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I'm Not Dieting - I've Changed My Lifestyle

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday of week 43: The Belly Fat Cure

Good Morning all.
I have to say that I am feeling really good about the BFC future. I am finally realizing that I HAVE lost 71lbs and that I look and feel great! I look at myself in the mirror every day and go - Is that really me?

The closer I get to the end of the year, I am starting to realize that I might not get to the goal of 150lbs that I set for myself. I don't feel bad about that at all. I guess that it might take me longer. Our bodies will only go at the pace that they want to. I set a pace that was too fast, I guess. But think about it - I actually lost 71lbs in under 10 months just by changing the way I eat. Not with strenuous exercises. Just by cutting out the excess sugars in my diet.

I'd like to talk about that word DIET. I have heard so many people say that this is a life style and not a diet. Well I agree that it is a nutritional plan and a life style, but I very much do call this a diet. A diet to me is where we deprive ourselves of something that everyone else can eat.

I have been doing this for almost 10 months and there is many times where I feel left out when everyone else is eating things that I can never have again. The other day I was feeling a little sorry for myself thinking, I can never eat this again! I can never eat that again! I just felt like crying. Like I was punishing myself for letting me get so fat. I talked about it to hubby. He thinks that when I get to a certain point - that I should be able to eat that stuff once in a while as a treat. I would very much like to eat a piece of fruit or piece of pie or whatever  once in a while again.

Chime in everybody. What do you think about that? Can we - once we get to our goal, eat that stuff once in a while without getting the craving back to go all hog wild and get fat again?

Yesterday I ate:
breakfast; 2 eggs, a orowheat multi-grain round sandwhich thin w/ butter and sugar free peanut butter, coffee, blah, blah, blah.
lunch; I ate 4 pieces of turkey lunch meat and wrapped  2 pieces around a string cheese and 2 pieces around a colby jack cheese, then I watched TV and ate some popcorn.
snack; walnuts
dinner: some chicken and broccoli, and 2 squares of Lindt 85% dark chocolate.

I hope everyone has a good day. Thanks for listening. Love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments.

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My thought for the day:

Ability, Motivation, Attitude

Attitude Positive QuoteAbility is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I have wondered about the whole.. never eat fruit again... I love fruit! on page 39 in the BFC book it says after we reach our goal weight we can incorporate fruit back into our diet, up to 2 extra pieces a day. How do you think this works? still watch your S/C totals, but allow 2 fruits also?
    I just made the Pizza Blanca in the BFC book and it was quite yummy!
    Take care!

  2. I remember in one part of Jorge's book, it says you can have fruit again when you reach your goal weight but sorta eat it in moderation because of the natural sugars. I don't think fruit will ever be bad for you, i mean come on, its one of the healthiest things out there. The reason we have to cut it out of our diet while trying to lose weight is because it will make us crave sugar in other things and while we are trying to lose this isn't a good thing. Try just having a half of banana instead of a whole and so on with other fruits. I think it would be okay.

    Rosalie great post, it does make you think about what you are giving up, but the one thing we gotta tell ourselves is we are not going to give up our health. We make it a purpose and goal to ourselves to keep up this lifestyle for ourselves to be healthy, happy people. :)

  3. Great post Rosalie. Luckily or maybe not, I've never been much of a fruit eater, specially apples. The only kind of fruit I do eat are the kind lowest in sugars..."BERRIES". Blue, Straw, Razz, are approved on the BFC ...I don't eat them everyday, but since I started the BFC I've had them at least a few days a week w/ whipping cream. I do have an occassional 1/2 banana as Cat mentioned above. I haven't been following this lifestyle as long as you have, and starting my 19th week, but I rarely feel deprived, probably because I do cheat now and then. Maybe I will feel that way, as the weeks and month go on, hope not. Searching for new things to take the edge off, and hunting around in the store for good BFC approved foods also helps a great deal. Sometimes I whip up my own creation w/o sugars and bad carbs. I don't think you are going to gain any weight if you eat a piece of fruit, just balance it by not eating a fully loaded carb! Don't go all nutz, and eat overboard. Lastly, I outlasted the bump in the road, and my weight is 169.0 this evening. So down 2 lb. My goal is not for the year end but my birthday in March. I didn't realize you were doing a yr.end goal when I first sent you my goal. Maybe make mine 155lb. Thanks for changing my numbers! Have a great week too!

  4. I have always been told never to say never on any diet plan. I dont think we never can have a piece of fruit or a piece of pie. The main reason why people quit a diet is because they feel it is to restrictive and that they never can have the things they love. I believe all things in moderation and if you feel you cant handle having just a bite or a piece of fruit or even indulge in something you love then maybe it is just not time to have it. Life is to short to say never!

  5. But you can have a piece of pie still. As I told Lisa in the comment section of my pie post, "I'm glad you're finding a healthy way to still eat the things that you love. I think it's key. And, really, if it were to cause you to start having uncontrollable craving, etc., then you know that it doesn't work for you and you can stop. Like you, I have found the opposite to be true. Being able to still have the things I love in a healthy way has brought peace and calm to my mind, not feelings of being out of control."

    Try not to assume that eating healthy versions of the foods you love, and still want, will cause you to lose control. It's not good for you to live according to fear. Try some of the healthy recipes from Healthy Indulgences and see how you do. You may happily find, as I have, that those low carb/low sugar versions don't send you spiraling out of control because they don't wreak havoc on your endocrine system like traditional high carb/high sugar food do.

    For me, this is why this is NOT a diet for me. I can still eat ice cream, pie, cake, etc. I'm just smart enough now to find healthy versions of these types of food. Just remember, the ingredients that make those original versions bad for us is no longer in the healthy version, so why fear them? I ate my key lime pie for breakfast several mornings, which equated to me eating some almonds and pecans, cream cheese, key lime juice, gelatin, and some cream. When you break it down into its component ingredients, you can see that these are foods (ingredients) that you have no problem eating as a snack, so why would it be a problem eating them in the shape of a pie? Remember, it's the ingredients that make the food good/bad, not the form. So, yes, have healthy pie, but don't have unhealthy pie. Giving yourself permission to have "pie" does not mean that you're giving yourself permission to then start eating any type of pie. So, no, I still don’t think you should think of yourself as being on a diet in the commonly understood way. I can’t eat gluten, but that never made me think of myself as being “on a diet”. I just found different, and ultimately healthier, ways to still have the gluten-filled foods that I used to like. It’s eating in a way that works best for your body. I just think that you need to start looking at how you eat, and what you can eat, with new, healthy eyes. It sounds like you’re still looking at food with your old, addicted eyes. You can put your new glasses on now. You won’t see blurry, stumble, and fall; you’ll see more clearly, walk strong, and safely make it to where you are trying to go. ;)

    I think you are much stronger than you realize.

  6. Everything you have said Minichick is so true!!!! I also DO NOT consider this a diet. Everything we have eaten before can be tweaked to make it BFC approved, that's the beauty of this way of life!!!!! Rosalie, you are being too hard on yourself, by the looks of your menus, i don't think you eat enough! I eat way more than you do. I've had pie for breakfast too like Minichick. You've got to make some kind of dessert(of what you feel you're missing) to keep you from thinking this is a diet!! None of the desserts i make have me spinning out of control because there's no sugar to raise the insulin. I'm totally fine with a serving, seriously. From the very beginning i had dessert every night, so go for it Rosalie! Most of the recipes i find are really easy and healthy. Luckily i'm like Kasey and only like the berries. At this point, i don't freak out about fruit and vegies, they're healthy and anything is better than the way i ate before! If you don't like the taste of stevia, Kasey had posted what she uses, Xylo-Sweet and i'll tell you what, it is amazing!! The stevia to me has a terrible after taste. Also, coconut and almond flour to me is a miracle, i hated the taste of soy flour(iky). To me, it's even better than white because of the nutty taste. I'm even going to make pecan pie for Thanksgiving with the malitol syrup, anything with corn syrup can be replaced with malitol. These extra things are a little more expensive but think of your grocery bill before, mine was out of control with all the junk i bought. I hardly ever go in the middle of the grocery store now!
    Anyway, you've done a great job so far and i'd hate to see you spin out of control and have to start all over, i too, think you are stronger than you realize. I don't think i'm going to make my goal of 140 by the end of the year either, but oh well, my weigh in today was 166.4, a loss of .3. I'll take these little losses anyday!! Hang in there sister, big HUG coming your way!!!

  7. Hey, i just read on Amber's blog you tried on a size 10!!! OMG, that in itself should make you proud of yourself, that's awesome. I tried on a 10 the other day too!! I still firmly believe it's not the number on the scale, i think it's inches!!


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