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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Good Morning Folks,

How are you doing? I have not been feeling that great. Wednesday I ran a bunch of errands, maybe 6 different stores then lastly El Pollo Loco and got a salad to go,
Came home - put everything away, then ate my salad. Around 3pm I took my furry girls for a walk and said hi to the horses.

I started feeling a bit dizzy I noticed for some reason and by the time Hubby got home, around 8pm I told him so. I said I think something is wrong with me.

When I went to bed I woke up with terrible sweats, and every time I moved or turned over - it felt like my head was spinning and felt really nauseous.

I felt like I had been really DRUNK the night before - but you all know ME - and I was NOT. I felt Sea Sick.

When it was time to get up I couldn't move that great. I didn't even take a shower - couldn't. But I did manage to splash water on my face and brush my teeth without throwing up and made my way to the couch.

A friend came over and brought me a dramamine and made me some toast and eggs and tea around 10:30.  She left and I just kind of hung out on the couch all day. Hubby was working all day.

Everyone kept saying online that I should go to the doctor so I made an appointment for Friday. Hubby came home to take me. Well - she said I have VERTIGO. Also I got 1 shot in each arm while I was there, flu shot in 1 arm and tetnis shot in the other. Ouchy!
She said it could have been anything on Wednesday that set it off, even just a tiny hair in my ear out of place. I did not feel sick in any way just like I was sea sick, dizzy and upset tummy.

She offered me some medicine but I told her that I felt over 50% better so I probably didn't need it. she said to just let her know and I could get some - no problem.

Yesterday was Saturday and Maria (step-mom) and Lisa (sister) was having a early Turkey dinner at their house. My sister and her husband from Vegas came down for a couple days. I went over and brought some folding tables and chairs and attempted twice to make these Cranberry muffins and brought some over along with some broccoli and cauliflower to steam.

I ate some regular stuff, turkey roast, veggies, a cranberry muffin and a few bites of stuffing and some corn casserole that Lisa made. I did eat a couple bites of pie after and 2 tiny glasses of Pinot Noir red wine. The wine actually helped my ET's a little. They are getting worse. EEK.

So I got home around 9pm and got in bed to watch TV at 9:30 - I was alone after all. During the night it hit me AGAIN! Sweating, dizzy and nauseous and me Moaning all night.

Now this morning I feel the same as the past few days - 50% better. Now I am rethinking the medicine thing - but I read online that by taking this type of meds it will prolong the symptoms - so I am a catch-22.

Anyway - I hope you all have a great day.  This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. You Really Should Ask Them To Test Your Ears...Not Sure The Name Of It. It's Not Painful...Just Incomfortable. They Blow Warm Air Then Cool Air On The Ear Drums. This Test Will Tell Ya If Infact It Was A Vurus, Or Fluid, Or Nothing At All But Maybe A Sinus Issue. If You Have Heading Loss...The Symptoms Will Go Away After A While, But Can Come Back. I Carry Bonine At All TimeS Because Of This.

  2. Vertigo is no joke. Both my hubby & his sister suffer from it. My SIL has a rx for Antivert that seems to do the trick. My hubby usually just lays flat and tries to sleep it off ! I do hope you feel better soon Rosalie (((HUGS))


  3. Hi Rosalie Im so sorry you're not feeling well :-( Vertigo is awful! I hope you feel better soon so you don't have to take any medication. Hugs!

  4. My husband's co worker has been on disability for 5 years because of vertigo. He wasn't able to drive anymore, so he went on disability. Pursue answers my friend, you are your best health care advocate!
    I hope you are all better by the time you read this!

  5. Hello Rosalie :)

    I am hoping that your vertigo is better today. Unfortunately I suffer with vertigo every single day of my life. It can go hand in hand with the lovely tremors that we both deal with. That's when I got mine. Sadly I have had every test known to modern man and since they can't track it down to as why I have it they simply tell me :It's not gonna kill ya." :(

    Seriously? Duh ... thanks for the info. I would love to have some of these Docs live in my head/body for a solid week and see if they gain some compassion.

    Seriously, if it doesn't get better you might want to seek out a Neurologist for it.

    Hugs for You,

    Linda in Western NC :)

  6. Hoping your feeling better Rosalie! Happy Thanksging! So grateful for you and your blog.


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