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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mine is Sweets...........

HI Friends,

I hope everyone's weekend went well. Yesterday, Saturday Hubby and I were supposed to go to the fair one last time but decided no to and to go today Sunday instead because it was the last day. Hubby has been working nights - so I get to watch what ever I want on TV at least. LOL

I'm sure half the people in the whole world are watching the finally of Breaking Bad? I have never seen one episode - so Netflix it is I guess. There is a lot of good shows on and they are usually on at the same time so I am glad for the invention of the DVR.

I know some of you have a problem with CARBS...What is yours? I do too in a kind of way, but mine is sweets. I would so rather eat a healthy sweet than bread or a potato. Don't know why - it just is.

I am SO grateful for this blog and all the others I have followed in the past almost 4 years now. I have found so many recipes that I use that are made with healthy flours and ingredients. I know what is in them and sometimes you might notice me making the same things a lot. I do have my favorites I guess. If it ain't broke - I say.

My breakfast this morning was a pumpkin muffin with my homemade coconut butter to drizzle on top, turkey bacon and berries.
Hubby and I left before 10am to go to the fair one last time. I got discount tickets online and we got free parking in the special lot because he said he was a firefighter. Yeah.

We must have walked around for 4 hours. I bought a few things this time.

I got this for Grand-baby Chloe - gonna mail it tomorrow. Shh don't tell.
 I got these earrings for me. They are real leaves dipped in special stuff.
 And this is my favorite part that I can't wait to try in a little bit - in my new coffee pot (woo hoo). Goodnight tea. I got it from these people that make the most awesome teas and spices that I have ever seen. They assured me that this stuff will work way better than any pills that we try to take at night. We shall see. The website is: http://worldflavorz.com/
I paid $8 for it but on the website it says $7, don't have a clue why. They have some that had real fruit in it!
Halfway thru the walking we ate some fried zucchini dipped in ranch and water. Then a hour or more later we shared a chicken-?? something (duh-forgot) quesadilla. I ate 1/3 and felt guilty because it was a flour tortilla. I have never done that since starting to eat this way.

We got home around 3pm cause hubby had to work the night shift again. Even though I walked a Ton I still had to take the furry girls for a walk around 5ish. We went down the horse trails. I can't go that fast anymore with them or too long cause they get way too tired. Poor babies. But I make them go at least 1 mile.

My weight is fine - the way I eat keeps me within a 3lb range. Sometimes like today I feel like I ate too much. After our walk I ate some turkey and brussel sprouts. Then after for desert I ate 2 chocolate-pumpkin-cheesecake muffins. Well - I have to use them up. They are gonna be no good. 1 left.

Well if your attention span is anything like mine - I am boring you then.  So I will say good night.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. That outfit is adorable!
    My weakness is definitely white bread and potatoes. There are no good options for those:(
    I really hope that tea works for you! That would make me happy that you could get a good nights sleep!

  2. definitely sweets for me too. Part of why I started skipping the bready stuff in the first place- to make room! :) Did the tea work?

  3. My weakness is sweets, carbs, fast food, and well, just food in general. I'm just starting Belly Fat Cure. Need to lose 65 lbs. I've lost and regained 40 lbs 2x past 1.5 years. Sad.

  4. Hope the tea helps! Nothing worse then not feeling rested.


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