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I'm Not Dieting - I've Changed My Lifestyle

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Hi Ya Friends,

How's every body doing? The weather was HOT today, but I was inside all day - so who cares. I have been going on 2-2 1/2 mile walks with my furry kids every evening when I get home from work on all the trails. I LOVE-Love-love it around here. I do believe this is the best area I have ever lived. The house is about 29 years old and needs some stuff done - but I don't even care about that. Just love it here.

The job is fine. I have learned to just shut up and go to work and it works... My weight is still GREAT! 148 this morning.
I have said many times that I weight myself every night and every morning. I am a SPAZ - I know. But I NEVER want to be surprised at possibly gaining weight and not realize - after all the work I did to get here. If I happen to go up a couple pounds, I can catch it right away and fix it...

You Know, I just love talking about eating and being healthy to anyone who will listen. It's weird how some people I know or meet say they want to lose weight, ask for help, but never take it. Start some STUPID diet instead. DIETS WON'T WORK - People...

You have to learn how to eat healthy - and STAY that way.

Hubby tells me I am THE Exception!! Hardly anyone can do what I did. He doesn't eat the way I do. He doesn't like most of the healthy sweet treats I always make, and says most of people won't.

I think I intimidate some people. I have NO IDEA why?? I am just like you, started right where you are right now. I just Luckily found the magic formula for me...

The main thing I have learned is that it IS Not and WILL NOT be easy...

You have to eat healthy and REAL food....

You CAN'T Give up... Yeah you will be hungry at first... And NO you will NOT lose 4-9lbs EVERY SINGLE week... Come ON! That is NOT healthy anyways. If you can lose 2lbs a week - that is healthy.

I know I have not been posting all the time like before I started working now, But I AM here if anyone really needs me. Message me on Facebook and when I get home - I WILL answer and always try to help YOU to get healthy!
Have a great day - This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... Wish we could bottle whatever it is that helps you to make this lifestyle work.

    My question to you would be, why do you think this worked for you?

    I have been on a "diet" since I was 7 years old. My dad told my mom I was "getting fat" and she needed to do something with me. Such judgement at such an early age. It's unfortunately followed me my entire life. I only wish I could unlock the secret of success. :(

    You are amazing and such an encourager. I wish I lived close. I would hang with you and try and suck up all the knowledge and hopefully catch some of your wisdom. :)

    Thank you, Rosalie, for being you ... SO special!

    With Love and Hugs for you,

    Linda in Western NC :)

  2. rosalie, I've read your postings for years and sorry too overwhelmed to give a proper reply in all that tiime. I read faster than I write. Hubby is mistaken; I love the recipes you post and pin many of them. I've learned so much about Coconut flour from you! and the Almond flour! That is the only thing that has worked for me, keeping the weight off.Plus I love it. It stops the health problems caused by processed food. LOVE your blog and know I'm always reading just too many jobs to have time to write!

  3. Rosalie you keep me inspired every time you post! I too have learned so much from you! Thank you so much :-)

  4. Definitely add me to this list too!!!! Thank you Rosalie

  5. Hi Rosalie. Was wondering what do you do when on vacation in regards to the bfc? Do you have any advice or suggestions?

    1. I would just keep eating the way I do now the best I can. A burger wrapped in lettuce, no bread, meat and veggies, brown rice or black beans, salads, you can do it...

  6. Thank you Rosalie,for all the words of encouragement, your a sweet heart. I know I can do it. And am going to b walking a lot , those Disney parks are an all day walk, am taking my pedometer, curious how many steps and calories I burn. Thanks again.

  7. Rosalie...YOU are AMAZING ! I have not commented in awhile but I do read your blog. Your husband and mine sound so similar. I too, weigh daily & when I see it is a little up I check myself and get right back on it !

    You are the real deal when it comes to eating healthy & staying healthy !!

    Dot :)

  8. Tell Your Hubby I Disagree With Him. Longingly, Tho. I Do Think This Way Of Eating Is For Those Of Us Who Are Either Buddha Belly Or Beer Belly Folks ... Which Is Hormonal. WeAre Hanging In There!!!


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