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I'm Not Dieting - I've Changed My Lifestyle

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I just really need to vent...


I have to say that I have feeling like pure crap the past 2 days. I think it may have something to do with my hormones, or he lack of sleep. Sunday after I got up and took a shower I just couldn't get myself to get off the couch all day. I never sleep well. I just tossed and turned last night all night. I refuse to take sleeping pills, because I know they are addictive. Mellatonin did not work for me. They say drinking only makes you sleep worse. So I am only left with my thoughts.

A few days ago I mentioned that my weight was up 2lbs. I thought it was my scale and got a new battery for it. Well that was not it, cause I am the same. 155.

I originally set the goal of 150lbs for myself. I am 5'7 and medium build and thought it was a good point for me. I can't seem to get there at all. I go between 153-155. I know its no big deal - but with the hormonal thing lately, it feels bad.

I have been doing the BFC for 1 & 1/2 years and at this point there is nothing else I am willing to give up. I only eat 1-3 carbs a day. I do eat popcorn at the movies, but when I do that I always skip lunch to compensate and sneak in some turkey wrapped around some cheese for protein.

I don't ever eat bad. I might sneak a bite once in a great while of something, but that's about it.

Today I am feeling kind of mixed about the BFC.

This is a COMPLETE Lifetime COMMITMENT!! If you start this, don't expect to ever eat like everyone else again!! You will never be able to eat anything with artificial sweeteners like diet soda or sugar free stuff.

I have realized that if I EVER eat anything like other people,  I will blow back up and gain weight. So I am kind of feeling trapped in a diet for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong - I love the success I have had and want to keep looking like this, so I WILL continue.

I know I sound like a stupid, whiney, f-n, dumb-ass. I think its because I feel alone a lot and not working and feeling worthless sometimes.  Living with a 2 yr old doesn't help, and I am not talking about the dogs either.

I just really need to vent and I don't want any responses to this post. I just feel like shit to day and thought by writing it down I could get rid of it.

Thanks for listening. That's it..... Tomorrow will be a better day. :-)


  1. Rosie, what you're experiencing is totally normal when going through perimenopause. Lack of sleep, moods all over the place and extremely slow weight loss. Also, thyroid comes into play when our estrogen decreases. Have you ever had your thyroid levels checked? You are an extremely strong person. Sometimes just knowing that these things can happen, helps in dealing with it. I'm right there with you. I have been doing this "hormone rollercoaster" for about six years now. Keep your chin up Sweetheart, things do get better eventually.
    "Big Hugs",

  2. I wish you would put your AFTER picture on your blog. The before is a beautiful woman but that is no longer your reality...you are thin now. Embrace it and celebrate it...You have said the before picture makes you feel sad....GET rid of it.... the old way of eating made you "the before picture", why would you want to go back? I think you would have a great time working at Kohls. Maybe they are hiring,

  3. Well Rosie, I am the same way. I cannot eat what others eat, I just cant and probably never can. The good news is that I think Im okay with that, for the most part. You are w/i 5 lbs of your goal weight, but below the your goal Size 10. Remember? If you want to any lower, I think you (and myself) have to change things up at this point. It is a different battle that the one we have fought up until this point. But I think you look beautiful & perfect right where you are!

    I am perimenopausal myself and WTF is up with that?! Its hard, its really hard some days.

  4. I bet your weight is up a bit because you're retaining water! I get that way hormonally, too, and it's no fun! My sleep is terrible, also. Aren't hormones fun?!?! You may want to research natural progesterone cream. I use emerita from Sprouts and it's helped my PMS. Dr. Christiane Northrup writes about it in her book and says a lot of womens estrogen and progesterone aren't balanced after they've hit mid to late 30's. This causes mood swings, sleep probs, night sweats, etc. Just a suggestion because we girls need to stick together! Keep up the BFC because you've come so far!!!!! Also, I like the above suggestion of working for Kohls! You would get paid and get a discount :)
    Chin up!

  5. I've already applied at Kohls - nobody will hire me, except for minimum wage and all nights and weekends and holidays.
    I'm not gonna do that, I want to be home at night.

  6. Hey Rosalie;

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling cruddy lately, I'm sure it will pass. I wanted to update you on the oopsie roll video - I'm working on it. My first, second, third takes didn't take. First take went well, but then when I played it back, there was no sound! Second take got pre-empted when the 'baby' started yelling. Third take got pre-empted when the 'big boy' came in and started asking 'what are you doing, mom" and I gave up on the fourth take because I decided this batch has to have chocolate in it. LOL. I will keep you posted!

  7. Okay, I know you don't want any posts, but you always give me a pick me up comment, and I hope I can return the favor. I really appreciate that about you. God knows I'm not even close to succeeding, but you keep encouraging me. I am actually glad to hear that you get frustrated some times.It's only normal. I am frustrated and I have only lost 4 pounds with many more to go. You are one of the ones I look up to, so give yourself a break, have a pity day and then you will feel better tomorrow. I was so like this last week. Thank God I was tweeting with Amber and she really got me back to feeling better. I swear I thought something must be wrong with me. I felt sad, teary, moody and was having crazy thoughts about things. Guess what? the next week I got my period. My whole mood went back to normal. I swear there was a time i didn't believe how much hormones can wreak havoc on your whole body and mood, but I sure do now. Plus I, like you, am perimenapousal. I wish it would just happen already. I'm sick f it all. So chalk it up to the lack of sleep and the hormones....and you know me...I would recommend a glass or two of wine or whatever you like. Relax, watch TV, sip your drink and I bet you will sleep like a baby! Hugs going out to you!PS. If you live close I would hire you! I could use the help!

  8. I take one Tylenol PM almost every night when I go to bed or I would never be able to sleep all night. The herbal stuff didn't work for me either and I HAVE to sleep.


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