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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Up All Night....

Good Morning,

It really didn't feel like such a long weekend to me cause I don't work and all the days kind of feel the same. Saturday was the first day of the LA County Fair. Sunday we went to the movies and I had my usual popcorn but a no grain carb lunch right before to make room for the extra carbs from the popcorn. That is one thing I have allowed myself since the beginning of staring the Belly Fat Cure. Just no butter.

So for a little TMI right now....

So when I went to the fair on Saturday I had a corn on the cobb remember? The first time that I had corn since starting the BFC. That's because that 1 ear has at least 5 sugars and almost 30 carbs. So that is one thing that I gave up. It tasted good, but not like OMG! I missed that! NOPE! But all the rest of the day Saturday and Sunday I could not go #2 at all. I was backed up for almost 2 days because I ate that. Weird huh?

So hubby is working nights the past 4 nights. so Sunday night I got woken up at 2am to my little Peaches jumping on top of my tummy in the bed (which she never does, not allowed on the bed) she was shaking like crazy. Mandy was pacing and panting back and forth like a panther. I said what's wrong?? Then I saw a storm outside. I sleep with ear plugs cause hubby snores and I guess I didn't hear. But there was lightning and thunder and they were scared out of their minds.

So I tried taking them downstairs to go potty and as soon as I opened the door BOOM! they ran back in. So they kept me up all NIGHT LONG. I let peaches stay on the bed with me and eventually she stopped shaking after about 3-4 hours. Then Hubby came home and kicked her off the bed.

I have not been sleeping the past week AT ALL. Every night I just keep tossing and turning. I guess it must be the Pre-menopause stuff maybe. So I keep asking hubby if I will die if I never sleep. He says quiet don't say that! So will I? I feel like a zombie.

Yesterday I ate:
breakfast; french toast made w/2 oasis bread, joseph's sugar free syrup, turkey bacon, and some blackberries and raspberries. S-5/C-1
lunch; a carb cutter wheat tortilla, w/seeds of change sugar free pasta sauce, cheese, turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, cooked in the toaster oven then I folded in half and ate. YUM! and I had 2 squares of Lindt 85% chocolate after.  S3/C-1
snack; some veggie straws dipped in some sour cream and hummus. S-2/C-1
dinner; I made some soup (I know it was hot outside) with some turkey medallions, shirataki noodles, chicken bullion, mushrooms, broccolli and a handful of baby spinach. Put it all in a bowl - it was good. For desert some coconut lemon bread w/cream cheese and natures hollow on top.  S-3/C-1

My weight is still at 150 and goes up and down all the time between 1 & 1/2 pounds. It used to be 2 lbs but now its a little less.  This happens to us women, just FYI. So don't worry about it. I still weight myself all the time, every day and at night before I go to sleep. I know - I know, but I have come so far and I feel if I don't keep checking I will never know if what I eat is sabotaging me or not. I have to stay accountable, even though I have now reached my goal.

So for now my weight is stable and it is not going down any more. I am not sure that I want it to, may just 5lbs. If it does - it does. I am not trying. But I want to maintain where I am. Once I figure out what that is I will let you know. For now I do the same thing. I might have like 10-12 berries with my breakfast instead of only 8. and I did have that corn the other day.

But I Will NEVER go back to the way I ate before - NEVER!!

Thanks for listening to me today. Lots of love to all of you. Don't forget to visit and support all of my friends blogs on the list below. Let me know if anyone needs any help of any kind by leaving a message below the post. WWRD?

This is PurpleRosy signing off....

My thought for the day:

A Positive Attitude

A Positive AttitudeA positive attitude may not solve every problem but it makes solving any problem a more pleasant experience.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I'm with you on being up all night last night. Too many things flying around in my head.
    That is weird that the corn would cause you to have issues. I did have one of my PB cookies that I made with the coconut flour and it helps tons:)
    Have a great day!

  2. Sometimes I find that I don't love something as much as I once did...can you believe that a bite of regular ice cream tasted 'too sweet' the other day. Have a wondeful day.

  3. I know what you mean about never going back to the way you used to eat. Can you reduce my weight to 174. I lost about 5 lbs. last week. Thx.

  4. Funny about the corn - but good that you found that it wasn't as good as you remembered, I think! Sad to hear about being up all night - that wrecks me! I spent way too many nights up with babies over the last 10 years. Now I can't even believe I was functional. Guess I wasn't, really.

  5. Hi Rosalie. I am sorry that I have been out of touch. So busy with work stuff and then away for that holiday weekend. I am sorry about the sleeping. I have that issue some times too. I think it is hormone related. I wish I was done with that already!! I am IN LOVE with that lemon coconut bread, cream cheese and the natures hollow. Thanks for inventing that! Hugs from me to you! Oh, and my dogs have that same problem. I just got medication from the vet because I thought Riley was going to have a heart attack the other night, and with the fireworks they had at the shore.

  6. Oh, your poor babies! They were so scared! When we have thunderstorms my dogs follow me everywhere I go, even into the bathroom! I've had a hard time sleeping thru the night ever since menopause crept up on me. Wish that symptom would go away!

  7. Hey Rosy, the T is for Tablespoon in my brownie bread recipe. :)

  8. Your poor little pups...I know how mine get when it thunders. I hope you caught up on the sleep.

  9. My poochis is terrified of thunder/lightning too & he usually beelines it into my daughters bathtub until she kicks him out to shower. lol. we have "doggie downers" for our dog & one pill usually does the trick. Ask your vet, it really helps them to at least not feel so anxious.
    AS for the sleeping at night, try melatonin. my sister has terrible problems sleeping (I dont but on occasion I do when I have too much on my mind) andyways, she started taking it and she said she sleeps like a baby & feels great the next day. It is all natural & is harmless. It can be found in the health foods stores. Hope that helps.

  10. Way to go, Rosy! You just keep it up!

    And don't worry about not sleeping. Sometimes I think that worrying about not being able to sleep makes me even more awake! I go through phases where I can't sleep, too. It eventually passes. Your body will make you fall asleep after a while. You'll be watching a movie or something and POOF! Sleep!


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