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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost made me want to go and exercise....LOL

Hello to all of my fellow BFC 'rs,

Again the weather was beautiful today!!

Last night I was watching the Biggest Looser. Now, I have mentioned that I don't care for that show too much because of how they are competing against each other and I have heard that when they get off the show and go home many gain the weight back because of lack of support.

But - last night they showed 1 year in the life of 1 person and how the trainer was trying to help reform him. He was way over 500lbs. In 1 year he managed to lose 208lbs. I was so motivated - it made me cry and almost made me want to go and exercise -I said ALMOST..

But it did make my 85lbs that I lost seem like not that much at all in comparison.

Because I was late last night I didn't get to walk with my 2 poopies so we went this morning after breakfast. It was starting to get a bit warm and my poor little Peaches stopped twice under a tree and just plopped. She has never done that before. I kept telling her we have to go home, and finally she re-cooped and we made it.

So I have been thinking that it is getting hot now and I have no shorts to wear that fit me. So I went to my Favorite place KOHLS. I had a 30% off coupon again. Woo Hoo!!

I wound up buying 4 pairs of shorts and 3 tank tops. I could not believe it but I actually fit into a size 6 in 2 pairs and put 1 of those back. So I got 3 size 8's and 1 size 6.  I was completely floored. Let me tell you that I couldn't even fit my big toe in a 6 or 8 before. I am not sure what to think to be honest.

Today I ate:
breakfast; smart and delicious wheat tortilla w/ cheese and avocado inside, 2 eggs scrambled w/little onion and some baby spinach and feta cheese, 8 blackberries, coffee, blah, blah, blah. vitamins, 2 pro-biotics, and 2 Reslina.    S-3/C-1

lunch; spinach salad w bluecheese dressing and a pizza made w/saralee wheat pita, seeds of change-romagna 3 cheese pasta sauce and cheese and turkey pepperoni.   S-1/C-1

snack; Amway protien bar (on my products page) I only have these once in a great while cause they have 1 carb and 1 sugar - but they have sugar alcohol in it and actually has 1 sugar and 2 carbs per bar. But sweetened w/rebiana a stevia sweetener.

dinner; turkey and asparagus w/some pesto sauce for flavor. 2 squares of Lindt 85% w/RediWhip.  S-4/C-0

So my doggies must have middle-heimers like me cause they forgot that we walked this morning and just kept sitting in front of me and buggin until I said fine!!!!!!!! So I walked again - so that was 1.7 miles this morning and 2.6 this evening. I feel Great!!  See - I exercise......

Katina - I like to eat anything that is easy and fast. So I get some bags of frozen meat from Sam's club like the meatballs and chicken and turkey medallions, all that stuff is cooked so its easy. Just add green low sugar veggies.

Debbie - just friend me on Facebook and send me a private message and we can get together and talk anytime :-)

Pattie - you can copy anything you like. That's why I am here to help everyone in any way that I can.

Mrs Benson - I know you will love that Oasis Low Carb bread. You can eat 2 slices and its only 2 sugars and 1 carb. I love it!

Please everyone go and visit my friends blogs on the list below and follow and comment for them too. They need the support also. I know it takes time, but I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for listening to me today. As usual - Free Hugs for all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off..........

My thought for the day:

You Can

You Can Positive QuoteIf Joan of Arc could turn the tide of an entire war before her eighteenth birthday, you can get out of bed and YOU CAN DO THIS!! 

Keep on BFC ' n   :-)


  1. Size 8, WOW! So proud of you. And you wonder why you are an inspiration?? You're amazing.

    Thanks as always for your blog. Makes my day!

    Hugs <3

  2. Quick and easy is the way !! Thanks!! I also saw that show. I loved it. I saw it last night just came from gym myself. Ladies!! I was sore as hell!!! Lmao!! I did the treadmill for an hour burned 340 cal and the eplipitcal for 35 min burned 419 cal!! My girlfriend and I were laughing , crying and wobbling to our cars! Had a great workout last night !! Today back to the gym after work going to take an aerobics class called 20/20/20. I am so determined to get the rest of this weight off!! Grrr!! I am really doing my best to Stay focus n motivated!! If you and he can do it !! So can I!! Woohoo! Live love laugh ttyl!! If I don't die 1st from tonight workout!! Lol !!

  3. Wow you are doing so well! I'm a little frustrated this week myself. I always weigh myself on Wednesdays and this morning I was up two pounds. I'm now 183. How frustrating. I'm not sure what I did wrong this week. I think I'm going to start writing down all my food again and see where I'm going over. I wonder if calories count as well as sugar and carbs because I haven't been thinking about them at all. Also I think I need to be more active. I know you say you don't exercise Rosalie, but I count walking as exercise and you seem to do that every day. I think I will try adding walking for exercise into my routine this week if I can and see if that helps.

  4. Watching the biggest loser makes my 85 pounds feel small,too, but it surely is not! Look how far you've come and how you've changed! There's a huge transformation to be proud of in you! Great job on the size 6/8!!

  5. Very cool on your shorts purchase! I desperately need some new clothes, but the styles are so ugly this year that I just haven't been inspired yet. Sadly even with my 19 lb loss I still have cottage cheese legs! 19 lbs:) Today was my new low....Woot!!! Thanks Rosie!!!

  6. Whooo Hooo on new sexy summer clothes. I need to get some too. You are so awesome and I appreciate you so much :)

  7. Yay, single digit clothing numbers. Can't wait for that! YOu must be feeling so good, and two bouts of exercise in one day. Show off! Those doggies do guilt you into don't they. I had great danes for many years, and they are long, lean, couch potatoes. Exercise is not their thing. But this new little guy that I have ( well I've had him for 2 years) he would walk ten times a day if you let him. He just loves to prance around the neighborhood, marking everything, checking out the sites. He's so funny. He even knows how to spell, so you can't even spell the word "walk" around him. Thanks for the number on facebook. I will surprise you and give you a call one of these days. I'll have to remember about the time thing though. You don't want any 6 AM wake up calls! Have a great day!

  8. As I have said before Rosalie, you exercise plenty! Walking is the best exercise there is, and you and your beautiful dogs are very consistant exercisers! Hence your tiny shorts, lol. Good for you!

  9. Hi Rosy,
    Wow size 6-8 is a great dream for me LOL
    Love all your good info. I now seem to be copying all your food choices,,, Oasis bread, blackberries, I use the Redi whip with Fage and barleens blackberry as a great dessert,
    Question where do you get MRM whey?
    I have used Jay Robb which is too expensive to continue with as my son (Brian) and I are both on the BFC. I went to a new diabetic Dr. today.
    As I told you before I lost 30# and gained 20 back.. well he noticed this on my records... He wanted to know if I wanted him to set me up with a netrition? I said no I would work on weight loss myself as I did before and keep it off this time instead of being a yo yo. He asked me how may carbs I eat at a meal. I told him 120 a day. He said a diabetic should eat at least 50 per meal,,,, that's his thoughts,,,,,
    Thanks again for all your concern for each of us. HUGS to you too


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