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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday of week 43: The Belly Fat Cure

Hello Everyone,

First of all like Lisa and Minichick noticed I actually fit into a size 10. I had a coupon for 30% off at Kohls and it was going to expire on Wednesday. So I decided that I would go and get me another pair of jeans. I really don't have hardly any bottoms to wear. I have been wearing size 12's and they are getting loose.

I remembered when I posted that last picture on the top right, someone said I looked like a 10. Maybe I am just wearing my pants lose cause they feel so much better than always wearing them skin tight like before. So I tried on the 12's they fit great, but I could tell as soon as they loosened up they would be too big. So I put on the 10, and to my surprise I actually pulled them over my butt and actually zipped and buttoned them. Again I was having one of those moments of almost crying and no one in there to tell. I will post a new picture in a few.

I think some of you misunderstood me the other day. I was saying that I can't eat all the regular stuff like everyone else. Like last weekend when we were at the shower, everyone else was eating chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, etc. and I couldn't. I can live with that, son't get me wrong. I love the way I look and feel by not eating that stuff. I was just whining a little. That's what these blogs are for - right? so we can just throw up on each other. LOL Just kidding.

Well I am going to Dad's again this weekend. We are celebrating Thanksgiving on Tuesday because my  2 sisters have to work on Thursday. So this weekend Hubby has to work nights at the fire dept I said what are you going to do with the dogs? He said they will sleep outside. I said no way - its 45 at night now. He says - they are dogs. I said they are not used to sleeping outside - they sleep in the house and they might get sick.

Well anyways I am going to take them with me. I have never done that before. They have 2 dogs and when my sister, Lisa comes over she brings over her 2 little yippers. SOOOOO - I am not sure how we will handle this, But........... What other choice do I have? I can't make them stay outside in the cold, even though they have built-in fur coats. They are my babies!

I will try to post while I am over there. I am coming home on Wednesday so I can eat thanksgiving with Hubby's family on Thursday.

Thanks for listening. Love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments.

My thought for the day:

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake. 
Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. That is so awesome that you can wear a size 10 now. I understand how you feel, once before I did a diet several years ago and had almost lost 20 lbs and was able to fit in small pants and it was an awesome feeling. I can't wait til that can happen again. Great Job girl!

  2. Wow, you look amazing!!!! I know i ranted and raved the other day but i was just nervous for you! Sorry about that. I'm just so darn proud of you!! Have a great trip and stay safe!!!

  3. You look fabulous!!! Yes, I think we were worried about you when you were crying over not being able to eat those foods again. I thought you literally meant it, but I see now that you meant the bad version of those foods. Sadly, though, they shouldn't be eating those type of foods either. Vent away all you want. Just let us know if we misunderstand you again. Hopefully it was a good pep talk for a silent reader out there who needed to hear what we had to say.

  4. You look so skinny!!! Your an inspiration!!!! Thanks for all the help down 1 lb. I am now 192! Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration with your family! I would have taken the dogs too!

  5. Rosalie - you have to smile in your pictures!! You look great and the feeling of getting into a smaller size is the best - even if your alone in a Kohl's dressing room - I read on Amber's blog the other day a book she had just read titled Food Rules - you can break the rules once in awhile. I think that is the secrect for maintaining. Not like the old days of eating excessing amounts of the wrong things. From now on its a treat you can indulge in or like you do - just a bite or two. Its way better than telling yourself no to all treats. I"m happy with a few bites. Another rule in the book is if the food is from a plant eat it - if its made in a plant - don't. So one day if I want I will have a 1/2 apple or 1/2 banana - just always staying with the small serving size of sugar items. Have you tried greek yogurt mixed with Barleans flavored Omega-3 stuff. To me that is a treat and I eat it almost every morning with some walnuts on it too. I tell my hubby I could live on Greek yogurt 3 meals a day - he thinks I'm nuts.
    Good luck with the dogs and the holidays. Have a sliver of Pumpkin Pie and enjoy it. We probably waste too much time feeling guilty if we slip up, when we should just enjoy

  6. OMG Rosalie!!! LOOK AT YOU!!!! You look so fricken skinny it isnt even funny girl!!!! Congrats!!!! (clap, clap, clap...my standing ovation to you!) Be proud and yes, you need to be grinning ear to ear in your pictures...look how far you have come! What size did you start the BFC in? I want to be a success like you! OMG, I would fricken give my eyeteeth to be in a 10!!! Had a disappointing week, up 2# & dont know why. Anyways, moving forward. Have a great time @ your dads & do keep in touch....Miss Skinnie Minnie!!! ((hugs))

  7. Congratulations Rosalie!!!! What a great feeling to put on those jeans and have them fit!! I am so happy for you. All of your effort and desire is paying off, good for YOU! Wishing you the very best, Helen

  8. SIZE10 SIZE10 SIZE10 SIZE10 SIZE10 SIZE10 SIZE10 OMGOODNESS SIZE10!!! Take the dogs, the turkey, the BFC salads because they will all fit in the front sit with you since you're so little!!! Have a great time with your Pops, and family. Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, we are thankful this year for our new friends, our new bods, our health, our knowledge on how to loose it (fat that is). We have so much to be thankful for!

  9. Rosalie, You look so awesome in your size 10's. Cant wait until I see those numbers. Have a great time visiting your dad and I am so glad you are taking your babies with you!

  10. Rosalie, you look so good you have really done a great job only hope can do the same.may i ask how tall you are? good job


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