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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekend Update...

Hello Friends,

I am still here. I'm sorry I don't get a chance to blog like I used to, but I am still and ALWAYS eating healthy and here.

I mentioned on the past few posts, that this blog had been getting BOMBED with spam comments with links to other stupid websites. I put a stop to that completely by taking anonymous commenting off and monitoring comments. You can still comment but not Anonymous. I put a FOLLOW BY E-MAIL link on the right side so you can get notifications of any new posts.

Work is a bit stressful for me sometimes and my favorites saying is "I have Piles of Files" on my desk - which I always do. LOL But I do like that Lil-check I get twice a month - that kind of helps.

They all eat very BAD over there and I do give in once in a while and have a few bites - but it is hard. I always eat a good breakfast in the morning before I go in and bring a lunch with me. It is always best to eat from home, but we have decided that Friday is Henry (our boss) buys us lunch day. Yup every Friday. LOL - Well that's what he gets.

It has been getting darker when I get home to walk but I still do every evening after work at least 2 miles, but I stay off the horse trails -too dark and dangerous and DARK and SCARY.

Now the time has changed and I'm not crazy about that. I think they should just leave the time alone - who else thinks that way? When I get off work at 5:30 it will be pitch black already. Oh well...

We have been doing stuff to fix up our outside of our house little by little since we moved in 1 1/2 years ago. Last weekend we placed a bunch of rocks in the flower bed around the trees we planted. WOW such hard work! I had to cut and put down that screen stuff to keep the weeds out first. I thought I was crippled after with all that bending down and over. But it looks great.



There used to be grass there, but this looks much better and uses less water.

There were not many trick or treaters on Halloween over here and now I have a bunch of stuff left. I guess I will send some to the FD with Hubby the next shift.

Then it Rained most of the night on Halloween. Its getting colder over here - well for us anyway. I've actually been wearing closed in shoes and even have been wearing sock a few times. LOL

I hope you are all doing Well. Gotta go - lots of stuff to do this Sunday.

And Remember..........
So Don't give UP!!

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Ok...where'd my post go??? So, this might be a 2nd one.

    I agree on the time change. I've never understood it. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ and it was never and issue until we moved to Oregon 20 years ago. ha.

    You yard is beautiful. I hate yardwork. Ok....working period. ha.

  2. omg I love the yard work. thats nice your boss buys lunch every friday--hope there is a choice for you :) thanks for posting, just wanted to share I'm down 19/20 lbs from like around july. The scale said down 20 for two days--but I'm happy its slow 3 or so lbs per month but never have eaten better.

  3. Your yard looks great! I am so excited that you got your home and your job! Even though they might not be perfect, they are yours!!!
    Take care my friend!


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