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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Almond Flour Pizza review.....

Hello Folks,

Thank you for all your comments about Gluten. I really did not understand why all the fuss lately.

Amber, you are right. Eating coconut flour stuff has helped in my weight. I have noticed that and I really like it. But what I like the best is that it is very low in carbs and sugar. It really fills me up and I feel like I am eating something bad - when in actuality I am not at all. Yeah I know Dawn - I rebelled a bit in the beginning, but I'm in now.

I do love my Oasis bread and Carb Chopper tortillas though.

OK so today for lunch I made the pizza recipe that Jorge posted on Facebook last week using Almond Meal Flour.

I used this Almond Meal/Flour below got it at Sprouts. It was the only one they had.


The recipe is supposed to serve 2 but, I could not help it. I cut it into 4 pieces and I ate 3. As you see from the label above 3 pieces was 3 sugars, 18 carbs, and 9 fiber. I could have eaten the whole thing easily but, I saw how many calories are in the flour and stopped myself.

I have never used Almond flour before EVER!! I was not sure what to expect. I do love almonds, but someone posted that they made it and did not like it at all.  I LOVED IT!! The crust had a nutty thick flavor and was so different you just cannot imagine.

You really need to try this. I put it on my recipe page.

BTW my weight is still at 150. It has gone up and down between 2.5 lbs.

Thanks for listening. Big Love to you all. Remember - WWRD!!

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:


golf tiger woods quoteOne of the things that life has taught me is never listen to other people’s expectations. You should live your own life and live up to your own expectations.

Keep n BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hi Rosy,
    I just reviewed Jorge's new book that's coming out next week... your page looks great!

    Thanks for continuing to inspire us!

    PS Please change my weight to 210 :-)

  2. I LOVE almond flour. LOVE it! The only reason I haven't posted more recipes is because of how expensive it is. And then school started and I have less time to experiment. You should try my chocolate chip dough balls, though. They are made with almond flour. YUM!

  3. About grain: many years ago I read "The Makers Diet" and one of the main things I took away from that was the value of sprouted bread. Years before BFC came on the scene I was a believer in avoiding "flour". So, Rosalie, Oasis and Ezekiel bread is not in the same realm as wheat bread - so much superior, and everyone should note that (in my humble opinion).
    I didn't buy parchment paper yesterday, instead I bought baking cups, and I just put coconut flour muffins in the oven. I subsituted oil for butter, cause I thought it would stir easier, and I was too lazy to melt the butter. I also put 1/4 cup milk, instead of soy milk. I like milk, and, in moderation, I think it should be ok for us. I certainly think milk as a calcium source is superior to swallowing a calcium pill. Back when I discovered the Maker's Diet, I was also buying fresh goat milk from neighbor farmers. It is so good for you, and I wanted my sons to drink it.

  4. Hi R,
    I too love the coconut flour for pancakes and now muffins. I do also feel like I am eating something bad but we are not.
    I found topping my muffins with whip cream is the way to eat them!!!!!! I feel like I am eating a pumpkin pie. I may just skip cupcakes and pour the batter into a loaf bread or cake pan and see what comes of it!
    I think it is a keeper for the holidays for sure!!!


    p.s. will do the pizza this weekend..thanks for the showing us the flour. It is the best way for me to shop when I see it posted and then I go on a mission with a print out looking for it at TJoes, Health Stores or a market (smile). It is how successful I was with the BFC book!!! I wouldn't be where I am today if that book didn't have PICTURES!!! I never been on any diet but when I saw good vs bad, I couldn't resist the challenge for 1 week and well the rest is herstory!!!


  5. I was going to try the Almond flour next, but I am getting lazy! The pizza looks really good. I don't eat pumpkin anything so I don't know about the muffins!
    You are a great inspiration!!!!

  6. Any kind of pizza looks awesome to me! Do you like this better than the cauliflower pizza?

  7. Last week I made a meatloaf using my own almond "flour" (ground the almonds to dust in my food processor) instead of bread crumbs. The family LOVED it!

    Thank you for being you. :)

  8. Hi Rosalie. I bought the almond flour and the cauliflower yesterday. If I get time, you know I never seem to have enough, I want to make the cauliflower mashed potatoes and the almond crust pizza, and the coconut bread. I dont think that will happen with all the catch up work I have to do, but hey, a girl can dream right!! LOL!! Hugs from me to you!


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