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Saturday, June 8, 2013

I saw Horseys today...

OK FINE!! I'll keep blogging.

I do it for me anyways and most of all for those of you that DO read it. I know I am complaining about how hard I am working at the new house, but I have to say that after today - I am so EXCITED!!

The past week or so after the cleaning and painting and carpet shampooing - I have been going back and forth in my car like a million times. Well it  seems like it anyways. I cleaned out all the cupboards, drawers  and bathrooms and lined all the shelves. I have been packing up stuff - EVERYTHING and bringing what ever will fit in my little Hyundai and then unpacking it at the new house and putting it away.

I brought over mostly all of my clothes and stuff from both bathrooms and put everything away in the new house. I am excited cause when we move the big stuff on monday - I will be like 80% done - YAY.

I posted on Facebook this morning,  I see horse trails all around by our new house and I even see the horse POOP but I have yet to see a horse. Today with my going back and forth I actually saw 5 people riding horses how cool is that.

This is what I managed to scrounge up  for me to eat today. Hubby is working an OT at work.
Don't ask me what happened to the hole in the toast? Myu chocolate-hazelnut butter on top with some cottage cheese and berries.
 Lunch I saw a chipotle and brought back a salad and ate it at the new house - yup thats my new counter.
Its dinner time now and I am HUN-GER-EY. Too much psychical work today. Better go. Have a good weekend I'll blog again on Tuesday after the Cable guy comes. Yeah Monday night with no TV or internet. WHAT?

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n :-)


  1. Oh my gosh! I love horses! I grew up around them. That is so cool that you live in a neighborhood like that! You've been a workhorse yourself over the last few weeks, but it sounds like your hard work has paid off! I know you can't wait to be totally moved in. Hope things come together quickly for you and hubby!

  2. WOW!! Way cool about the horses. You are moving into what sounds like an enviable neighborhood. I just knew great things were in your future! :)

    Take care of yourself and I'll be praying that sleep comes for you once you are moved in and settled. Stress certainly takes a lot out of us.

    *Big Hugs* Rosalie and Congratulations again!

    Linda in Western NC :)

  3. Yay for horsies! Have a great Sunday. Next Monday will be here before you know it...

  4. Yay for you! Love that you are going to keep blogging. I would really miss you! XO!

  5. Hope your move is going well today! Tell the invisibles that they arent allowed in the moving truck :)

  6. Rosalie, you sound a bit discouraged, I see after reading back a few posts. I'm sure you do get lots of visitors, many of us are just lurkers. I certainly like to pop in now and then and see what's new in our way of eating world, what everyone's up to. I just don't have much to say, I guess. Blogger's been a bugger for me lately so I haven't been able to post on my own blog, though it did work earlier so I will resume blogging. I don't get many visitors. But I'm okay with that as I pretty much just blog for myself. So do it for YOU. Our neighbor boards horses. I guess, like anything else, I'm so used to them just always being there that I don't appreciate them the same. Thanks for that reminder to not take everyday things (for myself, anyway) for granted.


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