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Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't let your emotions get the best of you....

Hello my friends,

The one thing I have learned since starting this BFC journey is not to co-mingle my emotions with the food that I eat. No more emotional eating for me. I think that's a very important lesson to learn.

I think - I can't really remember too much, that I used to eat when ever anything went wrong before. First of all you all know I have Middle-Heimer's and am going thru pre menopause so I can't remember SHIT!! Really. There are times when I know I should know this and .....nothing. haha.

Well, anyways I feel pretty much useless a lot lately. I don't work and get bored and lonely. Hubby works as much as he can at the FD, and reminds me daily that I don't do anything to help make money. I try to tell him that makes me feel real bad about myself - but I think he just can't help himself. He said yesterday that I am just using him for money. Really??

Remember I was constantly looking for a job before, but I just gave up. I only got 2 interviews. One for Sears working as a cashier only nights, weekends, and every holiday for $8 an hour. The other was in a home store getting just 10% of any outdoor furniture I sell with no salary. So I could literally sit there all day every day for nothing.

I am feeling like its hopeless for me to ever get a job. Maybe its my age of 52, I don't know. Also I have these darn ET's and I am afraid of no matter what job I  would get - everyone would see my hands shaking like crazy and think I am nervous or something. So I guess this is what you call a catch 22???

My point of sharing this with you is that we all have problems. Don't let what is around you dictate how you will live on the inside. Don't let your emotions get the best of you and coax you into eating something that you shouldn't.

Make sure to stick with your 15/6 or 5/6 per meal and don't go over.
Make good choices for snacks.
Don't drink too many BFC approved flavored drinks/ lots of water everyday.
And most important!! Eat 3 meals a day, with a good breakfast to start your day.

Don't listen to the food Bullies, just remember - WWRD??

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

No Medicine Like Hope

Medicine Positive QuoteThere is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I wanted you to know that I see your goodness, your generous spirit, and the thoughtful way to reach out to all of us BFC'ers. I know you'll find your way working through this need to work issue. I'm sure it's hard to hear your hubby question your motives and intents. And I know for me I wonder if my age limits me...and that is a limiting thought as well!
    I'm 54 and have extra time at this stage of life. My husband has many responsiblites and travels a lot, so I know how it feels to have so much alone time. I recently volunteered to do some work for Hospice. I bet there are many opportunites for service in your community as well. I know that it can help us to meet people, network, feel useful, and as we get to know others who know others--we can sometimes find work. It's funny how that all turns out.
    Thank you for your honest sharing, and I hope you have a blessed day.

  2. I hear ya about the money thing. I dont think husbands are ever happy. My husband gives me grief constantly because I went part time when my second child was 3 yrs old. Life got way too crazy with 2 kids and a full time job and I felt like I was losing it! Good for you for not eating your way through it! Yesterday, my husband and I were fighting and I felt like eating a bunch of junk food, but I didn't. I sat there and rationalized how I would feel after and I even thought, WWRD? LOL! So I went and got some water instead! Thanks for being in my head! :) See you help people even when you don't know you're doing it!
    Carey Callander

  3. Very good advice! I've always had a tough time with emotional eating. I think that's why I always gained so much while I was pregnant - emotions are so high then. I used to joke that I'd eat when I was happy/sad/mad/bored whatever. It is getting better, but still not 100 percent. I guess you could update your side bar for me - 134/134. :)

  4. I think I was more of a "I'm bored" eater. I was also a "social" eater and that one I'm still working on. I will surely be tested on the emotional eating with my dog being sick :(

  5. Oh Rosalie, I hate that your husband speaks to you that way. I am wondering if he is just teasing you (with a bite to it). Remember how he didn't eat the ice cream - WWRD he said to himself? If you can think of a way to be self-employed again. Or think of a place that you like, and then consider volunteer opportunities there. I have thought the library might be nice. Or SMART program where you read to kids in elementary school ... that would be during day and no weekends :) Keep your chin up, you are awesome!

  6. Rosalie, I wish I wasnt such a emotional eater but I am better then what I use to be. I guess if most of us weren't emotional eaters then we wouldnt be over weight. The job market is really tough right now so dont be to hard on yourself. I think someone mentioned doing volunteer work which would get you out of the house so you would not be so lonely. Keep your chin up!

  7. Hello my friend.
    It made me sad to hear that your husband reminds you daily of the job thing. I think it is good that you tell him that it hurts your feelings when he says that. Sometimes, I think that they dont realize what they say can be hurtful. My husband speaks off the top of his head without weighing his words and it has made some serious waves in our relationship. When I confronted him about it & told him what he said was on the lines of being verbally abusive, he looked at me like a deer in headlights. The hard part for me is getting beyond those words & understanding & forgiving. I guess I do forgive him, I just cant seem to forget. Anyways, didnt mean to digress there. Just want you to know that I understand & think it is important to call him on things when they are hurtful to you.
    You are such a good gal Rosalie & we all love you. with your love of pets, why dont you start a "dog walking" service or a doggie daycare? Just a thought.
    Hugs to you!

  8. Hi Rosalie, I tried to make a comment last night & it gave me a weird message that I didn't have access with my account. It's been doing that a lot lately. I may start commenting under something other than google. Anyway back to me comment....I used to be driven by emotional eating, especially stress eating, like after an argument with my husband. I'm just beginning to have some control over it know. It's quite a journey & process for me. Maybe your hubby was stressed & just letting off steam & didn't mean what he said. Hang in there. I'm glad we have our community to talk about all this stuff.

  9. Rosalie, I just saw this comment. I am a little behind in reading my blogs these days. I am sorry you can't find a job. I am hoping to find someone just like you to work in our offices. I would rather have some one that is in their 50's or even 60's. I need wisdom, common sense and dependability. Check Craigs list. I bet there are lots of offices, like Drs. offices that may need someone to fill in. It's really hard to find good people that you can trust.
    I have to say yesterday after work, I was so looking for some comfort, some reward from my food. I had been up since 5, gobbled a lunch between patients, and I was tired and grumpy at 6PM. I didn't even realize that it was emotions getting the better of me. I will try to be more aware. Hugs from me to you!


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