loss? I have been wrong many times before. I do think at the end of the day our bodies are only going to burn as many calories as it is physically possible. Generally the heavier you are, the more calories you burn, if you lose some weight and get stuck...but are eating the same number of calories as you ate 10 lbs previously...that might be the reason. Just like as you lose at WW they take points away. Our bodies are efficient machines, but they can't burn excess calories just because we quit eating sugar/carbs. It isn't about calories with the BFC, but that's why we limit even the good things.
    OK, now I hijacked Rosalie's post! Be real, be aware, be strong, be committed...that's who will win this battle.

    1. I heartily agree with the need for people to 'cleanse their palate' and lose their sweet tooth, or at least soften it, in the beginning.

  5. What she said. I am not eating wheat right now because it seems to effect my mood. Not for losing weight.

  6. I personally think that you know intuitively what your body needs. I know, for me, counting calories wasn't enough. I was consuming too many sugars and too many carbs. I KNEW that...but since I still had a caloric deficit and stayed under my target number so I thought that should overcome it. For some people, it may be a matter of needing to cut calories. (((shrug))) To each their own. The only thing I think can be confusing is the whole Fast Track vs. reg BFC, both being from Jorge. The 2 don't really jive together. You can't preach counting everything you put into your mouth and keep within __ amount carbs and sugars to saying, don't keep track, don't worry about it, just don't eat grains. I don't know, just seems like he should pick one and stick to it. You can lose a TON of weight eating the FT way, but I don't think it is sustainable....if it isn't sustainable, it isn't a lifestyle change, it is a diet. So far (granted it has been less than a week) with the BFC, I don't feel deprived at all....so for me, this is something I can see doing the rest of my life.

  7. Rosalie--I agree. I really need my toast with my eggs in the morning. It's Nature's Own with double fiber and 3 g sugar. Without it I get totally constipated (to put it bluntly).
    For me it's sugar that got me to this weight. Of course, I put that sugar in my mouth to begin with but once I get going, I honestly think there is something in my body chemistry that totally shuts off my ability to stop eating. Once I start in on the sugary food, I can't seem to stop eating not just sugar but EVERYTHING!

  8. Hi R, Great posting!! I also, went off the original BFC book and nothing more when I first started. I lost the majority of my belly fat in less than 45 days following the book and nothing more. Afterwards, I joined Amber on her FT challenge and lost another 7 pounds. Since then, I simply just follow your blog her blog and ideas from Jorge to add color to my recipes, cooking ideas, feedback, etc...

    I hope if those that are just starting off to just follow one plan for the first 2 weeks/90 days and see what happens to you/your health/your energy/your waistline, etc and don't beat yourself up...afterall we are human beings and its all a "work in progress" attitude!! (it is for me)


  9. Great comparison of the plans and oh so true. Unfortunatley even Jorge seems to want to come up with some new way to accomplish weight loss. You are right, you have to just do it, stick with it and it will come off. Hugs to my wise friend Rosalie!! XOXO

  10. You know what Rosalie....I totally agree with you. I've finally come to the conclusion that I need to stop looking at all of the other diets and just follow the original BFC. I did buy the Wheat Belly Book and got frustrated because I kept limiting my meals more and more. The reasons most diets fail is because people feel deprived. We want our bread and our chocolate, Dammit...LOL! I have been doubting the BFC lately because my cholesterol went up almost 40 points from 3 years ago and my glucose levels were a bit high too. I was shocked after following the BFC and not eating sugar, but I think only a small part was due to regular bacon and regular cheese. I realize that I used to exercise a lot more (walking like you) and have been slacking off. I think I will follow BFC with fewer sat. fats, more coconut bread (for the fabulous fiber) and maybe lower fat cheese (as long as it doesn't have more sugar) and step up my walking again! Man, this health thing gets confusing! BTW, I saw your post yesterday about the tea and I'm so sorry you got burned. How frustrating. I'm glad you switched your mugs out. I don't drink my tea very hot, more like warm/hot because I got tired of burning my mouth. Your husband was so sweet for taking care of you :)
    PS-Sorry for all of the rambling! I'm agreeing and thinking in writing :)

    1. Carey, how are you doing with vegetables? I have found for myself that my bad cholesterol is lower when I'm doing good with my veggies and goes higher when I'm not eating as many as I should. I have never technically gone into the bad range, just straddled the fence a time or two, but got my numbers back down again by upping my veggies.

    2. I could be better with the veggies :) Very hard to get excited about veggies....LOL! My good cholesterol and triglycerides are really good, though (total was 216). My numbers were all great 3 years ago, but I was laid off (so no stress) and I was walking my 4 miles 4-5 times a week getting ready for my 20 yr high school reunion. I know, I know.....Eat my veggies. Hahahaha! The sad thing is that I'm a size 6 petite, but I guess my LDL doesn't get that ;)

    3. It can be hard to get veggies in. I have to really pay attention to how much I'm eating otherwise I slip into eating almost none at all. I don't hate veggies, I just tend to be an afterthought, but I am trying to get to the point where I think of them first and build what I'm eating around them, that way they aren't an "oh, yeah, vegetables!" kind of food.

  11. I am so grateful to all of you! I am new to the BFC & have struggled to stay committed (stress @work & fell into old eating habits). However, I plan to continue on (not start over). Your (Rosalie & friends) advise, ideas, support, & encouragement is priceless. " Thank you" does not seem strong enough but I hope you can tell how heartfelt it is. I WILL be a success story and having your guidance on this journey helps me believe it will happen. Again I say "thank you!"

    1. Hey Dawn, we're so happy that you're here for support and have not given up despite your stresses. I hope to continue seeing you around.

  12. Happy belated 2nd anniversary on the bfc!!! You are such an inspiration to all of us. I meant to tell you on an older post that your collar bones don't stick out too much at all, you look great!!! Big hugs :)

  13. I believe that it all most def boils down to what works for you. I have been on EVERY diet known to man and for me, WW has been the one that I have had the most success on. I am a busy mom and I work so when I get home at 5pm I dont have time to cook 2 meals. I need a plan that is accomodating to both myself and my family and this plan is the best fit for me. It is confusing sometimes because we all want to be thin instantaneously and that will never happen. You must work hard if you ant to be a "loser". :)

  14. First of All ~ Rosy, your awesome!! We all can't thank you enough for the support you give us! And ....... you look flippin' amazing !!!

    Second ...... let me just say that I hate running and exercising ...... all I want to do is bake and cook and eat and quilt and garden ...... why can't those things burn calories???? Its just so dumb!! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! LOL

    I really haven't had great success on the BFC ........ but its my own fault. I have been able to maintain what I lost on a previous plan (Inspirations) but thats it (I only want/need to loose 15-20lbs more)....... but thats because I cook and bake a lot, and though I have made the coconut flour and almond flour goodies for myself ...... I can't use xylitol for everyone else ...... the last thing you want to do is bake for someone and have them get the runs! LOL I know ~ TMI ~ but its TRUE !!! I bake and I cook for everyone ...... I live for it ...... the nurses wait for me to bring treats ....... but I think God forgot the "One is Enough Switch" when he made me !!! So because of the above ...... I am one of those that cheat every 5th day or so ....... not terrible ....... but ... like at bunco last week ..... I had a piece of the choc cake and a cookie ....... and it was pasta for dinner and I wasn't about to have 1/2 cup while everyone else is pigging out ....... because ...... I just wasn't. Then ....... I felt like a Looser when I left for having NO SELF CONTROL !!!!! And ....... that is my weekly vicious circle!!

    So all that said ...... I'm still trying ........ but it's been 4 days of no cheats ....... hot tea for the last two nights for dessert ......... I just have to do this right for it to work!!!

    Thanks for listening! <3 gina


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