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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nobody Listens...

Hello friends,

So I wanted to share what has been going on in my house lately. A while back my Hubby got a Jack-La-Lane juicer. He decided to start juicing. Well it sat on top of the counter for at least 2 months.

Then he saw this movie on Netflix "Fat, Sick and Dying". It's about this guy who was real fat and started Juicing for 30 days and got real healthy and lost a ton a weight. No food for the 30 days just juicing 4 times a day.

So hubby got inspired you might say. He said he's gonna juice like that guy did. I told him you NEVER LISTEN TO ME!! YOU can't do that!! YOU need some food and carbs.

I have been trying to help him and tell him what he should be eating but nope. So he spends I don't know, maybe 1-2 hours making it the first time and It Made A BIG MESS!! It was gross tasting..........

Of course he got his feelings hurt like a child. We went to run some errands and looking in some stores at Victoria Gardens, a outside shopping mall thingy. So after a couple of hours he says I am sick. I said you are not sick just hungry. You don't listen to me I told you to eat food with that stupid juice stuff. I don't feel sorry for you cause you don't listen to me.

Well he got real grouchy and mean and I told him to go across the street to a coffee shop and he got a protein bar. He felt better, but men always act like children right?

Well he does that kind of thing all the time, by not eating very much in the morning and then acts like he's gonna eat his arm off later.

He never listens to me when I tell him to eat a good breakfast. Oh well. I try to help and I can't if nobody listens.

SO last night he comes home from work and starts to make the juice again. Well I just finished cleaning the whole house like 15 minutes before he came home. So I was not amused.  I was trying to feel useful since I don't work and he keeps reminding me of that.

He took way over an hour again and then came over and said "here taste this one" I said yuck!! It's gross again!! It was not good cause he mixed every kind of thing in there that had no business being in juice, like raw broccoli.

He acted like a child again and actually got mad at me cause I did not like it. I'm sorry , but it was BLACHY!!

So today he is at work day shift and I have peace and quiet, well at least util he gets home later. It's supposed to be hot today - almost 99. BTW these E.T's really bother me sometimes. If you've been following me for a while then you know what I am talking about. I can''t keep my hands very still while I am typing and have to keep backing up from my mistakes. :-(

I just ate my breakfast of: 2 french toast made with Oasis bread, Joseph's sugar free syrup, 2 turkey bacon, berries, and coffee.

Yesterday for lunch I made some cauliflower crusts, 4 actually and ate 1 w/alfredo sauce, cheese, canned chicken meat, mushrooms, and a little more cheese. It was great.

I will probably eat one for lunch today w/seeds of change pasta sauce, and cheese, and turkey pepperoni.

Thanks for listening. Lots of love to all. Don't forget to drop by my friends blogs on the list below.

This is PurpleRosy signing off....

My thought for the day:

My Troubles Are Going to Have Troubles With Me!

My Troubles Positive QuoteI have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Definitely agree with you, men are kids!! I know from personal experience with my hubby and his many new complex ideas lol!!

  2. We are listening! :)

    Boy, I need to watch that video, just to see it. Everyone I hear who watches it has to immediately start juicing. They never last the whole 30 days though. LOL

  3. You are so right!! Men never listen. Mine fixes a smoothie with frozen fruit and yogurt for lunch almost every day and then he's ready to eat his arm off by dinner too. What are they thinking?

  4. Hang in there girl! YOu would think he would have learned his lesson by watching how successful you have been on BFC. Men....CLUELESS!!!

  5. Rosalie, some people, hubbies included, never listen! I could never survive on juices. You need some real food!

  6. I feel like you were talking about my daughter and me. She thinks it is great that I have lost weight, she thinks I get to eat a lot of food and still lose, but she will not even open her mind to giving up sugar.
    It's like when people say "oh my gosh, you lost weight! How did you do it?" you tell them and then they say "oh, I could never do that!"
    He will figure it out when he gets sick. Maybe he will start adding cooked meat in his juice:)

  7. As a Man, I RESEMBLE your remark of not listening! When I went for testing to establish if I should wear a hearing aid, my Wife told the technician "He needs a 'listening' device!!! JayPea

  8. I SO know what you mean! I drive in a carpool with two other ladies and one of them is juicing and the other wants to try HCG. I have tried telling them both that any diet that makes you want to climb the walls isn't worth it!

    I'm sorry your hubby is being stubborn, though. I'm surprised that seeing your success he isn't on the BFC bandwagon!


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