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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let me be YOUR stranger...

Good Morning my Friends,

Well I got the copy of Jorge's 100 this morning. I have been really struggling to read thru this one. I just barely got thru the 1st chapter by skimming thru most of it. All I could hear while I was reading was like Charlie Brown - Whah-Whah-Wa-WA-Wa...

Don't get me wrong - I'm not putting the book down, its just that he's talking about stuff I already learned along this healthy path I have been on. I've read this stuff by other people a long time ago.

Maybe its just me, but those of us that started off doing the Original BFC, learned a LOT along the way from other diets and people and incorporated a lot of it in the way we eat now.  Like baking with our healthy flours instead of buying the ready made CRAP!

I'm not saying I hate the book, and I will finish reading it and do my best to try it for a week, but I may be moving soon and that will put a wrench in things.

If you don't know this stuff it will be interesting to you.

Yeah its interesting to find out that flours, sugars, sweets and bad foods started in the 1800's - but seriously It's here now and everywhere we look and go. Everyone we know eats that CRAP and some of us have a really hard time saying no to it.

How did I do it?? Let me tell you that is was a HUGE struggle for me to get past the hunger pains going from the way I used to eat to the healthy version of the way I eat now.

If you are not Struggling when you start to eat this way - then maybe you are not doing it right. I think - that in the beginning we have to feel like we are sacrificing something - then when you actually see it working and losing weight - You will feel like you are getting such a great reward and appreciate yourself more and want to keep doing it forever.

Well That's Just Me.

The more I kept doing it and kept eating the same way - the more I noticed the weight come off - and the better I felt.

You already know the basis of the new book right? Carbs turn into sugar so - count your carbs and x - 4 and that is you sugar calories - and no more than 100 a day. Which happens to be 25g of carb s a day. He has a list of what he considers the 0 ones but I am not even close to that chapter yet.

My Hubby used to tell me about 5 years ago or so not to eat any carbs with dinner cause it all turns into sugar. I used to tell him - so what I'm gonna eat what ever I want!! I'm sure most people would say the same thing if they were in the mindset that I was before.

I was over 50 and a size 18-20, not an exercisey person at all, and just knew that nothing I could or would ever do is going to change the way I felt or looked.

Does that sound like any of you?? Well look at me now 3 years and 4 months later. I don't eat any of the crap I used to and never eat carbs with my dinner which is what Hubby was trying to get me to do a long time ago. I guess the way he says certain things to me rubs me the wrong way and I think hes just picking on me. Who knows where I would be had I just listened to him all those years ago.

We all tend to believe a complete stranger other than the ones who love us - RIGHT??

So let me be YOUR stranger and tell you to EAT HEALTHY!!

Well let me get off my lazy butt and finish reading the book. He says you can lose up to 18lbs in 2 weeks which I don't think is the healthiest way to lose (too much at once)  but who knows. If are doing the Original BFC and are having a hard time with it then maybe you need a kick in the pants to start losing - then this might be for you then you can switch to the Original BFC after.

That's all for now - have a nice day...

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Will be interested to hear more when you are done reading the book.

  2. Ok...Keep Us Posted. I'm Curious About Is Zero Foods.

  3. Yes, please keep us posted. I agree with the no carbs at night thing. Makes sense. Thanks stranger!! Xo!

  4. good luck trying something new this week, and I know you will let us know how it goes!

  5. It's kind of funny but different formulas seem to work for different people so maybe this one will trigger something for someone who is struggling. Like everyone else, looking forward to the full review when you're done!

  6. I haven't posted in ages and gave up my own blog because I got lazy and complacent. Still follow you though, and this post struck a chord. Thanks for being my stranger :)

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  8. hi rosie..let me see if i got this rite..on jorges new plan u cant eat any more than 25 g carbs? thats hard and it kind of conflicts with his bfc where we can have 120 g carbs..what else do we eat? im already been cut back on the animal protein..cheeses by my doc so what can i eat??? i hope u have time to reply to this...thnx carole

    1. Hi Carole, I really love the Original BFC not the 100. If you want to do it for a short while or if your weight stalls, but I recommend the original for a lifestyle change.

  9. I too opened The 100 book and thought, what? no pictures of food or people?" But I will use it for the four weeks of eating ideas. It was motivating. I am new at this and I have read so many of his books, that I too did not learn anything really essential for the diet. But I do love the book I got from the library, The aging cure. I love the pictures, the names and pictures of the good substitutes for drinks, and foods. I ordered two of those. One for my daughter that is not eating sugar at the moment, and one for me. If I had to chose I would only have "The Aging Cure". It is the same theory but so nicely printed.


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  • Choose your carbs wisely. Try to pick the carbs that will give you the lowest count of carbs, sugar and calories and the most fiber.

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