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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boy I'm Feelin It Today...

Good Wednesday Morning to you all,

First I wanted to tell you, Hubby brought 2 pieces of that Cabbage Lasagna I made to work at the FD Monday and he said that they all loved it!! Big Hit.

Boy do I feel like absolute CRAP today. Remember I told you that we fired the gardener and we bought a new electric lawn mower this past weekend. Well the past 2 days I have been working in the yard.

Monday I spent 2 and 1/2 hours in the back pulling weeds, trimming bushes, blah, blah, blah. Then I came in and rested a bit and ate lunch then back out for 2 and 1/2 more hours. Still only 3/4 of the way done back there.

Then yesterday's  breakfast;
2 Oasis low carb sprouted flaxseed bread w/cream cheese and natures hollow, turkey bacon, eggs w/a bit of cheese.

And for whoever asked about the bacon?? I like turkey bacon better because it has less fat and calories and it is so easy to fix, just 2 min in the microwave bet paper towels on a plate and it is real crispy just the way I like it!! Easy Peasy..

So I left yesterday to go to the stores around 11:30. That was my mistake. I went to Sam's club first for the big stuff, then next door to Wal-Mart for the little stuff, then to Sprouts for the healthy stuff. OK - so then I was just about STARVING!!

I went to Chipotle and got a salad to go, w/lettuce, black beans, barbacoa (spicy beef), sour cream, cheese, spicy salsa, and guacamole. By the time I got home and put all the stuff away it was after 2pm when I ate my salad. And let me tell you I ate Every Bite!!

Then Me and the furry kiddies went for a walk and I had 2 squares of Girhadeli 86% in my pocket that I ate along the way.

When I got home I got a bug up my ass again, (even though my muscles were sore from Monday), and I went to the garage and put together the new lawn mower and went in the front yard and weeded and pulled weeds and mowed the front.


For dinner last night I Really wanted a pizza. I never eat carbs with dinner but after all the work I had been doing I thought I deserved it. So I saw on Wheatbelly blog a different version of Almond flour pizza crust and thought I would try it. I cut the recipe in half and then only ate half.

2 cups ground almonds
4 tablespoons garbanzo bean or coconut flour (I forgot this)
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
4 tablespoons ground flaxseed (I forgot this)
1 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
Dash of sea salt
2 large eggs
4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 cup water
My finished product. Just fix the same way as the one on my recipe page.
I ate 1/2 the pizza with a spinach salad.

So this morning I am feeling the muscle pain. I don't really exercise and now remember why we have had gardeners. LOL

My weight we up a bit this morning. Oh yeah did I tell you the past 2 days I was on my monthly too. So I am hoping the couple lbs is from that and my NOW heavy muscles. Ha-ha.

My breakfast this morning;
2 lemon coconut flour muffins, w/cream cheese and natures hollow, eggs, turkey bacon, and some berries.

For all you new people - while I was losing weight I would NEVER have eaten this many berries. I only ate a total of 6-8 depending on the size.

For Anonymous yesterday wanted some meal ideas, I post my food every day but if you go back and read my earlier posts - you can see what I ate back then. I think you will find it is much similar to what I eat now.

I love eating this way and will never change.

I talked to 2 friends on the phone yesterday, Gina and Sandi. Hello to both of you and hope you are doing well.

I would love to do a video chat on Facebook today with any of you. I will be logged on today so hit me up. Let me know if I can do anything to help YOU!!

Don't forget the list of blogs below of all my friends. Join their blogs and leave messages too. Support, Support, Support is the KEY!!

Thanks for listening to me and Lots of love to you all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Balance, Peace and Joy

Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. What a workout you had...it will feel good to have your yard work complete.
    You're so generous to be available to us all for help and support-Thank you Rosalie-enjoy your day.

  2. Hi Rosalie, I have read most of your recent posts and i love them all!
    I wanted to get on the fast track because i wanted to lose wieght fater, and i also heard about the book called wheat belly, however, im having a hard time with that because ever since i gave up wheat, i have hit a plateu and actually, my jeans are starting to get tight on around my belly. I am so annoyed by this! I am 101 lbs, 5'1' and i never have had belly but i wanted to try this new lifestlye, however, without counting calories and giving up wheat, i have gained belly weight! Anyone on the same boat?
    what should i do!!!!?

    1. You are very small already, but much shorted than me so it's hard to compare.
      Why did you decide to give up wheat? Are you allergic? (Celiac disease)?
      I lost my weight be eating wheat all the time. Maybe you are not getting enough fiber. Are you having a #2 problem?
      Give some examples of what you eat in a day. :-)

  3. Rosalie,

    actually no going number 2 is not a problem at all! i have bowel movements every day s i am really regular :)! I gave up wheat because of jorge cruise fast track, and because i heard from the book called WHEAT BELLY that wheat is the problem of belly weight, and i didnt want to eat something that would potentially make my gain belly weight, so i havent had wheat, or have limited very strictly for almost a month now... I miss my exekeil bread, i miss all things wheat and back when i was having bagels, etc. i was the same as i am now, same lbs, but with a much smaller waist. :( I just want to cry a river right now.. whats real whats not?

  4. I have seen how great you look and thats why i come to you with some advice!
    to get a picture of how i look like, i am what people call petite. quite petite acutally. i wear size 0 jeans. I am not looking to lose weight, but to reduce belly. I am an apple shape, so ALL the lbs that i do gain show right away on my stomach!

  5. Yard work always makes me more sore than working out. Weird. How did you like the pizza crust? I'm interested in trying it. I'm always on the lookout for a pizza crust that will be even better than whatever version I am currently making.

    1. I Love the Almond crust pizza.. Just don't eat the whole thing -1/2. So if you make it with 1 cup of almond flour - eat 1/2. :-)

  6. I love your posts!! I have been following you for quite some time. You are a true inspiration. I finally made the coconut flour lemon bread - I really enjoy it!

    Do you know how to reach Nicole Brower? Amber interviewed her and I'm very interested in knowing which kettlebell workouts she does. Can you find out if you can't pass on her information? Thank you so much!

  7. I always love to read your posts Rosalie. I like that ou put what you eat, because it's a reminder to all of us, even those of us who should know better, what kind of meals we should be eating on the BFC. Don't stop! We need you guidance. Love and big hugs to you my friend!

  8. Yay! I am finally able to read comments and post a comment to your blog. I haven't been able to for the last couple of weeks! When I tried, the page just turned blank....weird! All of your yard work is making my back hurt.....okay, maybe it's a female thing making my back hurt, but still! BTW, How did you like that pizza crust? The only thing I don't like about it is all different types of flour's. THat starts getting expensive. I've been using corn tortillas (crisped in the toaster) as pizza crust because when I'm hungry.....I'm hungry NOW :) I've also been so crazy busy with kids and work that I need faster than fast meals. Now go take a bath with Epsom salts to relax your screaming muscles! :)

  9. If I did all you did I would never have to find an exercise to do! Don't forget to remind your husband of how much he is saving with you as the gardener next time he asks why he is the only one working.

  10. I would find some new gardeners! I am very proud of you for working hard! See you earn a living!
    Your pizza looks good and I love all of your pictures of food. I think it really helps all of us.

  11. Busy Bee Rosie!!! Sounds like a very productive day! Good for you!!!!

  12. That is great exercise doing yard work. I have never had a gardener and would love to have one but it's not to bad doing it yourself when you see the beauty when you are done. That pizza looks yummy too!

  13. Nom nom nom! I am a pizza troll! Lol! Great job with the garden. Saves lots of money for sure!

  14. Hi!!! 2nd time around doing BFC, the first time I lost 42 pounds, kept them off for about a year and half, gained 17 pounds in the last few months but Im ready to loose them and keep them off forever, so I'm starting over, I have a feeling that being part of your blog is going to help me a lot...love the recipes, tips and support, thanks for the inspiration!! (Current weight = 147lbs, goal = 130lbs)


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