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Monday, May 6, 2013

This is How things Spiral out of Control...

Hello Folks,

Sometimes it just so hard for me to get Hubby to understand my mindset with the way I feel about my weight, the way I look - and well just all of it.

Sometimes I think its not good at all when he's around. So remember I told Saturday we went to the movies and I ate popcorn, Then yesterday morning I started with a good breakfast;
I made one of my muffins with some walnuts and berries inside and ate it with my sunflower seed butter on top.

Hubby has to work days all this week - so I hope there is no problems getting escrow to close or anything. Remember we sold our couch and are sitting on very uncomfortable chairs right now in this tiny house so we decided to go look at some in different furniture stores. Just look for now.

Around 1 I was getting very hungry so we stopped at In-N-Out. I ate a double-double wrapped in lettuce with cheese, tomato, pickle, and grilled onions. I did eat some of his fries - maybe like around 10, they are very tiny.

We were still looking around and at 4 I was getting hungry and ate some nuts that were in my purse. Still looking and by 5:30 - well now he is starving cause he got his burger wrapped in lettuce like me. So we wound up at the Hometown Buffet. I ate chicken and took off the skin, 1/2 pc of fish, broccoli and cabbage and some salad. Too much right?? Then I ate 3 bites of a brownie and whipped cream.

See this is how things spiral out of control and what happens when he is around. He does NOT eat like me and doesn't realize that its always better to eat at home. So we get home and he wants to have wine and I am telling him that if I drink that too along with all the other stuff I have been eating with you the past 2 days I will wake up 2lbs heavier.

He does not believe me. I only drank like 5 oz, a small glass. So guess I woke up this morning at 153 again. I feel like a FAT PIG. That's 8lbs over my all time low of 145 and 5lbs over my usual of 148.

Just want to show you how easy it is for things to spiral out of control with our weight. For me I know it might be my hormones and monthly coming soon again and lack of sleep always make us gain weight.

So now I will be alone doing stuff around here for the house. I won't be around the popcorn, fries or restaurants. I can eat at home like I always do and get it back off..

One more thing before I get on with my errands this morning.

Take it from someone who lost 90lbs, If someone in a "book" you know who - says its OK to fast and skip a breakfast or a meal - or fast every other day is WRONG!! Any nutritionists I have read always say to never skip and eat like every 3-4 hours. You must keep you system going the right way. If you do skip - 9 out of 10 times you will wind up eating BAD or Over eating the rest of the day.

I'm just Sayin - I'm not a doctor - just trying to help you.

Gotta go - have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' no matter what else you already ate !!!  :-)


  1. Good point. I know what you mean about being around people and they don't eat like you. Yesterday I blatantly ate a piece of bread at a restaurant and I NEVER do that anymore. But it was in front of me and everyone else was having it. Usually we don't even let them bring the bread basket, but it's hard to do that when you are out with other people. I love having my son and husband home every night, but I think if I had a few nights alone I would eat better. My son makes a few homemade chocolate chip cookies each night. He makes the batter and then puts it in the fridge. He then bakes off a few each night. He is very disciplined and doesn't eat more than two. I have been really good at resisting them but last night I had two!! I guess if I look at it in a positive light, in the past I might have had ten, so two isn't so bad. It's great that we always know what to do to get back on track though. XO!

  2. Rosy, I feel your frustration! My sweetie eats whatever he wants and forgets that I cannot eat what he eats! It can be very challenging to eat healthy when we are out and about and/or in the company of people who dont understand the BFC way of eating. I just returned from accompanying my sweetie on a 4 day business trip and gained 5 pounds (Yikes!), so I am now focusing on eating healthly again. Pattie, you have great discipline to only eat two fresh hot chocolate chip cookies! I need to make some healthy treats!

  3. You have no idea how much this post speaks to me. Where I'm working, the meals are catered and none of it is BFC-approved. Long story short, I just 'gave up' and am now 20 lbs over my lowest and 10 lbs over what just a few short weeks ago was my usual. Ugh! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who struggles. I just wish I could find out why and how I've been using the food. I wouldn't eat it if it didn't give me at least some of what I want.

  4. I'm with you SeestahFriend....my hubby is like that too! He still has like 100#s to lose...but he can lose it by just thinking it away...so to speak. Or at least that is the way I feel he does it. But he eats out of boredom. Drives me nuts. I have laid down the law and we are back on track this week...I told him NOoooooo snacking! Or I will be one unhappy person to live with. So we shall see. We plan to stay home all this week and next for the most part anyway.

  5. It sounds like all of our hubbies are the same. I call mine the Carb King because he makes huge pots of pasta and eats a ton of it. It's really sad that I don't eat with my family anymore because they eat horrible. My husband is the one that makes dinner, but atleast he's getting used to how I eat and will ask me if I want to eat with them if he is making a BFC Friendly meal. As for the wine, you know what I have to say about it. I've always had my wine and still lost weight, but I don't weight myself at all so don't see how it affects me the next day. My doctor just saw me last week and didn't recognize me. She thinks I lost about 20 lbs, but I don't want to start weighing myself and getting all obsessive about the number. Anyhow, it's my daughters 16th bday today and her birthday dinner (per her request) is In N Out. Yay....A BFC friendly dinner :)


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