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I'm Not Dieting - I've Changed My Lifestyle

Monday, January 20, 2014


Good Morning Friends,

I have the day off today for a 3 day weekend. My weight is good and I re-cooperated from last weekend's 2 nights out to dinner in about 3 days. All I have to do now is just keep eating the same way that I always have to stay HERE - where I am now.

I know many of the people that started with me 4 years ago on the BFC, have strayed off and can't seem to do it for some reason, or they gain the weight back. They have tried so many different things and some even wind up - right BACK here on the BFC.

For ME, this is the simplest, healthiest, and easiest way to eat. WHY oh WHY would I ever change or go back to the way I ate before?

Once you start eating healthy like this, you just simply keep eating this way forever. THAT'S IT!

I have always allowed that 1-3 bite rule that I gave myself right from the beginning. That means no matter WHERE I am, or Who I am with, I ALWAYS eat healthy but that once in a while time when we go out to eat, or at a gathering, or holiday, I pick 1 thing that I really love and eat 1-3 bites - then STOP.

That's how I have been able to get to taste stuff I used to LOVE and not feel deprived. Try it - it works, then just stick to eating healthy - YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Saturday Hubby and I went to the shelter to look for a playmate for Peaches AGAIN! Him and I have been bumping heads a bit on this subject. He is picking dogs that might be too young or need more training or attention all day that I just can't give now that I am working.

I am looking for a calm - good - potty trained dog, with a sweet - get a long with ANYBODY kind of personality like my Mandy had and Peaches has now. Peaches loves anybody, all kids and dogs. They on the other hand growl and snap at her - from the shelters sometimes. She NEVER snaps back - EVER.

She is the Perfect dog!! And so was Mandy and that is why it has been so hard for me. I cry for hours sometimes because I ONLY want MANDY - not those other dogs! I miss her face and personality SO MUCH!!
Both of my girls sitting in the same chair. (which they are not supposed to do) BUSTED!
Peaches is not so sad and doesn't cry and howl at me anymore when I get home. I know she is lonely but she seriously, is the PERFECT dog! Never does anything wrong - EVER! She just sits and looks CUTE all the time and loves me to no end. I always share a few bites my eggs or meat with her and we have GREAT walks every night when I get home. I let her pick which way she wants to go and - oddly its always the same way. It makes her so happy.

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to a meet and greet with Greyhounds... I have never seen such big dogs - with tiny BeetleJuice heads - as my daughter said.. They are around 80 lbs and almost as big as me. IDK, by the way they describe them, they seem like having a toddler around that needs special attention. Not sold.

As of right now - I just don't want to look anymore - it just makes my CRY and CRY for my Mandy...Her face as she looked at me while she took her last breath... Oh geeze - here I go again...

Gonna go make some treats now. I plan on making this morning:
cashew-butter-bread but I will use Almonds instead.

OK Have a nice day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Dearest Rosalie,

    If I were there right now I would be giving you THE biggest hug. I know all too well how you feel. We lost 3 beautiful four legged girls within eight months time. I simply wanted to go to bed, pull the covers over my head and just stay there. I loved them all SO much.

    I can tell you that in time, the pain gets less and the memories grow even sweeter.

    My advice for you is to be happy with Peaches for right now. You will know when it's time to add another sweet girl to your already wonderfully blessed family.

    You are a great Mom to your four legged girls. They are and have been SO blessed to have you. :)

    Blessings and Hugs,

    Linda in Western NC :)

  2. I agree with Linda - don't force it. When it's time, you will know.

  3. It takes a while for the tears to stop. I have been through this many times and you never know when it's going to hit you. Give yourself time and be patient. You'll find the right dog. XO!

  4. I'm sorry, as you know, grief is a process. I have said many times that I would love a dog, but I don't want to LOVE a dog. My loss I'm sure.
    Take care of yourself, and I agree on the dog, it will happen when you are ready.

  5. Hi Rosalie,

    I can see your FaceBook page but can't comment because I don't "do" FaceBook. Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I love Ayla. How cute!! I have French Bulldogs and I can tell you that the wrinkles that the one person commented on have never been an issue with my girls so don't let them worry you.

    I sure hope she and Miss Peaches bond well.

    I'm excited for you.


    Linda in Western NC :)


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