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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Been 2 years Since I started this Journey...

Hello Friends,

Well I have approached my 2 year Anniversary since I started the Belly Fat Cure. By the time you read this it might already be Wednesday the 25th. That's the day I started this new life 2 years ago. Not even knowing that I could actually get to where I am now.

Sometimes it seems like forever. I barely remember eating any other way then this way. Remember I have Middle-hiemers so, I don't remember much anyway. Ha-ha.

I love seeing the faces of people that I meet and tell them that I actually lost 90 lbs. The look of shock is priceless and I feel so proud sharing. I do it in hopes that I will make one more person's dream of losing weight come true. If you don't share - how will they even know??

I absolutely LOVE eating this way! I feel so healthy because of it! No matter if you are doing the BFC or something else, you are all welcome here. Support is the MAIN KEY to weight loss success. Well that and eating right. LOL

So here's what I ate Today;
Breakfast I made some coconut flour pancakes. This time I put some unsweetened chocolate powder in them and I only made 1/2 batch (1/4 cup of coconut flour). It made 5 smallish ones. I put butter on them and natures hollow on 3. Believe it or not they were so good I actually ate all of them. I just couldn't stop. Yum-Yum

Lunch Hubby and I were out running errands so I went to my Favorite lunch place.
Can anyone guess what that is?????
Give up?  -  Chipotles for a salad of course. Mine had lettuce, chicken, sour cream, cheese, HOT salsa, guacamole and water.

Ran a few more errands then I came home and got ready to walk the dogs, by then it was around 4pm. I grabbed a warmed up cinnamon cake for the road. I always use this program called Cardio Trainer on my cell phone. It tracks how far you went, how many calories you burn, shows a map of where you went and then posts it to Facebook and Twitter for you.

Here's a few pictures of what it looks like where I walk every day. It was a beautiful day today 70 degrees. Today we went just under 2 miles.
FYI for those of you that don't know - I don't exercise in a gym and only walk every day - that's it. So for you big girls and guys that don't like gyms like me, think you can't ever lose the weight,  Know that you can and don't let that scary stuff intimidate you.

Dinner tonight;
I know - it looks weird right? I took some shredded cauliflower and added some butter, a bit of U.S. Almond milk, 2 mushrooms cut up, shredded beef and some cheese all mixed up in a bowl and warmed in the microwave.

I will probably eat 1 or 2 pumpkin muffins for my desert tonight. they are calling my name from the fridge.......

I'm still waiting for more before and current pictures from ya for the new page. I have a few, need more. email me.

Anyone that is having any problems or have any questions post below and we will all use our combined efforts to make sure they are all answered.

BTW, someone noticed that I got my hair cut the other day. Sorry I don't remember who?? A week and a half ago when my sister and her husband come over for a visit, she cut it for me. She is 95% done with beauty school. She trimmed it for me and of course did it a bit crooked - so I had to fix it myself later.

It's funny cause my Hubby didn't even notice till 2 days later and he said "Your hair looks different. Did you curl it? Well you didn't dye it. I don't know. It looks good." He was acting so stupid he had no clue I cut  several inches off. Men I tell ya...

Thanks for listening to me today. Big Hugs to you all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Be The Example

Example is leadership.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I sent you my picture of my current belly picture..
    I also post it on my blog! It took lots of guts but there it is, for the world to see and for me to see what i want to be change!
    Thanks Rosalie, and everyone doing this!
    I love your recipes by the way! I cant wait for you to come up with other great bread recipe ideas :)

  2. http://livingwheatfreelowsugarlifestyle.blogspot.com/
    Not great, but It must be exposed right..Heres my "belly bad"

  3. Two years already! What an amazing journey you've had! I also love Chipotles salad. Do you use the salsa as a dressing, because they told me there is honey is the actual dressing they offer?

    1. Yeah I never use that dressing - too much sugar.

  4. Not only you have change your life in these two years but so many others! Thank you for this blog, it helps me stay focus & I love trying all your delicious recipes! Mary B

  5. Happy Anniversary! It was me that noticed your haircut. I love it. That length looks great on you!

    Thank you for all that you've done for all of us.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you! You need an anniversary present to yourself. At least you know when you started. I don't even remember. I guess that means I didn't make the full committment at the time. But I'm still here and I'm not leaving!!! Also could you update my weight to 178. Down almost 2 lbs this week. I may be getting the hang of this finally!!!! Love and hugs from me to you my friend!

  7. Happy Anniversary Rosalie! I am so glad for you!

  8. Happy Aniiversary!
    YAY! I can comment today, lol! I am not sure if you got the email I sent via FB, but if not, I would LOVE to be part of your weight tracker. I just started the BFC on Monday and that weight was 259.8 (still makes me gulp)...and my goal (as of now) is 150. I took your advice and started a blog as well to get extra support. If you click on my name in blogger, it will show 2 blogs. 1 - Siggy Spice (this is my old cooking blog...looking through it, you can see why I gained 20 since starting that, lol. There are some recipes I will be able to tweak to use eating the BFC way) The blog I am using for my weight journey is "10 Ten Times".
    Anywho...I hope you go get a massage or something else as wonderful to celebrate the wonderful accomplishment you have made :)

    There is something to say about being strong can be an asset and you have been a great example of an such character and it paid off in the last 2 years as you took on the challenge of taking off nearly 90 pounds (+).

    Thank you for updating us with your weight on a regular basis (the good and not so good days)and for being consisent on posting/blogging your daily meals, activities and support!!

    I wish you another successful year in 2012.


  10. Shame on me, not throwing in a Happy Anniversary note! :)) You're doing so great, and really are an inspiration to all us other struggling folks. XOXO

  11. Happy Anniversary!! Can you add me to the list? There is already a Susan so you could put in as Joyful Susan. Current: 185/Goal: 140.

  12. Congratulations. You are an inspiration to us all.

  13. Happy Anniversary! It's inspiring to know that after 2yrs. you still like doing the BFC. The fact that it seems like a normal way to eat makes me feel like I can do this. Thank you Rosalie for all that you do & share.

  14. Happy 2nd anniversary!! You have come a long way baby!! Congrats!!


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