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Friday, July 5, 2013

Love it here...

Good Morning Friends,

I hope you all had a great 4th and didn't eat too much junk. Hubby has been working days this week so I have been trying to do something around here each day. He was starting to think that I might kill him in his sleep because hes been keeping me up for about 4 nights in a row from tossing and coughing and that nasty noise some make to clear their throat. LOL Don't worry - I won't.

I am starting to feel a bit ill myself the past 3 days from not sleeping - I think. Just tired, of course aches from the no sleep and a sore throat. I very RARELY every get sick so - this too shall pass - I say.

The weather is great around 90 give or take each day. And have I said how much We LOVE it here?? Just checkin.

My breakfast yesterday;
 Then I said I wasn't gonna do anything but I cleaned both bathrooms.

My lunch was some broccoli and brussel sprouts and a tiny bit of chicken.

I went to the movies by myself and saw White House Down at 1pm. Had some popcorn and 2 squares of 86% Girhardellis and water.

Got home before 4. I left the dogs in the house cause until we coyote proof the yard or get a doggy door cut into the house - that is my only worry, that I might come home and see blood and no furry girls. Am I being overly worried about my girls? IDK

I watched some TV - ate 2 of my cookies I made a few days ago. Then I went outside and started pulling some more weeds.  Remember before?

Now I am making a dent I think. This is gonnna take a while for sure.

I went for a walk with the furry girls. They really seem to love it here. On our walk Hubby came home and joined us.

He brought me a small steak home - and it was good. We have no BBQ yet so he did it at work for me. SO thoughtful.

I kept looking around the backyard to see where I could see some fireworks in the sky. We are kind of uphill and most of the houses are 2 story except ours a a very few. So Whoopey I found a spot in the front looking S-W between 2 houses and saw some awesome pretty fireworks.

They dogs were going nuts like usual from the noise, mostly Mandy - she hates any kind of noises and paces like a lion and Peaches just gets nervous by proxy.

A couple days ago the previous owner texted me and asked if she could come a get some of the Mint from the front flower bed she had growing like crazy all over the place. I said yes of course but didn't know how she would react to seeing the house with the changes we made to the inside.

She said - "oh I just noticed the Shutters are gone - what did you do with them?" She seems so nice and would be someone I could be friends with but I am so hesitant because of who she is.  What do you think?

Just to make a correction to my last post, the only fruit I eat are berries. Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. I still never eat any other kind of fruit - but wouldn't be opposed to tasting it if someone else was.

OK so gotta go - someone is coming over right now to look at my old fridge I put a ad on Craigslist to sell. I really didn't want to sell it but it won't fit in the space here - too big.Oh well. I hope it will give someone else a nice home.

Have a great day - and REMEMBER, just because someone looks skinny - don't be jealous, it does not mean they are HEALTHY...

So Eat Healthy and Make Healthy Food choices...

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I'd Be Leary Of Her Too! Glad You Are Making Progress! And I'm Sooooo Glad You Like It There! Annnnd I'd Be Concerned For The Furbabies Too!!! I'm Not Sure What I'd Do...But You Are In Good Company! Did That Guy Come To Do Yardwork That You Gave Rocks To??

  2. I don't blame you for not wanting to leave the dogs out until you have a more secure yard.

    I'm sure it's hard for previous homeowners to see changes but oh well it's no longer their place and you need to make it the home you will be happy with.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the wall/fence with the big gate! That yard is gonna be a big undertaking for sure, but it will look awesome once you get it the way you want it!

    1. Yeah that gate goes out to the Horse trail in back of the house. Of course we don't have a key or a horse. LOL

  4. Wow! I think you have made a TON of progress! Seriously you have some weed free area? You can have the locksmith come again and put a new lock on the gate so you can go out that gate?
    I think you may be a little paranoid about the coyotes. If you had just one dog, maybe, but 2 it would have to be really dumb to take on 2 dogs. Did you call animal control and ask if there is a problem in your area?
    I would look at the circumstances of why the gal lost the house. Was it negligence or things out of her control? Or maybe you don't even know? I know that some people that lose their homes totally trash them before they leave and she didn't do that?
    We saw fireworks while on the freeway last night. At least we saw a couple!


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