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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Meet (insert new name here)...

Good Morning Friends,

Boy do I have a headache this morning. Just one of those days I guess. The past few weeks have been a bit hard for me after losing my Mandy. Well actually for Peaches, Hubby and I - all 3. Trying to find a new friend for Peaches has been a bit traumatic mostly for me. It just kept crying about everything.

We had a Char Pei over last weekend to try but she did not work out. I don't think the shelter told hubby all the truth about her circumstances. She was just WAY to scared and traumatized. We felt AWFUL but had to send her back.

Then last Sunday Hubby MADE me go to a Barks of Love adoption event in Garden Grove - I think. It was about 45 minutes away and we took Peaches with us. We found a little guy named Conner we liked. Looks like half chihuahua and half Jack Russel and about 4 years old and 20lbs. The foster said he never pottied in the house and could use a doggie door. So I thought since I work now - he would be perfect, and Peaches liked him.

Oh yeah the doggie dooor - funny story - real quick;
I was putting all my stuff in the car to go to work Thursday, sat down in the car and realized I didn't have my keys. Hubby was working the day shift and I know I locked the whole house up there's only one way to get in and guess what that is? Yep the doggie door. 
I can't believe I'm so skinny now I actually fit through that damn thing. My ferocious guard dog Peaches just sat there saying how did you get over there mom? 
Can you just imagine if I had got stuck? I would've been there all day until someone noticed I was gone with peaches licking my face.
I  was wiping tears from my eyes for an hour - I cracked myself up. lol

Anyway the Barks of Love came over on Wednesday to do a house check and we met them on Thursday evening to adopt and get Conner. (which we hate that name and will most likely change it).
This was us before we left to go home with him.
This was him in the car on the way home - a little angel - UNTIL we got home. Then the magic started. NOT!

I was pretty sure I was gonna kill myself - he cried and whined and barked REAL LOUD all night. Would not do ANYTHING they said he does. I thought they were lying to just get us to adopt him. I was up all night long and had to work the next morning (Friday). Hence the STILL-now Headache...

He did NOT potty in the house - so 1 thumbs up...

I went to work and Hubby SAID he would work with him. Eventually he started following Peaches in and out the doggie door Hubby said.

2nd thumbs up...

When I got home from work he was much better and doing the 2 front feet in the air dance for me. Hubby had to work the night shift.
When it was bedtime, I had to chase him and pick him up and I put him in his bed. He whined a bit at first then after a few minutes he got up and started running around and crying AGAIN!! I picked him up and put him back in and said STAY!
This was him at 6:30 this morning - Haha....Still in his bed.

3 thumbs up...

Well my sister Lisa is supposed to come over today and I am hoping the 3 of us can go see a movie before hubby has to go to work tonight. Then hopefully a nice walk thru the horse trails.
My breakfast this morning - Alpine Valley 12 grain toast with homemade almond butter, berries and egg and cheese omelet.

Have a nice day. This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. He's cute! My Brenda is half chi half Jack Russell. Very sweet but barks at anything and everything. Once Connor gets used to the new situation he will probably settle down. Jack Russells are supposed to be very smart and easy to train.

  2. ahh.... I think it will work out, you made me LOL with the doggie door story. So dog drama....work is good? Keep us posted :)

  3. You have a big heart for animals Rosalie. I'm sure he will love his new home.

  4. way to go skinny lady! ;) I'm sure he will work out fine once he figures everything out.

  5. So glad you found a new fur ever friend. Give him some time to adjust. I think he will work out fine. Peaches will teach him how to behave!! XO!!

  6. Congrats Rosalie! And I totally agree with everyone else. It simply takes some time. Just imagine the horror stories these little adopted rescues could tell us if they could only speak. :(
    He looks like a great little guy. I have a Jack Russel and they are VERY smart.
    *Hugs and Blessings*
    Linda in Western NC :)

  7. So happy to hear that that Peaches has a new friend! Love the doggy door story! Ha! Ha! Your new fur baby is one lucky guy to be with all of you!


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